How To Keep Your Laptop Safe When Traveling? 5 Important Things

How to keep your laptop safe when traveling
How to keep your laptop safe when traveling

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How to keep your laptop safe when traveling?

Laptops are expensive to machine and need to tend with care and keep them in a protective manner. These under-explained protection measurements should be taken by one who loves their laptops.

How to keep your laptop safe when traveling? Leaving your laptop at home will not make you relax from the mind. But, if you are traveling with your laptop you must have taken a few precautions. The laptop is necessary in case of emergency and works as a travel agent, a guidebook, or an entertainment device also; and of course to protect your data.

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This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers.  We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

You may have heard several stories of theft or left laptops in restaurants, taxis, hotels, or somewhere you visited, but let it not happen to you. In this article, you can learn how to keep your laptop safe in a hotel room or while in traveling to enhance your data security.

1. Use a Secure laptop bag to keep your laptop safe

Always keep your laptop in a bag, there is not only a theft threat but it will also protect your laptop from damage. Like, if you are rushing to the airport or bus stand then you may not drop it or squeeze it. While going through a crowded area you may not face external damage to your laptop.

So you should invest in a cushioned bag that must be plain, so inconspicuous and doesn’t attract attention. Waterproof bags will protect your laptop from sudden spills so it must have slash-proof fabric and tamper-resistant zippers.

If you are a regular traveler you would need a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag. It would allow you to stroll through security without removing the bag. You should keep it in your sight all the time and beware.

2. Turn Off your laptop

You should not put your laptop in a bag while it turned on or in sleep mode because the components of the machine suck cool air and exit hot air.

If you would enclose it in a bag then it would be harmful to your laptop and can cause to damage your system. For example, if you put it in a padded tight or fancy laptop bag the accumulated heat by the processor would no way out.

Heat is dangerous for laptops even when your laptop is hibernating it can shorten your laptop’s life, may damage components, or entirely destroy it forever.

3. Display your contact information

For protection, you must put a tag on your laptop with your name and number. But, don’t ever mention your home or office address and the company name of your work.

4. A USB Wi-Fi adapter

While traveling you must have an internet connection for certain work done, so you must grab a USB Wi-Fi adapter before leaving. So the online task could be completed well.

Your own device for internet networking would be safe in some other countries which is known as cybernetic attacks. Such networks or Wi-Fi connections can mimic like Wi-Fi or get access to your laptop to protect your data from such issues.

5. Encrypt your data to keep your laptop data safe

You can encrypt your laptop’s data while using the Windows Operating System. The encryption will protect your data if someone tries to gain access to your files.

How to keep laptop safe in hotels?

Yes, you can’t take your laptop everywhere with you while hanging out or going sightseeing. Keep your laptop in the hotel’s room safe and put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door so none trespass your room.

It may show you not in the clean room but could find your laptop as it is where you left it when you get back to your room.

1. Get a security cable lock

security cable lock is rather a cheap thing but really protective. You can loop it around a fixed object and connect it to the laptop and lock it with the combination. If you are having an expensive machine then you must invest more in a high-tech cable lock that has a motion system with an alarm feature.

If someone tries to steal your laptop or grab it, the alarm will trigger and alert you of the theft attempt and can save you from loss. Unluckily if your laptop has been stolen, you can track your laptop without software by using simple methods.

2. Use a device tracker

Your laptop should have installed device tracking software which will track down your laptop and its destination. If you have misplaced or stolen your laptop while traveling then it would be helpful to locate your machine easily.

Well, few laptops have the system to locate your device or remove your data from it. Technically this feature can be helpful when your device is damaged.

3. Install theft recovery software

Installation of theft recovery software can enhance the chances of getting back your laptop. This software will help you to locate the device, so you can have the local authorities retrieve it for you. It works even better if the thief has erased all your data from your laptop and installed a new operating system. This software is available online on Amazon.

4. Back it up and lock it down

There is nothing worse than losing your laptop or losing work for years and the information you have stored on your laptop. Always keep a backup of your important data on a hard drive or in the cloud. So that if you face any damage to your machine while traveling then it can save you from loss and you may have all the data on the other device.

The most important thing is to worry about if you lose your laptop the information stored, like family, friends, personal photos, contacts, banking or tax records, and some confidential of your office work. You may have lost all your personal information and your identity, so keep it locked with a strong password or encryption.


Any person’s information is the most valuable thing in the world, no wonder people try to keep it safe. Do save your device’s serial number, service number, model, etc. so that you can report a lost or stolen laptop for recovering it.

Keep your official stuff safe in the laptop by putting passwords or encryption from prying eyes.

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  1. I only learnt about the “don’t move around if your laptop is asleep and not off” tip this week. I just bought a new computer (my first Mac) and glad to learn this now and not in a few months after traipsing around with a whirring hard drive.

    I currently use an external hard drive and time machine on my Mac backs up to it, but it still worries me because if the laptop is stolen, chances are the hard drive would be too. Any suggestions for online backup solutions?

    Great post, as always!

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