How to protect your laptop from physical damage

How to protect your laptop from physical damage
How to protect your laptop from physical damage

When we purchase a new electronic device whether it is a laptop, mobile phones or tablets. We handle it with care initially for a few days. Then we become carefree towards devices with knowing they need full attention and care just like our body needs. They soon ended up by mishandling or damage your system of any device you are using. With your concern in this article, you will learn to protect a laptop from physical damage.

Well, it’s not always free of cost to keep your device updated or damage free like software updates, keyboard, battery replacement or screen, etc.

When you buy a laptop you look for its portability feature that admires you most. But, this feature can be the worse downfall for you as well. Because the expensive machine is delicate and can be stolen or you may drop it in an instance. In case, if your laptop has been stolen, you can track your laptop without using any software.

You need to have some commonsense precautions that everybody knows to protect the laptop from damage.

How To Protect Your Laptop From Physical Damage?

To keep your laptop for long last use you should be careful about using it. Here are some tips to protect your laptop from physical damage. Always follow these tips to keep your laptop long last:

Get a Quality Bag to Protect Your Laptop from physical damage

How to protect your laptop from physical damage

how to protect your laptop from physical damage

The most important thing is a laptop bag which is your basic need to carry your laptop whenever you leave for anywhere. It will help to protect your laptop from falling down or any other physical damage.

Choose the best laptop bag with padding and pockets for saving your USB pen drives, DVDs, external HDD, a power cord and could be a laptop lock.

Protect Your Laptop Exteriors with Laptop SkinsHow to protect your laptop from physical damage

how to protect your laptop from physical damage

ct your laptop’s exterior with colorful skin which is available in a huge range of colors and sizes. This skin will protect your laptop from scratches, water, dust, or damage and make it secure and tender with a good look. You can protect your laptop from humidity by using the best laptop skin.

I am using the purple color of laptop skin that looks really attractive and decent for a gentleman. Different other colors of laptop skins are available on Amazon.

Avoid Drinking or Eating While Working on Laptop

Always avoid drinking anything near a laptop, if it could accidentally spill on your laptop it will damage and shut it down within a few minutes. You must know how to fix if spilled water on a laptop and it shut off.

Furthermore, any crunches from your eating meal can cause dirt in laptops vents which will make it hard to perform well and can affect the cooling system of the laptop. So always to be careful while using a laptop to protect it from physical damage.

Protect Your Laptop Screen from Physical Damage

Well, you can protect your laptop screen with a screen guard or thin protector to avoid scratches, water, and any other physical damage. You can also put on an Anti-glare sheet which will help to protect your screen even in sun exposure. You can buy a laptop screen guard from online stores.

Don’t Let It Fall to Protect from Physical Damage

Do not let your laptop fall or throw away. It may hit something and can cause breakage the machine and results in a cost for repairing it.

Keep Your Laptop Clean

Keeping your laptop clean last long a laptop’s life. Clean with a soft cloth so that the vents and ports may not be filled with dirt or make your laptop heat up. If the vents would be filled with dirt this can cause severe damage to your system. It is recommended to use a vacuum laptop cleaning kit that is available at 8$ on Amazon.

Shaken Laptop Syndrome

There are plenty of laptops coming with a solid-state drive (SSD) and have no internal moving parts and tougher to motion. Whereas there are still be a huge number of laptops with mechanical HDD which can be damaged if shaken too much.

Because the HDD have moving parts like a read/write head that must move to interact with disk while spinning. Shaken or moving around a laptop is not good for such systems. As when they are in use they will move along with their original motion. It can damage your hard disk or other component’s interaction.

You should handle your laptop with great care and don’t move much while in use especially running a program using HDD. You should be careful and use gentle hands and better to keep knowledge of SSD failure.

Do Not Twist The Cords

Here comes the most precautionary thing, if you don’t like your machine then start damaging its cables. Wrap them around everything you get, twisted them with different directions, and wait for something to break.

Don’t worry you will not have to wait for longer they will break sooner than your expectations. We usually think that the power cables or other cords can handle twisting and bending but they do not often and can cause breakage.

Laptops are delicate machines so with the thin wires and cords to move easily. You should be careful while treating them in such a way.

Few of us wrap the cords around something to bundle them. They do such blunders because the thing on which they wrap on cables can be sharp and cut your cord.

Add a Laptop Security Lock

You must keep your laptop password protected and don’t leave it alone for any amount of time. So that nobody can harm your laptop or erase your personal data on a hard drive.

Back up Your Data

Always keep your back up in the online drive, so that if you, unfortunately, met with an accident, keeping your laptop with you while traveling then you can retrieve your data if the laptop is damaged brutally.

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Keep Your Laptop Cool to Protect it from Physical DamageHow to protect your laptop from physical damageHow to protect your laptop from physical damage %%sep%% 12 Tips 2020

When you use your laptop in your lap you usually feel that it produces heat. If you are using in high hot temperature, it may be overheated and damage your laptop processor, hard drive, and battery to explode.

So you have to install a cooling stand with your laptop while using it. This stand will protect your laptop from damaging system components. Here are some best laptop cooling stands that you can buy on promotional prices. Check the current prices

Protect With an Antivirus

By using a laptop In our daily life, we usually receive emails in which maybe some are contaminated with the virus that can affect our system and cause severe damage. Using corrosive USB’s, broken CDs, DVD’s in your system can also cause virus or damage the system. So it is necessary to install a licensed Antivirus to keep your laptop protected.


We hope you would like the article and leave your feedback below in the comment box. I can assure you now you have complete knowledge of protecting a laptop from physical damage as I mentioned all the possible precautions. So keep visiting LaptopsChamp to learn more helpful tips about laptop and accessories.

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