Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents: 4 Real Estate Best Practices

Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents
Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents

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Did You Know That Most Real Estate Sites Are Basically Just A Flashy Digital Brochure?

Can Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents Change That? 


(Yep – even the fancy-looking one you probably dropped some decent cash on…)

You’re probably a decent salesperson…right?

BUT – your site isn’t. 🙁

Which means…

Even if you’re good at generating traffic, once you push them to the “anti-sales department” (A.K.A. – your site) and they leave, that’s it…

They’re gone (along with your chances of turning them into a customer).


It provides some great FREE content (like a brochure) without any strong guidance or buttons telling them where to go next. Or, even if you do have strong calls to action on your site, there are just too many possible choices of where they could click.

If they don’t know where to go, they’ll leave your site, and you have NO way to follow up with them.

But the real estate agents who are having the most success?

They realize that if they want to make it online as a top real estate marketer, they can’t just sell from a traditional site.

And Neither Can You.

Instead, you need to take your traffic by hand and direct them straight to the listing that can help them.

It’s like a digital “funnel”, where your traffic enters at the top…

…and commissions come out the bottom.

This Is What We Call A


“Sales Funnel…” 


You Can’t Survive On A Traditional Website Alone. You Need To Add Sales Funnels.

If you are hoping that traffic will magically find your page, then you don’t have a solid business, and it can be tough to generate the reliable monthly income that you want.

The truth is, you can sell homes with consistency

…if it’s done the right way.   

Here’s How The Funnel Game Is Played…

 – Old Way –

With the old way of marketing online, you spend hours upon hours posting on social media and working on SEO.
Maybe you even hire people to help you rank keywords and get more visibility. You can easily spend the equivalent of $2000 a month to get your traffic up.

But with a high bounce rate (up to 90%!) due to so many distractions, they click OFF your page and most will never come back…

Old Way

With this plan, it’s easy to waste $1,800 of your $2,000 on people that hit your page and LEAVE…and you have no good way to follow up with them.

But… – New Way –

When you market the NEW way, you can run $500 a month of ads into a simple lead generation funnel that uses a curiosity-inducing headline and free gift to get their email address.

You can generate 250 leads and send them directly into a sales funnel for them to list their home with you. Even if just 5% of the people click and list with you, that can be 12 NEW LISTINGS!   

New Way


Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents
Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents

ClickFunnels is a web-based platform for marketing, selling, and delivering products and services. Of course, this includes your real estate services. Landing pages, sales funnels, squeeze pages, webinars, and membership sites are all simple to create using ClickFunnels for real estate agents. It comes with a number of pre-made templates that you may tweak to meet your needs. Thousands of firms, marketers, entrepreneurs, and real estate agents use the product, which may be of interest to you.

The method of acquiring a real estate customer has altered. Unfortunately, many real estate brokers have remained unchanged. You’re losing out if you’re still going to networking meetings, local events, farming neighborhoods, and relying on print advertising to generate leads and clients. To obtain leads and clients, many real estate brokers use internet marketing techniques.

ClickFunnels for real estate agents can assist you in generating warm leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no effort. It allows you to save time, money, and effort. It is a tool that is utilized by both internet marketers and real estate brokers.


You may use ClickFunnels for real estate marketing if you’re a real estate agent. That is, from lead creation through lead nurturing and client conversion. Find out more in the sections below.

  1. With a drag-and-drop tool, you can create attractive landing pages with ClickFunnels for real estate.

Landing pages are critical for capturing leads. A drag-and-drop landing page builder is available in ClickFunnels for real estate. It is simple to use and does not have a steep learning curve. You can design appealing landing pages for your listings, free-market report e-books, and more using ClickFunnels for real estate agents.

  1. With a single click, you can link your lead generating process with ClickFunnels for real estate.

Most real estate agents struggle to automate the process of gathering leads via opt-in forms, delivering them to their CRM, and nurturing them. It’s one-click integration with ClickFunnels for real estate. It integrates with CRMs, auto-responders, and other systems to streamline your lead-generating operations.

  1. Real estate ClickFunnels allows you to connect with your leads while they are still warm.

You can connect with your leads as soon as they sign up for your email list using ClickFunnels for real estate. It integrates with a variety of auto-responders, including Aweber, Getresponse, and Mailchimp, where your welcome email series is already waiting for them.

  1. Real estate ClickFunnels helps you nurture your leads.

You can design and deliver email drip campaigns to your leads using ClickFunnels for real estate agents. You must nurture any lead in order for them to quickly convert into a client. This is exactly what real estate ClickFunnels excels at. You can automate email marketing to ensure that they reach your leads at the appropriate moment.

Examples of real estate ClickFunnels

Here’s an example of a real estate agent funnel created with ClickFunnels. It is intended for those who are interested in purchasing a property in the target region. There are three steps to it.

  • The funnel’s initial step includes an opt-in form to gather information in exchange for a list of properties that have been listed for sale.
  • After the visitor completes the first opt-in form, a second funnel appears, asking whether they require an e-book titled “Tips on how to increase the worth of your property before selling. You may use this funnel to attract both house buyers and sellers.
  • A “Thank you” page appears at the third step, where you may direct them to phone, email, or provide a link to a list of properties for sale in the region.


Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents
Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents



Best practice #1: in ClickFunnels for real estate is to use urgency and scarcity on your landing page.

On your landing page, use urgency and scarcity to improve conversions. To generate a sense of urgency and scarcity on your real estate landing page, do the following:

  • Decide on a sign-up deadline.
  • Use phrases like “now,” “immediate,” and “hurry.”
  • Use hues that are urgent, such as red, organ, and yellow.

Best practice #2: with ClickFunnels for real estate: Split-test your landing page until you discover the one that works best for you. To find the winners, split test your headlines, copy, colors, text, calls-to-action, and placements.

Before you spend money on traffic creation, you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t.

Best practice #3: Find out what your competitors are doing using ClickFunnels for real estate.

There are real estate companies that use ClickFunnels to generate leads. Figure out what they’re up to. Find the finest in the real estate specialty and learn from their methods and placements. Where will their shape, call to action, and success be replicated?

Best practice #4: in ClickFunnels for real estate is to use the enticing copy.

It’s critical to pay attention to the copy on your landing page. Your visitors and leads will either be attracted or repelled by it. You must know exactly what to say and how to say it properly. To make it easier for visitors to read, use short phrases that are well-spaced, split up, and spread equally over the page.


Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents
Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents

Through several landing page templates, ClickFunnels for real estate agents makes it simple to design funnels that will help you gain house buyers and sellers. By nurturing potential buyers and sellers using email automation, you will be able to convert them into clients. It’s simple to link with your auto-responder and CRM, making it simple to advertise your leads. Using Leads Bridge to bridge the gap between ClickFunnels and your preferred tools may also drastically improve your workflow. You’ll be able to get the most out of your ClickFunnels data once you’ve connected it to your preferred tools.

It’s time to start utilizing ClickFunnels for all of your real estate marketing requirements.

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