How To Shrink Silicone Keyboard Cover?

how to shrink silicone keyboard cover
how to shrink silicone keyboard cover

There are a few reasons why your keyboard cover doesn’t fit and one of them is that the cover is too big for the keyboard. This could be either faulty manufacturing or it could be because you didn’t buy the right model. How to shrink silicone keyboard covers?

What are the things you can do to shrink the silicone keyboard covers or skin? These are things, I will be talking about in this article. After reading, you will know how to shrink silicone keyboard covers so it perfectly fits. It’s not hard and you don’t need any special equipment to do this.

There are a few reasons why your keyboard cover doesn’t fit and one of them is that the cover is too big for the keyboard. This could be either faulty manufacturing or it could be because you didn’t buy the right keyboard protector model.

One way to shrink a skin or cover for your keyboard is to do the following:

To shrink your silicone keyboard cover boil a pot of water and take it off the fire. Then just put the silicone cover into the water for a few seconds. The heat will make the silicone soft and you will be able to stretch or shrink it.

Keep it in the water for a longer time if you want to shrink it and then take it out. After taking it out, dry your cover before you decide to use it again.

Be careful you don’t put any fire on the silicone to avoid dangerous scenarios.

Silicone should shrink in the heat just like a silicone mouthguard that’s used for boxing or rugby for example.

You might also be able to use a hairdryer or something else that provides a heat source. There are a lot of things you can think of, but never use any first directly on the silicone.

If all of this doesn’t work, it could be that the manufacturer used material to support the silicone so it doesn’t shrink fast under heat. You will probably ruin your keyboard cover if you heat it too much.

To be sure you don’t mess up your keyboard cover, you can contact the vendor or look on the internet for people that have the same product as you.

Make sure to always take the necessary safety precautions to not cause a fire or burn the silicone because the fumes are toxic.

But I’ll talk more about safety in the upcoming paragraph because hot plastic can be very dangerous.

How to shrink silicone keyboard cover safely?

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Hot plastic or silicone is no joke and you should be very careful when doing anything that is in this article.

The vendor has never intended to sell a product to the consumer so that you can boil or make changes to it. Even though this is true, you can still do something.

To heat the silicone you will need a heat source, and in this case, we’ll be using boiling water. Because you’re melting the silicone, you want to make sure it doesn’t stick to your clothes, skin, or household items.

As discussed, heat will provide you with the best tool to shrink your silicone keyboard cover. Silicone is made from synthetic rubber and synthetic plastic and is used for many different uses in technology and everyday items.

When you’re trying to change a refit silicone keyboard cover product you want to make sure you know what you’re doing to avoid any damage.

You can use this pan to boil water and shrink the silicone but be sure to leave enough room between the silicone and the sides of the pan. When the plastic gun is used to shrink rubber seals, it can stick to the sides of the pan and will be hard to remove.

Because a keyboard cover is bigger than a phone case, you could use a bigger pan or metal holder that will fit the whole keyboard.

Use thongs to remove your keyboard cover from the boiling water safely and be careful with any water that might be splashing around.

Do not put your silicone rubber cover on anything that contains fibers like a paper towel when it’s hot. While the silicone is hot, it can stick to the fibers and will be hard to remove.

You can use a towel or something else that won’t stick to the pure silicone caulk while it’s hot.

What happens if I shrink my silicone keyboard cover?

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You can shrink your silicone keyboard cover and stick the laptop cover to make it fit the keyboard perfectly but you will lose your warranty if you have any. Many silicone covers come with a warranty so you’ll want to check up with the manufacturer before you shrink anything. How do I make a silicone keyboard cover stick? I

Once you’ve put your silicone cover into boiling or hot water it will start to be moldable. To make it shrink, you’ll have to remove it from the heat and it will start shrinking.

Then just dry your computer keyboard covers and see if it fits with the new shrunk silicone.

If your silicone cover still doesn’t fit you could repeat the process, but you might make the fit even worse so keep that in mind. You can keep shrinking and unshrinking the silicone pretty much infinitely.

However, at some point, it will start to wear and the fit won’t be nearly as good as what you first started with. So, to avoid messing up your silicone cover the rubber seal by dropping it into boiling water more than needed only boil it one time.

Once you’ve shrunk your keyboard cover, it won’t be as easy to unshrink it so be careful about how long you keep it in the water.

While your silicone ring is in the water, it is soft and you can mold it to the shape and size you want. Never touch the silicone with your hands while it’s in the water.

You don’t want to move the silicone around too much, because you might mess up the form completely. If you’ve done this, then you might as well buy a new one.

Can I unshrink my silicone keyboard cover?

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Silicone is made from plastic and rubber so at high temperatures it starts getting softer and more moldable. Just as you can shrink silicone, you can also unshrink it.

This is mostly used by boxers that have a mouthguard fit a certain way. The mouthguard comes in one standard size and you have to fit it yourself at home.

You can fit your silicone keyboard cover the same way. Either by shrinking or in this case, unshrinking the silicone so it gets bigger.

To unshrink your silicone keyboard you will need a pan with boiling water, a towel, and the keyboard you want to put the cover on.

First, you’ll start by boiling the water and putting the silicone cover into it for 20 to 40 seconds. Always stand by the pot and make sure the silicone doesn’t stick to the pot or any other material.

You don’t want to boil the silicone completely, you just want to get it soft. The silicone will start molding and you can stretch it out with the thongs.

Once the silicone seems moldable in the water, you can start by moving it around with a spatula or some thongs to check if it’s ready.

Then, place your silicone under cold water for a few seconds until it’s lukewarm to cold. Once you have your lukewarm silicone, you can see if it fits onto your keyboard.

If it doesn’t fit, you can start the process over again and unshrink it even more by putting it back in the boiling water. Then just wait until it’s moldable again and try to stretch out the plastic by pulling the two sides.

Conclusion how to shrink silicone keyboard cover

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You can shrink and unshrink your silicone keyboard cover to fit your laptop perfectly. For this, you won’t need any special equipment but you do need to be careful.

Silicone will be moldable and soft when it gets heated in boiling water for example. This will allow you to mold the cover or skin to your liking.

Most keyboard covers are made from a combination of silicone and plastic so all the tips described here will be useful for you.

All you need to unshrink or shrink silicone is a heat source. Use a boiling pan of water but don’t forget it has to be big enough so the sides don’t touch the silicone.

The silicone can stick to the sides of the pan or any towel with fibers so be careful where you put your hot silicone.

After you’ve heated your silicone, you need to cool it down and dry it so you can see if it fits onto your keyboard.

You can repeat this process numerous times before the silicone starts to be sloppy and the fit doesn’t get near the original.

Then you’ll need to buy a new one because the silicone has either stretched too big or shrunk to a size too small for your keyboard.

Take the necessary safety precautions by using thongs to remove the silicone from the hot water. Also, never touch the silicone while it’s hot because you could get burned.

Silicone is made from plastic and it can stick to your skin which can be very dangerous and a nasty feeling.

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