How long should you keep a laptop?

How Long Should You Keep a Laptop
How Long Should You Keep a Laptop

How long should you keep a laptop?

Everyone wants to keep a machine that lasts long for their daily use. You can make recommendations on the base of less or more usage of the laptop. Some people are caring towards their devices may be because of their expensive rates or the data they have installed in the system. To know how long should you keep a laptop, you need to install the latest OS or run updated apps for security purposes.

Today scammers are being updated as well with the new malware or cyber schemes every day. So your device needs the protection. There are various reasons to replace your device like sluggish, out of storage or connection errors but you can fix them. Instead of investing in the new device you can upgrade your laptops in a low budget.

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How long should you keep a laptop?

Generally, every business or heavy use laptop’s life cycle is 3 years and when you take good care of your laptop it can exceed longer. The pricy laptops last longer than the cheaper ones. The pricy laptop works properly until 5 years if you choose a business level.

Consideration of laptops with less moving parts like a touchscreen or detachable tablets is a good choice to keep it longer. Obviously, buy a laptop with expansion capabilities, so that you can keep your laptop for a longer period or easily upgrade memory and storage.

Batteries of laptop played an important role in laptops life span as it started to drop off its performance with the period of time. Well, it is assumed that battery life depends on quality, use, and care for a standard estimated time.

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When you keep your device with good care like shutting it off when not in use. Just the way the gaming laptops consumed more charging or slow down quicker than a primarily used laptop for non-gamers.

With these assessments, you need to find out the factors to choose a laptop for long last use.

Things to Know before replacement of laptop

There are some factors that will help you to get to know how long you can use a laptop before it goes waste or useless for your needs. There are three major factors which are:

  • What hardware is installed on the laptop?
  • What types of tasks will be run by the laptop?
  • How the laptop is treated by the user?

Insufficient memory of your laptop

If you think your laptop is still working but you are facing trouble in doing different tasks at once then it means you don’t have enough RAM. Using windows 10 playing music and surfing along will be difficult for you to run altogether. Todays every laptop comes with at least 4GB of RAM. But you must keep in mind that more RAM can enhance your multitasking experience.

Avoiding slow process while programming or dealing with different tasks you need 8GB RAM that is also required for gaming laptops.

With modern technology in a fast world, they introduced 16GB or 32 GB of RAM as well. Whereas 16GB RAM has the capacity for the professional level to perform heavy-duty tasks or run Adobe programs or photo editing software.

Even the latest high-resolution games can be handled by computer with 16GB of RAM where 32 GB not much needed. You can also upgrade your RAM with your old machine just buy and install if it can hold. Otherwise, you should go for a new device for better performance.

The battery doesn’t hold a charge

As I clear it above, laptop charging sustains for 2-4 years before getting swollen or disconnected to the laptops’ connections. Temperature can affect your laptop’s battery in hot weather. It consumes more energy to cool down the processor by cooling fans, so it uses more battery.

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When you keep it on charging always with the more usage or time spend on laptops, it will decrease the capability of the battery more often with time.

While instead of replacing your laptop you can change your battery with a new one. But if your laptop is old enough to sustain battery usage then you should buy a new laptop for avoiding further issues.

How long a laptop’s hardware will remain relevant?

It all depends on the hardware of the machine that how long should you keep a laptop. As far as the better processor and RAM with storage is, the longer it will remain relevant for more modern tasks also with the graphics card. Yes, it is all about the life span of a laptop or how much you spend on your laptop to keep it last.

Here is a general assumption for best-rated laptops for their longevity based on the price you pay for it:

  • Less than $700 last your laptop for 2-4 years
  • $700-$1,000 maximum 3-5 years life
  • $1,000 or more 4-7 years approximately

This is the lifespan of laptops you can expect along their prices to keep your laptop long last.

5 Tips to keep your laptop long last

When you grab your required laptop you must want to keep it good and take care of it well. Here are few tips for the enhancement of keeping your laptop for a long time.

  1. You should avoid overuse of your laptop’s charging cable while perpetual charging leads to short battery life and cause damage.
  2. Always keep your laptop upgraded with the latest software updates preferably virus protection. Then go for investing in RAM or HDD/SSD with the passage of time or your requirement.
  3. We usually eat near laptops where crumbs get lodged into keyboards can cause annoying typing experience so avoid it.
  4. Keep your laptop clean from dust and debris as it is necessary for vents to let it work properly.
  5. Make sure you keep your laptop away from heat sources because overheating can damage your laptop. For this purpose, you can also invest in a cooling pad for some extra protection of a laptop.

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