How to keep laptop safe at home?

How to keep laptop safe at home
How to keep laptop safe at home

Today laptops have become our basic need. We regularly use a laptop in our daily life but we neglect caring about laptops that shorten its lifespan. How to keep laptop safe at home?

Today laptops have become our basic need. We regularly use a laptop in our daily life but we neglect caring about laptops that shorten its lifespan.

When we buy a new laptop that comes with a new hard drive, neatly wrapped cables, and fresh smell box; we handle with care for a few days then it goes on with the routine.

Anti-theft devices to keep laptop safe in 2020

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are stolen from the home. Thieves and burglars broke into the house and target the expensive and lightweight things like laptops, tablets, iPhone, digital cameras jewelry, cash, and other electronics.

In this article, I have explained some precautions to keep the laptop safe at home from burglars.

How to keep laptop safe at home?

However, it is not only about losing an expensive item or Apple products. It’s all about data and leakage of personal information you have in your devices. Protection to these products is necessary so you must be well aware of prevention tips from theft. These are few tips to protect your laptops from stolen or losing your personal data:

Prevent a house invasion

You should have installed security cameras in your home so nobody breaks into your property and steals your electronic devices. Choose a high-quality camera but that doesn’t mean you must have an expensive camera. You can go to Amazon and buy some affordable cameras for your home security at cheap prices.

Make your choice for some professional and reliable one with a moderate price though little investment in a security camera can save you a lot.

Keep your laptop and other electronics out of sight

Keeping your laptop out of sight is the best thing to do rather inconvenient sometimes. Place it in wall safe or you can install a safe behind some portrait or photograph to protect your jewelry and electronic devices from theft.

Do not forget to unplug your laptop while rushing out and keep it in a safe locked place then leave home.

Fasten your laptop with a Kensington cable

If you are sharing an office with someone or semi-public places; don’t leave your laptop unattended. It is recommended to tying it with Kensington cable to your table. There is no need to cable lock your laptop if you are using it in a trusted place and have it in sight all the time.

Choose an inconspicuous bag

Everybody wants a good looking and fancy laptop bag but don’t forget this will attract a thief, as he will think this bag must have an expensive laptop hidden inside.

Instead of showing off an expensive item and keeping expensive laptop bag you should be careful about its protection from thieves.

It is better to choose a plain backpack with laptop sleeve built-in than a dedicated bag. So that a thief will think, you are keeping a simple luggage bag. This will not let anyone know that you have an expensive thing inside your backpack.


Accidents are unavoidable and you would really want to have your laptop insured. There are different companies you can find on the web which cover tech but you must go with the home insurance or see its policy extends to your device. Putting on a small investment monthly is enduring to replace your damaged or stolen laptop rather than your money.

Set up location finding

Always enable location-finding service in your laptop to prevent losing or stealing. Remotely finding your laptop may risk your privacy; now it’s up to you how much you value your laptop or comfortable with sharing your location to the service.

Install a laptop alarm

There is laptop anti-theft alarm available on Amazon which can be connected to your laptop and alarm that emit loud sound when laptop moves. It will be enough to restrain the thief from theft your laptop.

This anti-theft alarm works well for saving your electronics from the burglars. It will take insufficient time for stealing and would be easier for police to intercept and make an arrest.

Install an electronic safe box

This is the best way to safeguard your laptop or other expensive things to have an electronics safe box installed in your home. This investment can save your huge loss, by keeping your electronic items in it.

You must consider a heavy built-in safe with well-built standalone to open it for the thief, would be very effective. If you have the plan to go on vacation or away from home for a certain time then you just need to keep your electronic devices safe in the electronic safe.

Set up a password for logging in

If you want that nobody could get access to your laptop and the important files; then create a strong password which is difficult to break.

Add a webcam cover

Today if you ever heard about it Remote Administration Tool which hurts your privacy like DarkComet. It has the ability to turn on your webcam to spy on you. We think if the led next to the camera is on; means the camera is working, but the hackers can disable it easily in windows or MacOS laptops.

There is a way to prevent this problem is to physically cover your webcam when not in use. There are various good quality covers available like Spyslide which fits perfectly on MacOS.


These are a few simple steps to protect and secure your laptop from theft or loss. Home is considered a secure place where you feel comfortable using your laptops, iPad, tablets, and smartphones. But when someone broke into the house you may lose your expensive items so always keep a built-in safe in the wall to keep your things safe and secure from theft.

Security cameras play a major role in spying the unwanted guests and to secure you and your things from harm.

You should have gone through this document to learn how to keep laptop safe at home from thieves. Hopefully, I can say you will find this article helpful and interested.

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