Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

are gaming laptops worth it
are gaming laptops worth it

The gaming industry has earned more than $159.3 billion in revenue so far in 2020. That means it has surpassed both the movie and music industry, claiming kingship over the entertainment industry. Are you among the 2.7 billion gamers out there?

Nowadays, gamers have a wide selection of platforms when it comes to gaming. Of course, it’s a well-known fact that the PC or Laptop platform is the best. Laptop gamers value the portability; PC gamers love the ability to upgrade their rigs.

When compared to a PC, are gaming laptops worth it? Today we will answer that question and let you decide. But before, let’s take a short detour into gaming laptop history.

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Gaming Laptops 101

Ever since Adam Osborne released the first laptop back in the 1980s, gaming enthusiasts have tried to forge their gaming habits into laptops. Unfortunately, the first real gaming laptop came out only ten years ago. Lucky enough, since the release of the first gaming laptop, laptops for gaming have improved drastically.

Many of the more modern ones can handle any game, just like a PC can. Some gaming laptop brands even offer RGB lights, something iconic for PC gaming rigs. Also, some laptops for gaming can be aesthetically customized, meaning you can tune your laptop’s exterior to your liking. But why do people choose a gaming laptop over a PC?


In general, gamers love playing all the time, but a PC gamer’s problem is that they don’t want to carry around their 60lb to 80lb gaming PC. Laptops for gaming can weigh around 5lb, meaning they are perfect for gaming on the go. A gaming laptop also carries a decent amount of battery life, many of them lasting 8 hours. So even if you are traveling on a train or plane, you can play your favorite games without needing to plug the laptop in.

Dual Purpose

Unfortunately for many, done are the days of playing games endlessly. That is why a gaming laptop perfectly fits gamers, as many must work from their homes or commute. A gaming laptop can perform the same tasks as a standard laptop, meaning you can safely get a gaming laptop and know it will work perfectly fine.

Some laptops for gaming can even turn into tablets! That means you can have a laptop for gaming, work, and even turn it into a tablet so you can watch your favorite series in the comfort of your bed. So be sure to check if the gaming laptop you are looking at has a detachable screen that turns into a tablet.


While one of the most significant reasons for getting a laptop for gaming is its portability, sometimes you want to settle down with it. The beauty is that many modern laptops allow you to connect to a monitor or even TV, so you can essentially turn it into a PC. On top of that, you can use a controller, mouse, or keyboard to play your favorite games.

Even if you have mobility freedom, you can still choose to place it somewhere and play. A huge bonus point for gaming laptops!

PC Quality Hardware

As mentioned before, gaming laptop brands are close to having the same hardware as a PC. Some mid-range gaming laptops have 10th generation Intel Core i5 processors. That means you can play on high settings without making your laptop burn to a crisp.

And if your pockets are wide enough, you can get some gaming laptops with 64GB of RAM. That surpasses many budget PC gaming rigs by a long shot! Of course, 64GB of RAM is too much for any modern game; 8GB to 16GB is more than enough for any gaming laptop.


The amount you pay for a gaming laptop comes down to how much you are willing to pay as they can get as high as $4,000 to as low as $300. Both limits will allow you to play games, so don’t worry about that. The amount you pay will ultimately influence the way the game looks, the gaming laptop’s performance, and the number of games you can have installed.

High-range gaming laptops usually come equipped with:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 (CPU)
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (GPU)
  • 16GB to 64GB (RAM)
  • 1TB to 2TB (SSD Storage)

Of course, it depends on the gaming laptop brands as some may add additional features. Most of the hardware is to maximize all of the possible graphic settings. While not needed, it does make the gameplay experience astonishing.

Mid-range gaming laptops usually come equipped with:

  • 10th Gen Intel Core (CPU)
  • Nvidia RTX 2080 Super Max-Q (GPU)
  • 8GB to 16GB (RAM)
  • 1TB (SSD Storage)

A mid-range laptop can satisfy most gamers, as it still allows for high graphic settings and quick performance.

Low-range gaming laptops usually come equipped with:

  • Intel Core i7-10750H (CPU)
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (GPU)
  • 8GB to 16GB (RAM)
  • 512GB (SSD Storage)

You will still be capable of playing most modern games, but you won’t play them on high settings, which is fine, as graphics is not everything for a real gamer.


As already stated, gaming laptops and laptops, in general, are made for moving around. That means that laptop manufacturers make sure to create a sturdy chassis for the laptop. Granted, it wouldn’t endure a 300ft fall, but it will survive a short-fall.

Some manufacturers even sell protective cases to add more protection in case of falls or bumps. You can never go wrong with extra protection!


Are Gaming Laptops Worth It? Yes, They Are! 

Hopefully, you have seen that gaming laptops can perform almost like a PC. Plus, it has lots of extra features a gaming PC doesn’t have, like mobility and durability. If you are thinking about entering the ranks of PC gamers, then a gaming laptop is the way to start.

So are gaming laptops worth it? If you are still unsure and have questions about gaming laptops, be sure to contact us. We are confident we can answer your questions and help you find the best gaming laptop for your gaming needs.

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