Are HP laptops Good? Top 4 Best HP Laptops to Choose

Best HP Laptops
Best HP Laptops

Known for producing affordable, decent-quality laptops, HP markets both budget and best laptops for office tasks and high-performance gaming devices. The brand has filled all market segments with its products, in each of which you can find a dozen exciting models of Hewlett-Packard. With a good price/performance ratio and often powerful hardware, the best HP laptops are not always good under heavy workloads. Therefore, having examined the main advantages and disadvantages of most of the company’s models, we have identified the four most successful ones, which will allow you to avoid annoying mistakes when buying.

Best HP Laptops

How to choose an HP notebook

As I told you above, HP is the acronym for Hewlett-Packard, an American multimedia company that deals with computer science, embracing different categories. It produces a bit of everything, from desktop computers to servers through the best HP laptop and peripherals, printers, accessories, and even software with services aimed at companies and beyond.

The company has also been producing smartphones and tablets for some time and has also made itself known on the market for monitors and peripherals for gamers. But let’s not hesitate: if you need the best HP laptops from an American company, here are the things you need to observe. First of all, I propose a list of the product families that HP currently offers on the amazon.

  • HP Stream – the family currently consists of an essential, compact and best HP laptops capable of performing basic operations.
  • HP Essential – are the computers of the HP x2 families (2-in-1 convertibles, HP 14, HP 15 and HP 250. General-purpose laptops for the mass market.
  • HP Pavilion – is the most famous family of the company and integrates various devices: HP Pavilion x360 are convertibles with a rotatable screen; HP Pavilion 14 and 15 mainstream notebooks; while HP Pavilion Power is a very powerful workstation.
  • HP Envy – the HP Envy family uses superior quality materials and displays with reduced bezels (often touch or stylus support). It is characterized by a higher than average list price.
  • HP Specter – this family implements best HP laptops with a refined design and reduced thickness. In this case, it is made up of “premium” models, both convertible and traditional.
  • HP Omen – in this series of products, you will find best HP laptops dedicated to gaming, with specific technical characteristics and high-level GPUs.
  • HP Elitebook – Elitebooks are traditional and best HP laptops and offered in convertible versions, high-end, and incredibly sophisticated hardware.
  • HP ProBook – this family implements virtual devices designed for productivity covering all market segments.
  • HP ZBook – in this family, we find several high-end products designed for professionals who do not want to compromise in terms of performance and design.

Format and design

The best HP laptops are mainly divided into four formats different. They can use polycarbonate or metal alloy shells, with the latter material being more resistant over time and less prone to fractures.

Convertibles – this category consists of best HP laptops whose display integrates touch-screen functionality and can be rotated up to 360 ° to allow different modes of use, including that type of a tablet. HP products with this feature are marked with the x360 name.

Detachable x2 – these are the traditional 2-in-1s, i.e., best HP laptops with touch-screen displays made up of two separable modules.

Notebooks – are the “old-fashioned” laptops we’ve all known for years. HP does not make a clear distinction between the various sizes, but Ultrabooks are also within the same category, i.e., devices characterized by a much-reduced thickness and maximum portability.

Top 4 best HP laptops to choose

1.HP Specter x360 13

Even HP’s “old” flagship convertible was good enough, but the second-generation Specter x360 outperforms it in many ways. It is delightful that the developers managed to solve the hinges’ problems and significantly reduce the device’s weight and size characteristics. Agree, a thin and light tablet is much better than a thick and heavy one. This is even though the new items’ battery life has increased by about a quarter. A card reader and an HDMI connector had to be sacrificed for the elegance of the case. It has the prominent place in the list of best HP laptops.

The display has got an ultra-thin bezel (on the sides), and there were no complaints about its quality before. An exciting feature of a hybrid laptop is the presence of four speakers at once. On the one hand, this provides a more robust and transparent sounding of the device as a whole, and on the other hand, half of the emitters are always directed in the “right” direction, which operating mode does not use. It makes no sense to talk about any flagship’s performance, and the new Specter x360 is no exception. As a result – a chic transformer, if only it costs less.

Main advantages:        

  • useful and practical design;
  • excellent performance;
  • high-quality sound path and display;
  • Very high autonomy.


  • no card reader;
  • unregulated keyboard backlight;

2.HP ZBook Studio x360 G5

Introducing the premium laptop convertible. This is a work and play station in one “guise,” which, if necessary, can quickly turn into a regular tablet. The hybrid form factor makes the model extremely versatile. Our modification offers a flagship processor (Intel Core i7 8750HK, 12 MB L3 cache), 64 GB of high-speed RAM, a powerful NVIDIA Quadro P1000 video chip.

The storage device is a 2 TB solid-state SSD. What sets this transformer apart from the vast majority of laptops is its 4K UHD screen resolution. The need for such a tall format at 15.6 inches is questionable, while the anti-reflective coating is advantageous in practice. There are a fingerprint scanner and 2 Thunderbolt 3 interfaces.

Main Advantages:

  • Versatile form factor
  • Ability to draw on the screen with the included pen
  • Flagship hardware
  • Screen without PWM (harmful flicker)
  • 4K edge-to-edge display


  • Costly No LTE support in this modification

3.HP OMEN 17

This is one of the best HP laptops in which everything is OK, from a beautiful dynamic design to a chic hardware configuration. But if to assess the appearance, you only need to cast your own glance at it; you should understand the inner “stuffing” in more detail. What do we have inside? The reliable and efficient Intel Core i7 9750H processor is installed in a vast number of high-end notebooks. 8 GB of RAM (but why so much?) Is a record figure in the ranking?

The discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2070 graphics card is one of the top-end on the market, mostly when the OMEN 17 model went on sale. What else is impressive about the laptop? A gaming keyboard with excellent backlighting, an efficient cooling system, a realistic picture on a bright display, great potential for future upgrades

Main Advantages:

  • First-class performance
  • The ability to install a third drive
  • HDD + SSD (1256 GB)
  • Customizable keyboard backlight
  • HP Support Assistant is working correctly


  • Expensive
  • heavy

4.HP Envy 15

It would be more correct to consider the whole Envy family as universal. It brings together devices of a wide variety of configurations and capabilities, and for the full range, there is only a lack of laptops with discrete graphics cards. However, the 600th series Iris graphics core is a worthy alternative to small and medium power accelerators. Therefore, by opting for a model with the latest generation Intel Core i7 processor (Kaby Lake), you can count on quite comfortable gameplay. Of course, with the appropriate graphics quality settings.

With all other tasks, including those that are very demanding on computing power, the recommended laptop can handle it easily. It makes sense to recall that Envy was listed as the company’s flagship line until relatively recently, with all the bonuses relying on. Fortunately, the loss of the honorary status did not have time to affect the case’s quality and other important nuances. However, the price tag of the laptop is pleasantly surprising. In our opinion, these are the best HP laptops, and the latest additions to the Envy 15-as lineup deserve the most attention.

Main advantages:

  • the slim aluminum body;
  • The attractive ratio of filling power to cost.
  • Powerful performance
  • Great design


  • relatively modest maximum screen brightness;


From the housewife who needs a comfortable and accessible computer to browse the Web and carry out various multimedia activities to the professional one, more demanding from all points of view, up to even the inveterate gamer. In short, whatever your need, the best HP laptops will be able to meet your needs with extremely targeted functions.


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