The Best Thing To Clean Laptop Screen | 6 Quick And Easy Steps

best thing to clean laptop screen

Do you know what is the best thing to clean a laptop screen? It seems to have been only yesterday when you brought home your high-end brand-new shining laptop that had been the apple of your eye for so long. But more and more often you find yourself wondering whether that, once polished to perfection, the screen looks a bit… Dim? Grimy?

Yes, it does not look anymore as good as when it was when newly arrived, less so with every day that passes. The white sand of the cherished Hawaii beaches in Instagram pictures on your monitor looks a bit… off-white. The best thing to clean a laptop screen. And so it makes you feel a bit… off-color.

Nowadays, everyone spends more time staring at their laptop, tablet, or computer screens, increasing the likelihood of finger smudges, coffee spills, and even errant sneezes. If anything, we should all be wiping down our laptop displays more frequently.

Fortunately, cleaning a laptop screen just requires a short amount of time and some simple tools. Less is more is the secret to good screen cleaning. To avoid harming the screen, it’s crucial to use the fewest cleaning agents and the gentlest pressure.

You can know about some household products that can be used to clean your laptop screen

It is not as simple as it may seem at the beginning. If you want to address the question of what is the best thing to clean a laptop screen thoroughly and profoundly here are some useful considerations.

The Best Thing To Clean Laptop Screen

How to Clean a Computer Screen or Laptop Screen

Using a screen cleaning solution specifically designed for computers is the best approach to cleaning your computer screen.

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the bulk of the dust if there is a lot of it on top of your screen before you begin cleaning.

Duronic screen cleaning has been my go-to for years, and a bottle lasts forever. The bottle can be kept in your desk drawer or backpack and has a microfiber cloth in the cap.

You can get a clean, smear-free screen by spritzing a little bit of the cleaner onto a cloth and wiping the screen from the inside to the outside. Turn the cloth to the clean side and repeat if it is extremely soiled.

Some useful considerations are below, follow these considerations to clean your laptop screen very quickly.

First and foremost, go back to that market quickly while you are still in the vicinity of it and check the department with household items, utensils, and appliances once again.

1. No, you don’t need any more wipes.   

You have to look for a brush, a most common sort of brush that you would use for painting a surface or applying a coat of varnish although we are not going to use the brush for its primary purpose.

Mind that you have to choose a brush with rather soft hairs – the softest you can find.

You will want to use this brush to clean the occasional loose dust that your laptop screen may have gathered. So take a brush as soft as down on a newborn chick (joke).

Also, be aware that you will need a micro-fiber rag to polish the screen after cleaning and wiping. Get a couple of those, too.

Now you are fully equipped to clean your laptop screen. Back home, close your laptop first and remove the battery.

Now when your notebook or netbook or whatever is off the power you can open it again and start cleaning. Don’t leave it open the usual way with the screen standing up at an angle.

To clean your laptop screen place the laptop the other way around with the screen part lying on the surface and the laptop keyboard part up in the air.

The surface where you place your laptop’s cover should be hard and even. Take my advice also on that: put folded terrycloth or any other soft cloth between the surface and the back of the screen panel. There you go.

Take the brush we’ve bought at the market, the one with soft hairs, and remove any loose dust. The dust especially likes to nest in the crevices and at the corners.

Have a go at the corners, along with the edges as well as the whole surface of the screen. You have to do it carefully and efficiently.

If the dust is not removed before polishing an odd harder particle or a sand grain etc. can scratch the LCD panel while you are at it. That would be very unpleasant, would it not? Once you have cleaned the dust you can proceed to stage two. Following are the points to be considered to clean the laptop screen

2. Start cleaning the laptop screen with a wet wipe properly

Best thing to clean laptop screen

Do not press on it very hard with a disinfecting wipe. Do not apply excessive force. The chemical in which the wipe is soaked should do just fine.

Do your monitor look cleaner now? Use one more wipe, as many as you need. When you are completely sure you have done a good job of it you can go on to step three. (And you thought it was the end of it?)

3. Use Microfiber Cloth

Best thing to clean laptop screen

Remember that microfibre cloth you bought on our second visit to the market along with the brush? This is the best thing to clean the laptop screennow is the time to use it.

Micro-fiber is perfect for polishing LCD screens as it leaves no threads as paper towels do. Also, it will remove any of the leftover solution liquid from wiping at the stage before. Polish your monitor to dazzling shininess with a thin microfiber cloth. Is it not as good as new once again?

4. Eliminate Dust

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Dust and as many smudges as you can be removed by wiping with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Compared to cotton cloths, microfiber cloth fibers have a larger surface area that can trap dirt and dust. Additionally lint-free, microfiber ensures that you won’t leave any waste behind.

The microfiber cloth should be squared off. Dust the screen from one corner to the other, delicately overlapping each line as you go. Wipe the screen gently with a soft, dry cloth. If the screen is dusty, relocate the microfiber cloth to a spot that is clean as you go across the screen. Avoid applying too much pressure or scrubbing in circles to avoid leaving scratches.

5. Delete fingerprints and grime

To remove dried-on filth from smudges, food particles, or other debris left on the screen after dusting, you might need a little moisture and a cleaning solution. As always, before using any wet cleaning method, switch off your laptop and unplug it from its power supply.

A non-abrasive sponge or microfiber cloth can be dipped in distilled water and wrung out until almost dry. There shouldn’t be any water dripping, but if there is, make sure to cover the keyboard with some plastic wrap so that any drips may be caught.

Gently wipe the laptop’s screen, working your way from the top to the bottom. Avoid touching any ports to prevent water damage to the laptop. the screen is dry.

6. Get rid of sticky messes

You can use an LCD cleaner that is available on the market or one that you make yourself if plain water wasn’t able to get rid of all the issues (oily stains or sticker residue). Reading product labels is crucial because some substances have the potential to irreversibly harm laptop screens.

Never wipe a laptop screen with commercial window cleaners, paper towels, or items that contain these chemicals:

  • Acetone cleaning fluid
  • Ammonia
  • Acetic acid
  • alcohol, ethanol
  • alcohol methylated
  • Chlorine in methyl
  • Toluene

7. Cleaning a laptop keyboard

How to clean your laptop keyboard safely

Now that your computer screen is immaculate, it’s time to examine the keyboard, which is where the majority of the dust and bacteria are found.

It is the ideal spot for skin, dust, and hair to accumulate and is quite simple to clean.

What you’ll need to clean your computer keyboard

  • Canister for compressed air
  • Micro Fibre Clock
  • Cotton buds.
  • Solution of alcohol

The biggest issue with a keyboard is that it has so many nooks and crannies where dust and debris may hide. You can either vacuum this out, but use extreme caution or you might wind up sucking your keys.

The alternative is to use a can of compressed air to blow the dust away by rubbing alcohol. This device, which is frequently referred to as an air duster, simply blasts a shot of air into the keyboard’s keys, causing the dust to fly out.

The keyboard can then be removed by tipping it over and sucking it up with a cleaner.

How can I avoid having a dirty keyboard?

There are a few methods for keeping dust and debris out of your keyboard and cleaning a laptop screen.

If you use a computer keyboard in an office, cover it with a little towel at night. By doing this, you’ll stop any overnight dust and filth buildup on your keyboard.

Make sure to shut your laptop at night if you use one.

You might look into silicone keyboard covers if you truly want to safeguard your keyboard by removing dust. Even though they are quite useful, many individuals claim they dislike typing on them.

Tips to Keep Your Laptop Screen Clean Longer

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It is obvious that different laptop manufacturers have different cleaning suggestions, so be sure to first follow their advice. Disinfectants are designed to eliminate germs, even if they may contain solvents or other cleaning agents that could damage particular surfaces.

Screen cleaning calls for the delicacy of touch. Some cleaning agents or clothes are too harsh. The wrong liquid can harm your computer, and too much liquid can completely shorten out your monitor or laptop. Whatever cleaning technique you decide to use, the most important thing is to follow a regular cleaning routine to keep your computer clean and clear of bacteria.

The question of what is the best thing to clean a laptop screen was asked by our regular reader Edward Cullen. I have explained the procedure in detail, and hope it will be helpful for you. Post your comment for your feedback or if you have any questions related to the above topic or something else you want to ask, feel free to submit your query below.

Best of Luck

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Frequently Saked Questions:


Q: Can you clean computer displays with glass cleaner?

I would advise against cleaning your laptop’s display with Windex or other window cleaners. I would normally advise against using ammonia- or alcohol-based cleaning products to clean a laptop or flat screen, except perhaps for glass screen monitors. For a dry towel, using distilled water is the finest option. Spray distilled water and white vinegar mixed 50:50 onto the cloth rather than the screen if your screen is extremely unclean. Always spray the cleaner onto the cloth since water or window cleaning solutions can drip down the screen and into the inside of the equipment. Use a microfiber cloth or a cotton t-shirt.

Q: How can I clean the screen of my computer at home?

Generally speaking, I would suggest cleaning your laptop screen with only distilled water. Alcohol-based cleansers can easily harm the LCD surface. Use a 50:50 solution of distilled water and white vinegar sprayed onto a microfiber cloth if you don’t want to buy a screen cleaner.

Q: Can I clean the keyboard on my laptop using alcohol wipes?

The best approach to cleaning specialized your keyboard is to first remove all the dust and debris with an air duster or compressed air can. Next, dab a soft cloth with an alcohol solution. In either case, you won’t be eradicating the bacteria because it does accumulate; it would be even better to use specialized keyboard cleaning wipes.

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