Clickfunnels For Real Estate Agents: 4 Real Estate Best Practices

Clickfunnels for real estate agents

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In this article, you’ll learn how the ClickFunnels platform can help real estate agents optimize their businesses.

We will also show you how to sign up for a free training course by the ClickFunnels team.

As you already know, the real estate market is highly competitive – realtors have to take extra steps and measures to stand out.

ClickFunnels can help with that as it’s an excellent platform for promoting real estate businesses.

The ClickFunnels team knows the importance of the marketing process and passes on its expertise to all its customers.

Not only does ClickFunnels help you to create sales funnels, but it shares its knowledge of marketing tactics.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an online tool you can use to market, sell, and deliver products and services. This includes, of course, your real estate services. Clickfunnels for real estate make it easy to build landing pages, sales funnels, squeeze pages, webinars, and membership sites. It has many pre-made templates you can customize to fit your need. Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents.

It will interest you to know that thousands of businesses, marketers, entrepreneurs, and real estate agents are using the product.

Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents

Clickfunnels Features

The first thing that we should consider is what the features of Clickfunnels are; that would be expected by many in a top-notch business funnel builder or page creation tool.

That isn’t all! It gives you the ability to create pages that are super converting, which would bring your internet marketing efforts to another level.

Here is a list:

  • Clickfunnels offers a drag and drops web editor option. It allows you to put every single element on a page; it also helps you in setting the pages easily and quickly. This is one of the best ways to incorporate your ideas into reality using all the creative tools that you have at your disposal.
  • Clickfunnels has a huge amount of assorted templates for web pages to start with. It helps in making sure that funnel designs not only look beautiful but also enable you to have better sales and leads as well.
  • The online interface editor is easy to use. Moreover, the organizer helps organize your marketing parts of the pages very well. It helps you save time and enables you to focus on your goals instead of web-related work.
  • Also, it has the ability to integrate third-party applications.
  • It enables you to integrate services very easily such as shopping carts and payment gateways.
  • Clickfunnels allows you to use your own custom domains.
  • It is quick and easy when it comes to managing your downloadable digital files and performs digital deliveries automatically.
  • You can create and save designs, which can be reused by your marketing pages.
  • Clickfunnels has the ability to set up email marketing sends. It is used for promotional emails, password resetting, and sending shipment notifications.
  • There are tremendous affiliate programs, with a lot of marketing material. It helps you promote them and earn money.
  • It has excellent online instructions and support.
  • Fully responsive to tablets and phones.
  • The WordPress plugins will help you in publishing your pages right away on a WordPress site.
  • Fast and easy website hosting for your funnels and pages.
  • You can publish your pages to task-oriented platform users.
  • It has trial offers so you can test them before making a purchase.
  • You can add all the famous social media buttons to all your campaigns and pages.

How Does ClickFunnels Work for Real Estate Agents?

ClickFunnels can help real estate agents attract and reach potential clients.

It helps realtors create great-looking and converting landing pages that will bring warm leads. And the popular digital marketing tool has extra features needed to build out your business.

All ClickFunnels’ pre-built sales funnels, designed to convert your prospects into leads, can help whatever your market niche. When they become leads, you can contact and nurture them.

  • With tracking and analytics features, you can analyze consumer behavior to learn more about your customer’s journey.
  • By creating a split test page in your funnel, you can compare two versions of your pages to see which one does a better job of converting.
  • You can integrate many tools such as CRMs, email marketing, and appointment scheduling systems – all very useful to realtors.

Implementing ClickFunnels can help improve your estate agency’s visibility while remaining relevant to your audience.

Clickfunnels for Real Estate Agents

  • Easy and Professional Looking Landing Page Creation

ClickFunnels allows for a painless landing page setup by using the drag-and-drop menu. There’s no need to create a website or hire a team of professional developers and designers. You can build landing pages with opt-in forms easily and quickly with future conversions in mind.

Further customization is simple, too. With plenty of templates to choose from, you can modify the colors, fonts, photos, and text to suit your business’s brand, enticing your particular target clients.

ClickFunnels will enable you to build landing pages that positively impact your business by converting your lead traffic into sales.

  • Qualified Lead Creation for Your List

ClickFunnels helps you collect email addresses with ease. An opt-in funnel’s goal is to offer the visitor an item, usually free, in exchange for their contact information.

It can consist of just two pages – the landing page (known as the lead or squeeze page) and the thank-you page.

An opt-in funnel is crucial to realtors. You can use the landing page to your advantage by offering, for example, a free listing to house buyers in exchange for their email addresses.

On your thank-you page, you could urge your leads to take another step. For instance, you could embed your calendar link so that leads could make a direct appointment with you.

A ClickFunnels thank-you page allows you to share videos and PDF files as well as text content. So you could add testimonials from previous clients or examples of your company’s credibility. After collecting your leads, you can start nurturing them.

  • Strategic Nurturing of Your Collected Lead List

With your email list created, you can begin nurturing your potential clients.

The ClickFunnels Platinum plan comes with an integrated follow-up feature that helps automate the email marketing process. It allows users to segment their customers and set up autoresponders. This feature automatically creates targeted email sequences and follow-ups. This targeted e-mail is an essential step for real estate agents and any business in general.

As a real estate agent, you can use Clickfunnels for real estate marketing activities. That is, from lead generation to nurturing and converting the leads to clients. Find out more below.

  1. Clickfunnels for real estate can help you to build beautiful landing pages with a drag-and-drop tool

Landing pages are essential for you to capture leads. Clickfunnels for real estate has a drag-and-drop landing page builder. It is easy to use and it does not require a learning curve. With Clickfunnels for real estate, you can create attractive landing pages for your listings, free-market report e-books, etc

  1. Clickfunnels for real estate will help you to connect your lead-generation process with a click

Most real estate agents find it difficult to streamline the process of capturing leads with the aid of opt-in forms, sending them to their CRM, and nurturing them. With Clickfunnels for real estate, it is a one-click integration. It streamlines your lead generation processes with different integrations with CRMs, Autoresponders, etc.

  1. Clickfunnels for real estate help you to connect with your leads when they are still hot

According to a Harvard Business Review report Firms that tried to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a query were nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead as those that tried to contact the customer even an hour later and more than 60 times as likely as companies that wait 24 hours or longer.

Clickfunnels for real estate allows you to connect with your leads immediately after they sign up for your email list. It has integrations with different autoresponders such as Aweber, Getresponse, and Mailchimp, where you already have your welcome email series waiting for them.

  1. Clickfunnels for real estate help you to Nurture your leads

With Clickfunnels for real estate, you can create and send email drip campaigns to your leads. For any lead to easily convert into a customer, you have to nurture them. This is what Clickfunnels for real estate does best. You can automate your email campaigns to make sure it gets to your leads at the right time.

Examples of Clickfunnels for Real Estate

Below, we have an example of Clickfunnels for real estate. It is designed such that it targets people who are interested in buying homes in targeted areas. It’s comprised of three stages.

Stage 1

The funnels are present with an opt-in form. It helps in collecting information in exchange for the list of homes that are put up for sale.

Stage 2

As soon as the first opt-in form is filled by the visitor, the second funnel pops up asking the lead if they would like an e-book, which is titled, “Tips On How To Raise The Value Of Your Home Before Selling”. With the help of this funnel, you can capture both home buyers and home sellers.

Stage 3

In the third stage, a thank you page pops up where you can lead them to call, email, or show them all the houses that are for sale in the area.

Clickfunnels for real estate agents

Clickfunnels for real estate agents' best practices

1. Use urgency and scarcity on your landing page

Using urgency and scarcity on your landing will increase your real estate lead conversion. To create urgency and scarcity on your real estate business landing page:

  • Choose a deadline for signing up
  • Use words like hurry, instant, and now.
  • Use urgent colors like red, organ, and yellow.

2. Split-test your landing page until you find the winner split test your headlines, copy, colors, text, calls-to-action, and placements to get the winners.

This will help you to know what works and what is not working before you spend money on traffic generation.

3. Find out what your competition is doing

There are real estate businesses using Clickfunnels for real estate to get leads. Find out what they are doing. Look for the best in the real estate niche and study their strategies and placements. Where do they put their form, call to action and replicate their success?

4. Use an attractive copy

The copy on your landing page is very important. It will either attract or repel your visitors and leads. You need to know what to say and how to say it correctly. Use smaller sentences, well-spaced, and broken up and distributed evenly on the page to make it easy for visitors to read.

Clickfunnels for real estate integrations

Clickfunnels for real estate integrations

Clickfunnels for real estate integrates with email marketing software such as Aweber, Convertkit, Mailchimp, and, Getresponse. It integrates with payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, Clickbank, and

Clickfunnel for real estate also integrates with a custom domain, to make it easy to set up your landing pages and sales funnels on your website or on a custom domain.

It integrates with Facebook and webinar tools like Gotowebinar, webinar jam Studio, and CRM tools like Infusion Soft and Hubspot.

Using LeadsBridge, you can bridge Clickfunnels with any helpful platforms, independent Clickfunnels affiliates, and even integrate Clickfunnels with LeadsBridge itself.

Connecting the Clickfunnels integration is easy, and can be done in just a few steps. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Head over to the left sidebar and click on bridges
  2. Click on the New button
  3. Enter a recognizable name for your bridge
  4. Head to “Select Source” and click on browse
  5. Select “ClickFunnels” from the provider’s list
  6. Select your destination
  7. Click on the Next button

Now that you’re all set up, Clickfunnels can be bridged with lots of other tools online, allowing you to focus on what really matters. Seeing as Clickfunnels is such a helpful tool for real estate, it’s a good idea to connect it to other helpful tools for real estate like Hubspot and Mailchimp, allowing you to monitor and nurture leads all the way through the sales funnel.

For example, you can bridge Clickfunnels with Google Sheets, and have your list of leads updated with real-time data constantly. Or, you can sync Facebook Custom Audiences with Clickfunnels, and automatically create audiences.

How to set up the Webhook URL on Clickfunnels?

In addition to integrating Clickfunnels with LeadsBridge, it’s also very useful to configure a new funnel Webhook in your Clickfunnels system. Here is how that’s done:

  1. Log in to your ClickFunnels account.
  2. Select the desired funnel and click on the “SETTINGS” menu.
  3. In the addition list, select “WEBHOOK” integration and click on “Manage Your Funnel Webhooks”.
  4. Click on “New Webhook”.
  5. Paste the LeadsBridge webhook in the “URL” field.
  6. Send a test lead through your landing page and LeadsBridge will capture the fields’ information in the bridge.

Thousands of customers use LeadsBridge to connect Clickfunnels to their favorite tools. With over 370 integrations ready to go, you can get the most out of your Clickfunnels data, all while being automated.


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 Clickfunnels for real estate make it easy to create funnels that will help you to acquire home buyers and sellers through different landing page templates. You will be able to use emails to turn potential buyers and sellers into clients by nurturing them through email automation. You can easily integrate it with your autoresponder and CRM to make it easy for you to market your leads.

Additionally, using LeadsBridge to connect the gaps between Clickfunnels and your favorite tools can make a massive difference in workflow. Once Clickfunnels and your favorite tools are bridged, you will be getting the most out of your Clickfunnels data.

It is time to start using Clickfunnels for real estate for all your marketing needs

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Does ClickFunnels Work for Real Estate?

The simple answer is YES. ClickFunnels is a landing page and funnel builder where you can take someone from an ad to a lead capture page. After on the lead capture page, you will try to get their email and phone number in exchange for something of value, like some kind of local report. Then you will want to follow up with them to make them a client and help them with their real estate needs. I would recommend different funnels for home buyers, home sellers, and investors.

  1. What is Real Estate Funnel?

A real estate funnel is simply taking someone from not knowing who you are, reaching them through marketing tools such as advertisements, trade shows, or blogs, and sending them to a landing page. A landing page is a page where you give them something of value in exchange for them giving you their email address and phone number.

After this, you deliver the item (handout, free book, report, etc…) and then follow up with the parent company via email or phone to turn them into a client. After the business transaction, send them a gift and a thank you card. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. Continue following up with them because when they are ready to buy again, they will come to you.

  1. How do Real Estate Agents generate leads?

One of the easiest ways is to develop a real estate sales funnel, such as one with ClickFunnels, and send people through it through advertisement. You can also go to local networking events and meet potential prospects as well. Additionally, you can create a YouTube channel teaching people about real estate to become an authority in your space. TONS of ways to real estate leads.

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