What To Do When Laptop Battery Drains Fast? I 10 Quick Tricks

What To Do When Laptop Battery Drains Fast

Is your laptop’s battery draining quickly? There are various things that could cause it and fortunately, many of them can be easily fixed so that you get your laptop’s battery back.

The most common cause of a battery that drains fast on a laptop is an old battery that needs replacing. Also, your battery could drain quickly when running resource-heavy programs or when the battery settings are not optimized. Peripherals can also contribute to this problem. What to do when laptop battery drains fast?

Most things that we can see – and even more that we can’t see – require less or more electricity to run on your laptop. Even the laptop’s power button led, when lit, consumes electricity (although in tiny amounts). But these can add up in the end. Or you might just have one peripheral that is draining battery quickly without you being aware.

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Identifying the reason why your laptop’s battery is draining so fast is essential in fixing the problem. And today I am here to help you achieve that and do everything possible to increase your laptop’s battery life. A lot of us want a laptop with a huge battery facility just like our mobile phones.

Because we feel frustrated if we are working on something really important and our laptop’s battery is dead. This could cause hypertension when you are not in a place to get it charged. So here you can know what to do when your laptop battery drains fast and keep your laptop working in need.

What to do when laptop battery drains fast

When you start using your laptop then it takes almost 3-4 years, and your laptop battery’s performance will set down 30% to its original capacity when bought. You can keep your battery life improved for better performance but first, we should know the reasons for draining fast.

Why laptop battery drains fast?

Here are several reasons that may affect your laptop’s battery performance. You should have fixed these points to keep your laptop battery lasting long:

  • You may keep your laptop’s brightness very high.
  • Maybe because of unwanted Backup programs or other processes.
  • Your laptop’s battery might be old enough and is not compatible with OS.
  • The resolution of the screen is high or graphics-consuming battery.
  • You might be using a different charger than the original.
  • A wrong power plan can also be the reason for this battery usage problem.

How to save when your laptop battery drains fast?

Today we have all working on computers and we keep connected to laptops the whole day which suffers the battery lot. As a result, the laptop battery starts draining fast, because of the activities we need to replace it before time. You can prolong your battery timing and preserve its power for a long time by applying these actions:

Unplug devices from the laptop

You must unplug the devices which are not in use like a USB device or a second monitor. It will acquire more power for the CPU to run these devices and will drain the battery faster. Laptop batteries have a limited life – and even though they can usually last for years without a problem, they will offer less and less time on a single charge before becoming completely unusable.

When the laptop’s battery is below 20 percent, it puts a strain on it and results in reduced charging capacity. Turn off keyboard backlights Until and unless you have a gaming laptop with a red backlight or working in a badly lit room, you don’t need a keyboard backlight. backlit keyboard drain battery because they need electricity to run.

Shutdown or activate sleep mode

If you need to use your laptop for the long term while off the charger then do not shut it down, just activate sleep mode on this. It will let you resume from the same point you left.

Whereas shutting down your laptop will take more power to boot up your system and consume additional power. Close the laptop’s lid or press the sleep button to put your system in sleep mode. Battery saver is a new feature with Windows 10 that limits background activity and push notifications to extend battery life.

By default, the Battery saver turns on when your battery falls below 20 percent. Tap Battery saver settings to adjust this percentage. Also on the Battery saver settings page, you can check a box for Lower screen brightness while in battery saver to further extend battery life. Lastly, tap Power & sleep from the left menu and select times for Windows 10 to turn the screen off and put your PC to sleep.

Battery saver Similar to your android and iOS devices, laptops also use battery saver mode once the battery percentage reaches below 20 percent. You can check if the battery saver is on by simply going into Settings > System > Battery. When the battery saver mode is activated, email and calendar syncing, push notifications, and apps running in the background are disabled.

Activate power-saver options on your operating system

You should activate power saver options on your laptop to modify the hardware and software activities which will consume less battery. These power options have the ability to change the behavior of the hardware of a laptop like CPU to remain active for certain actions needed. Always make it inactive to conserve energy when not in use.

In a Windows laptop, you can find power plans in the control panel where you can find Power options. Now, customize advanced settings according to to conserve the laptop’s power.

In Apple laptops like MacOS, you must click on Apple to go to System Preferences then Energy Saver. Here you will be able to adjust screen brightness and indicate the laptop when to sleep.

Turn off wireless and Bluetooth

Your laptop is always active when you are connected to wireless or Bluetooth devices and it consumes a battery. It is better to keep these features inactive while you are far away from the laptop to keep the battery safe. But don’t forget disabling these settings may vary to laptops and their operating systems.

  • In Windows, laptops find out the “Devices and Printers” in the control panel and right-click on the Bluetooth devices.
  • Click on its “Properties” then click on the services tab and unmark a Bluetooth device you want to inactive.
  • In the end click Ok to complete the task.

In Apple laptops simply click on the Bluetooth icon and choose Turn Bluetooth Off.

Turn down the sound and brightness

While using high brightness picture resolution and loud sound would drain your laptop’s battery. Each laptop’s Operating System has different settings, So you can do it accordingly.

In Windows, you can always click on the speaker icon to decrease the volume which is located in the taskbar. To adjust the brightness of the screen just press the “F2 & F3” keys on your laptop keyboard. Adjust Brightness Settings If your brightness settings are on high (100%), it can drain your battery incredibly fast.

In Apple laptops, you can change the volume settings and system brightness under “System Preferences” by clicking the sound icon to decrease the volume or mute it rather.

By clicking the “Display Icon” change the brightness, dim the background apps of the screen with a slider, and adjust according to your need.

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Disable Bluetooth

Do not keep the Bluetooth On your laptop. It keeps searching for other Bluetooth devices to communicate with, so disabling it will save your battery from fast draining.

Defrag your hard drive

In a Windows laptop, the more your hard drive is fragmented the more your hard drive will work and drain the battery. Whereas in MacOS they automatically defrag the device when not needed. Be careful if you are using SSD on your laptop, it can cause you to slow down your drive.

Avoid extreme temperatures

In a hot environment, your battery will be more consumed by your laptop as it works faster in extreme environments. So, always try to charge your laptop at room temperature to avoid battery drain..

Use a cooling pad

The heat inside the laptop makes it difficult for the fan to dissipate the heat. As a result, you will find that the battery drains faster. Be careful not to block ventilation or use your laptop in cool environments or use a laptop cooling pad. You must use a cooling pad while using a laptop, it will keep your laptop battery cool and it won’t work fast at extreme temperatures.

Avoid using a CD or DVD

Copy your CD data on your hard drive before leaving or traveling somewhere, because the optical disc consumes more battery to spin causing the laptop battery to drain fast. Try to use an iPod to listen to music or if you are playing it on the laptop it will consume and drain your battery fast. In the end, the article is closed and now you are aware that what to do if the laptop battery drains fast.


Problems can occur if the laptop battery does not work correctly. You definitely don’t want to deal with battery issues all the time. After all, there’s still a lot to do. The last thing you need is a battery failure. But this doesn’t mean you’re worried about not using battery power.

It would be best if you saw how the battery works and how you are using your laptop. It’s important to know what you can do when using a laptop, and it helps you understand what you can do if you keep your laptop running for a long time.

Plus, your laptop’s battery runs out at the right time when you need it most, so you don’t have to worry about reduced production efficiency. Keep visiting LaptopsChamp to learn more useful tips and tricks related to laptops and accessories. Leave your feedback below in the comment box. Good Luck

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