Spilled water on laptop and it shut off | How to fix It?

Spilled water on laptop and it shut off

Spilling water, coffee or any other liquid on your laptop can cause serious harm. Because when liquid and electricity mix, the liquid can destroy a lot of electronic circuits and you may have a serious shock from it. Spilled water on laptop and it shut off causing a severe problem for your machine.

For emergency purposes, you should turn it off instantly when you face this accident but don’t go for the proper way to shut it down by the power button. Remove the charging cable, remove the battery and unplug external devices at once.

It is safe to presume that a laptop is damaged if water is spilled on it and it then refuses to switch on.

To repair the laptop, each component must first be diagnosed to identify what has to be replaced.

If repairs would cost more than the laptop is worth, you might also want to think about replacing the complete thing.

This post is for you if you want to learn everything there is to know about what to do if you spilled water on your laptop and it won’t switch on.

What to do when spilled water on a laptop and it shut off?

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Liquids and laptops don’t mix well, yet accidents can happen. Turning off your computer and removing the power line and battery as soon as you can be your first steps if you are reading this after spilling something on it.

It is sad to know that your laptop will be out of order for a few days and you are unable to use it. You should have followed some safety measures accordingly given below:

  • Turn off instantly when spilled water on the laptop

Spilling of any liquid on your laptop can cause high-cost damage if you do not take instant steps. You have to remove all detachable components of the laptop like a mouse, data cables, power cable, laptop keyboard, USB, DVDs, and most necessary battery of the laptop. The battery can be removed by pressing the button on both sides of the battery edges underside of your laptop.

  • Turn it upside down and let it drain when spilled water on the laptop

Now you need to dry the wet surfaces of your laptop. Take a lint-free absorbent fabric to wipe any excess liquid from the external keyboard, ports, or vents withholding it upside down.

The thing should be in the notice that liquid you have spilled on a laptop, like if it is water then it’s least corrosive whereas alcoholic or sugary liquid can be more harmful to your internal components of the machine.

Whatever you need is to mitigate their effects. Put it over a towel or something upside down to let it drain.

If you think you can open it up then go for it; remove the backplate and wipe off the components before letting it completely dry. But if you are unable to open it then let it air dry as it is inverted.

  • Take it to a repairing shop if spilled water on the laptop

It is recommended to take your laptop to the shop to get the advantage of the warranty if it is not outdated yet. Because only drying up cannot fix the issue, when fluid enters your system even if you dried up can leave minerals to carry electricity and can cause corrosion damage with time.

Just like the way we delete spam files or their sticky residue. The shopkeeper will repair your laptop and clean it with solvents or ultrasonic cleaning is necessary for making it work again.

  • Repair it by yourself when spilled water on the laptop

If you still not wanted to take your laptop to the vendor then you must go through the procedure carefully. Keep in mind that once you open it then no digital trends nor the author will accept any responsibility for damage caused by making it apart.

This is not a fast process though, so we recommend leaving the device in the sealed bag for a good couple of days. Whip out the hair dryer Another way to try making the water dissipate is to use a hair dryer.

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  • Break It Down

Well, it was easy in the early ages of laptops invention to open up all parts but it is a bit difficult with modern laptops. It is recommended not to make it apart from the entire component if you’re not comfortable with it or it can cause a situation worse or damage your laptop.

So, if your laptops allow these removals then you can go ahead with this procedure. Between the time that liquid spilled on your laptop keyboard and the time that you take it to the store

First, if your laptop allows you to remove the battery by pressing the buttons underside of the laptop. Most laptops come with a removable battery this is necessary because the liquid can penetrate it or damage your battery.

When spilled water on the laptop and it shut off you should remove its components like memory or storage drive as you can find panels that allow for their removal. You can use a screwdriver for removing them like hard drive screws from the board.

Memory cards can be extracted by clips on both sides of RAM. You should be careful while detaching devices from the system’s power and data connection cables or ports.

After removing components you must check if there is any wetness. Dry it and if any other liquid is spilled instead of water then wipe the particles. Use isopropyl alcohol which you can buy from Amazon. It will dissolve gunk without causing damage to the laptop or leaving no residue behind.

Now it’s time to check your patience you need to let it dry for 3 or 4 days in an airy, warm, or dry room. Keep the fan on for fast drying as a precaution never use a hairdryer this may cause a static problem.

When you finished drying up all the components then reverse the procedure connecting them back to the laptop. Unfortunately, if your battery spoiled in this spilled accident then you should buy a new battery. It is unsafe to power on a laptop with a damaged battery.

Hopefully, your laptop starts working again but if not then take it to a repair center.

What to do If a laptop cannot be taken apart?

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If you are facing difficulties and do not understand how to remove its components then lay it down on a dry surface upside down. You can place it in a rice bag. As it will absorb all the liquid from the laptop and turn on the fan in the room.

When you finished drying it you must take it to the repair shop. The shopkeeper will check the machine and tell you if it could repair or failed. But still, you can recover your data from the storage drive.

Waterproofing Options

Laptops need intensive care for personal use or business level. You need to avoid drinking anything near your system. Spilled water on a laptop and It shut off can cause you a crucial situation so be careful in the future. Like, cover your laptop’s keyboard with a silicone cover. It is waterproof skin for the top and bottom halves of the case. You can buy a waterproof silicone cover from Amazon.

You can put a screen protector as well on the laptop screen for avoiding any damage to the display. Always carry your laptop in a laptop bag. The bag should not be airtight for a laptop’s vent should be free.

FAQs How can I prevent water spills on my laptop?

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You may outfit your laptop with defenses to help make it secure and more water-resistant. Think about the following choices:

A silicone or plastic keyboard cover. The best solution to stop moisture from entering your laptop through the keyboard is probably this. The waterproof keyboard cover needs to fit tightly over the keys. Therefore, purchase one expressly for the brand and model of your laptop. They come in a variety of hues as well.

  • To keep your laptop’s outside safe:

Use a waterproof case to shield your device from minor spills. The top and bottom of your laptop can be perfectly accommodated by the case you choose. Some are composed of thick plastic, the ideal substance for moisture resistance. Ports and fan regions will be left exposed by the case. As a result, it shouldn’t be counted on to prevent significant spills.

A cushioned waterproof or water-resistant sleeve is available for purchase. Some designs feature outer and inner bags for added protection. When you are traveling, this option is practical.

  • Keep your beverages somewhere.

Although it’s far more pleasant to have your drink nearby as you work, keeping it away from your desk will help prevent spills on your laptop. Additionally, if you put it in a spot where you have to walk to get to it, you may use that as an excuse to stand up and move around, which may count toward your daily step goal. Additionally, if you do this, there would be no need to purchase laptop waterproof equipment.

Conclusion spilled water on laptop and it shut off

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It can seem as though everything is lost if you accidentally pour the liquid all over your laptop. Liquid damage can wreak havoc on internal parts and circuitry, necessitating costly repairs or, in the worst-case scenario, forcing you to buy a new laptop bare. Fortunately, the harm can be reduced if you know what to do.

I can assure you the article will be helpful for you if you have accidentally spilled water on the laptop and It shut off. Follow the above methods to fix your problem.

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Good Luck!

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