Should Laptop Batteries Be Removed When Not in Use

Should laptop batteries be removed when not in use
Should laptop batteries be removed when not in use

Should laptop batteries be removed when not in use?

You might be wondering if you can still use the laptop if you remove the battery if the laptop’s battery is dead or malfunctioning. Or perhaps you just want to get rid of it to make it last longer. Whatever the reasons, I’m here to provide you with all the information you require and to explain how to proceed securely. Because…

Yes, a laptop may be used without a battery. However, for it to operate, your laptop must be connected to a power source. If you unplugged it, it would shut down immediately, exactly like a real computer would. Otherwise, using your laptop without a battery is entirely OK.

We need portability, which is the major reason laptop batteries are even on the device in the first place. However, you still have this choice if you don’t require that or if you must give it up owing to a dead battery.

When using a laptop linked to a power brick and a wall socket, it is recommended to remove the battery even if it is dead and not charging. This will help you avoid any harm that could result from a bad battery.

While if using your laptop by plugging in the power cable, then don’t remove your battery. First, disconnect the cable and then remove it safely. If you wonder, if removing a laptop battery is beneficial, then you may need to know it’s better to keep it in the laptop instead of removing it.

Is it good or harmful to use a laptop without a battery?

It is a good idea to remove the battery and use the laptop plugged in if it is dead, dying, or otherwise not performing properly. But aside from that, there aren’t many advantages to leaving the battery out and leaving your gadget constantly plugged in.

Running your laptop without a battery implies that once the electricity goes out, your device would shut down promptly. This increases the risk of losing any stored data as well as the possibility of causing damage to your components.

Although the danger of an energy outage lasting even a few minutes is often low, if you live in an area where it frequently occurs, it may be better to operate your laptop on battery if at all possible to prevent the loss of any unsaved data.

Can a laptop with a dead battery still be used?

Yes, provided both the laptop itself and your charger are functional and plugged into electricity. To lower the chance of overheating or other issues, it is advised to remove the dead battery. However, a dead battery will often not draw any current and pose little harm even if it is left alone.

However, it’s best to just remove the battery to be safe if it’s not really dead and is just acting up, like an extremely old battery might.

Should laptop batteries be removed when not in use?

Removing the laptop battery has not many advantages, but only in case you have to travel and want to save battery. In this condition, charge your laptop battery fully and extract it from the laptop.

Let’s find out the ways to remove the battery then will go with its benefits.

First, you need to turn upside down your laptop, where you can locate the battery. Then remove it carefully by sliding the latches to the opposite sides to free the battery.

Keep holding the locks until the battery is removed; in some laptops, it pops out from the computer, but in some cases, you need to remove it.

How do you take the battery out of a laptop?

Most the laptops have two latches, but few have one lock to remove the battery from the device. The clamps help to slide out the laptop’s battery or keep it firm in the network while using it.

They are usually forced opposite to each other when removing the battery. There are some older machines like IBM laptops that have a removable battery with latches to remove and push back the laptop’s battery.

Where is the battery release latch on a laptop?

If you are unable to find any fasteners under the laptop, then it may have a different mechanism to release the battery. So you should not try to remove it forcefully but take it to some service center to remove the battery by disassembling it.

You must have the warranty card of your laptop before taking it to the manufacturer’s shop to claim the warranty. Otherwise, you may need to pay extra charges.

Removing the laptop battery to increase its life

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How to Remove a Laptop Battery

Always follow these steps in this order when removing the battery from a laptop.

  1. Shut down the laptop.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the AC outlet.
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. Reattach the power cable to the AC outlet.
  5. Power on the laptop.

I don’t like removing my laptop battery, because most of the time my laptop is plugged into the power supply with a fully charged battery. When your laptop produces heat, this can shorten your battery life as it is not suitable using for that long-time, which causes heating the battery.of

As far as battery drain concerned, the smartest thing is to do is put it on a power saver. It may also be draining or recharging the battery as it runs.

This is why you need to remove your laptop battery to increase its life. This is one of the benefits of removing the laptop battery. It is a good practice while your computer ran on AC power when you needed the battery to rush out somewhere.

If you think you don’t need to go anywhere for the next week, then shut it down, remove the battery and stick to the AC power. Do not forget one thing you must not transfer your battery when your laptop is connected to the power supply.

But most of the time, if you use your laptop without connecting it to power, then you must keep your battery in the laptop it’s better for you.

There are other possibilities to consider, like if you’re living in an area where electricity drops off often; then you should keep your battery in the laptop and keep it charged. Or you have to invest in UPS, which is an Uninterruptible Power Supply.

If you keep your laptop plugged in all the time, should you remove the battery?

You’ve probably heard that if you leave your laptop plugged in all the time, the battery will eventually die. That is comparable to fully charging the battery and leaving it plugged in.

The reality is that most modern computers (and consequently their batteries) have several safety precautions in place to maximize the battery life. While this is not entirely incorrect, continuously pouring electricity into a laptop’s battery once it is fully charged does diminish its life.

In other words, once the battery reaches 100%, the laptop will stop using power even if you keep it plugged in constantly. To increase the battery’s lifespan, some models even allow you to charge it up to 80% or a lower percentage.

You can’t be certain that your model does this, but the majority of contemporary models feature at least some kind of safeguard against the excessive charge and battery continual charging.

Therefore, if you keep your smartphone plugged in most of the time, you don’t need to remove the battery. There is still a slight danger that you could lose your work if there is a power outage or if you unplug the charger because many batteries are difficult to remove.

Not to mention the risk of electrocution posed by touching the battery pins while the laptop is charging.

And even then, a modern battery would not benefit all that much. Batteries will live a little bit longer if you remove them as long as the charger is always plugged in, but it’s not worth doing if those precautions are there or even if they aren’t.

In any of the aforementioned scenarios, things can change, particularly if the battery is faulty and poses a fire or health risk.

However, it is typically unnecessary to remove the battery and keep your laptop plugged in at all times provided the battery is in good condition.

Issues with heat and battery life

One of the worst things that can happen to a laptop battery is overheating. When the battery is completely charged and heated for an extended period, such as when the laptop is plugged in and being used, the battery life may suffer.

If your laptop is on your lap, you’ve undoubtedly already felt the heat it produces from the battery. A pillow or blanket placed between you and the laptop will only make the issue worse by obstructing airflow and the laptop’s capacity to cool itself.

Benefits of keeping the battery in a laptop

There are benefits of keeping your laptop battery in the device instead of removing it and keeping it out of the machine:

  1. Your laptop battery will be fully charged according to battery capacity when it is connected to the charger which will allow the battery to work properly.
  2. You may have a battery backup in critical situations like power outages and brownouts for a long time. You would not lose any data because of switching it to the battery backup option, which saves your battery from falling off.
  3. Even when the battery is fully charged, leaving it on AC power would not damage your battery by overcharging. Though with time, your laptop battery lifespan will decrease its charging ability to 30% of its first ones like every laptop has.
  4. It is safe to remove your laptop’s battery while it is a plugin, but be sure not to remove the battery when the computer is on and not plugged into the AC supply. It may cause failing battery damage because sudden power loss is not suitable for machines or operating systems.
  5. You can even face severe problems like damage to the hard drive or also using the laptop on an AC adapter, and accidentally jerking out the cord will cause damage to your system. So it’s better to keep your battery in the computer instead of removing it and taking the risk of damaging the system. It could prolong your battery’s life but can risk the system.

To safeguard the laptop, leave the battery in place.

The one benefit of leaving the battery in the laptop is that it acts as a constant source of power.

Your desktop turns off if the power ever goes off, say during a thunderstorm. If you didn’t save your work, you lose it and must wait till the power is restored.

However, if your laptop has a battery, even a very old, extremely worn-out one that can only retain a charge for 10 or 15 minutes, it still functions as enough of a power supply to shield your laptop from power surges, power loss, and similar problems. That’s sort of a defense, but it’s one benefit of having the batteries.

FAQS should laptop batteries be removed when not in use

Should you always have your laptop’s battery plugged in?

However, a laptop is only as good as its battery, therefore taking excellent care of your modern laptop batteries is crucial to ensuring that it has a long life and holds a charge. Although leaving your laptop plugged in all the time is not terrible for the battery, you must be cautious of other things, including heat, to keep the battery in good condition.

How long can a laptop be left idle?

You may do the same with your laptop for 24 hours. I advise you to examine your laptop when you are using it because I am a hardware engineer. For instance, if you use an outdated laptop repeatedly, it will become warm. If you are leaving the computer unused for a great length of time it is best to remove the battery. Lithium Ion batteries tend to die rather quickly if they are allowed to become fully discharged.


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Whether by choice or necessity, you are now aware that a laptop that is plugged in can be used without a battery.

Unless the battery is broken, there is no need to remove it, but bear in mind that your laptop must always be plugged in to function.

You might as well think about upgrading and purchasing a new laptop instead of just getting a replacement battery as soon as feasible.

Mostly in the latest models of laptops, batteries are not-removable and are kept inside the chassis. So, sometimes you need to unscrew the panel to remove the battery or disassemble the laptop which would be rather a challenging task.

It could also void your laptop warranty. Few models exist which cannot be even turned on without a functioning battery. So distinguishing the benefits of removing a laptop battery fromkeeping it in can be assumed in the right way by reading this article.

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