How to get a mac keyboard cover to stick?

How to get a mac keyboard cover to stick

With these skins or keyboard covers, you can customize your Macbook to your preferred colors or style. It’s a great way to give it a personal touch. A silicone keyboard cover stick is helpful because a silicone cover that acts as a protector of a laptop keyboard. Before applying a keyboard protector it is necessary that your keyboard clean covering is made sure of. Your main keyboard is protected by dust because your fingers are not touching a key directly. A new keyboard cover that covers all the keys of your MacBook pro without any air bubbles is a much-needed one, isn’t it?

So you’ve bought a new keyboard cover for your Mac, but you don’t know why it won’t stick? In this article, I’ll explain how to get a mac keyboard cover to stick so it doesn’t move.

Mac keyboard covers are also known as keyboard skins because they cover the main keyboard with a different ‘’skin’’. You can find different skins in your favorite style all over the internet and on Amazon.

With these skins or keyboard covers, you can customize your Macbook to your preferred colors or style. It’s a great way to give it a personal touch.

Keyboard covers or skins are not expensive but the quality depends on how easy it is to use and if it is durable. You might buy a cheap one and it won’t stick or won’t even fit your keyboard.

You can use double-sided scotch tape to make your keyboard cover stick to your MacBook. Make sure to clean your laptop keyboard before placing the keyboard cover.

Then, stick the keyboard cover directly on the keyboard. If your keyboard cover is dirty you can put it into a tub filled with slightly warm water and a little bit of detergent to clean it up.

After your keyboard cover has been cleaned, wait until it’s dry and then use it.

A clean keyboard skin or cover will make sure your MacBook’s keyboard is protected at its fullest. It will make sure no debris, spills, or food comes between the keyboard. A display of an old laptop needs to be renewed; it is not like any jigsaw puzzles because any dust particles on screen of the computer makes it look bad. Also, the top case of the keyboards need a cover to protect it and wipe off any wrong old skin or any adhesive material. It is important to notice because many people have put artificial lid on the screen and also by putting some cute stickers the edges of the laptops cannot be saved from dust.

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How to get a Mac keyboard cover to stick

Not to sound smart, but you should make sure you buy the right keyboard cover for your MacBook. The vendor will have listed all the different MacBooks it can fit and which models won’t fit.

Also, you can read the reviews to make sure most people have found a good fit with their MacBook. You’ll get a good sense if the product is any good or not. I will recommend you this seller on Amazon for good-quality keyboard covers.

This way, you’ll avoid any disappointment with your purchase and save on shipping costs. If you’ve bought a durable and quality keyboard cover, it won’t take any hassle to put it on.

Start by reading what the vendor has to say about the application of their product. There are not many companies that make keyboard covers, but it’s important to know how it was made to be used.

You will first have to clean your MacBook keyboard with a cloth and make sure to remove everything between the keys. I’d also advise using an alcohol cloth to remove any bacteria and then following up with a dry cloth.

After your keyboard is cleaned, you take the keyboard cover out of the box and put it on the laptop’s keyboard. It should fit perfectly on your MacBook’s keyboard.

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Why does my MacBook keyboard cover not stick?

There are a few solutions you can try to stick the keyboard protector cover to your MacBook. Let’s say you’ve picked the right size and model for your MacBook with a good battery, which is the first step into having success with the fit. All the

Remove the keyboard cover or skin from the laptops and check if there’s any dirt or food stuck in between the keys. If so, clean your keyboard before placing the cover or skin back on top of it.

So now that your keyboard is clean, your MacBook cover or skin should fit right on. But what do you do if the keyboard cover still doesn’t fit?

You can wash your keyboard cover or skin in lukewarm water with a drop of detergent. Always check if your keyboard cover can be washed or not before doing this, but most likely it’s washable.

After you’ve washed it, you let it dry and try again if it fits or not. If it still doesn’t fit quite right you can use scotch tape in between your keyboard and the cover.

If you’re scared of scotch tape residue after you remove the keyboard cover, you’ll easily remove it with a bit of alcohol.

What if the scotch tape and cleaning don’t work? You can always try to return the protection to the vendor or ask for a replacement because your keyboard cover doesn’t fit or stick to your MacBook.

The reason why your keyboard cover doesn’t stick to your MacBook will probably because the fit wasn’t right from the start. Normally, with a quality skin or cover, it should fit directly on your MacBook.

After you’ve installed the cover on your MacBook, it should stay without moving until you remove it yourself. If it moves or doesn’t fit perfectly, it’s probably because you bought a faulty model.

If the model is right but it’s still not sticking you’ve got too much space between the keys and the cover. So you can fill this space with scotch tape so it has no bubbles. You can also remove bubbles by pushing the air out of the cover so it’s flat again.

Make sure you don’t constantly remove your MacBook skin because it will stretch and then it won’t fit as well anymore.

Once you’ve received your package with your keyboard cover, stick it right on the keyboard and don’t touch it until you need to wash or replace it.

To avoid any bubbles or air between your cover and your MacBook keyboard, you can watch some videos on how to properly apply the cover.

The more often you remove the skin, the higher the chance it will stretch and won’t fit your MacBook perfectly as it once did.

What can I do if my Mac keyboard cover doesn’t stick?

First, you can check all the tips and tricks I’ve laid out for you above. If that doesn’t work, I’ll give you some alternatives to what you can do if your cover doesn’t stick.

If it didn’t fit from the start, you should contact the vendor and ask if they’ve shipped you the right product and why it won’t fit. Most likely, you’ll be able to fix something with them.

Did at some point your keyboard cover stop fitting on your MacBook? Then you can try washing it or you can buy a new one if it’s worn out.

These keyboard covers can last for a long time but they’re still made from plastic or silicone so they’re not made to last for a lifetime. If your keyboard cover didn’t last long enough for you, you can contact the manufacturer if you have any warranty.

If you don’t have any warranty you’ll have to try all of the tips above until it works or buy a better brand. The quality of your MacBook keyboard cover will be somewhat correlated to what you pay for it.

You won’t get the best cover or skin for the cheapest price but it doesn’t have to be super expensive either. They’re a lot of options, so I suggest you do your research.

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To summarize

If your keyboard cover doesn’t stick right away to your MacBook, there are several places to start. First of all, did you buy the right model, and does the manufacturer make covers for your specific MacBook?

I already gave the tip to read the reviews of the product that you’re wanting to buy so you know what other people thought of it.

So another tip would be to buy a quality MacBook keyboard cover in the first place so you don’t have to worry about faulty manufacturing. Your MacBook is an investment in itself, so you don’t have to go super cheap because you will use this cover for a long time.

Secondly, if you find bubbles between your keyboard cover and MacBook you can push the air out easily. If that doesn’t work, you can use scotch tape to glue the keyboard and the cover in place so there aren’t any bubbles.

Also, cheap keyboard covers or skins can damage your MacBook or won’t protect it as well from spillage and damages as better quality covers.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t make a bad product good again by using a lot of scotch tape and tricks. However, if you already have a keyboard cover there are some things you can do which I’ve listed above.

Also, clean your keyboard cover if after a while it doesn’t fit anymore or started stretching.

While we’re on the topic of stretching, if your keyboard cover has stretched and doesn’t fit anymore on your MacBook, don’t throw it out. After washing and drying it, it could fit normally again.

To prevent stretching, you need to make sure you don’t constantly remove your keyboard cover. This will keep it in place and removing it will only add to the wear and tear.

These keyboard covers are made to be put on one time and last as long as possible or until you switch it with another style or color.

Last but not least, if you’ve tried everything and your keyboard cover still won’t fit your MacBook, you can contact the vendor. Depending on what country you live in, the vendor will have responsibilities if the product was no good.

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