Is Mouse Pad Important for Gaming? I 10 Best Factors to Know

Is mouse pad important for gaming
Is mouse pad important for gaming

Is Mouse Pad Important For Gaming?

Early ages of time when people get to know the computers which were operated by a mouse. The mouse was a necessary part for long with the mousepad, because the mouse virtually required a mousepad to work properly.

An old mouse was made of a plastic body with a rubber ball inside it that would roll with mouse movement. This rubber ball moved the small wheels fixed inside the mouse which sent signals to the computer to represent the cursor’s movement on the screen.

In modern times they invented an optical mouse with the advancement of technology designed a mouse with optical sensors instead of a rubber ball. The mouse has a sensitivity of movement on the surface to sense the direction where the mouse is moving.

You can also know “how to hold a gaming mouse” for a better gaming experience. Click here and go to the next article. Now a mouse pad is not necessarily needed anymore to grip the surface but in some cases, it is needed like playing games.

The optical sensor may still be needed a mousepad if it is being used on a reflective surface because it would reflect itself. It will not allow the sensor to know the movement of the mouse.

So, using a mouse pad is necessary to detect directions. Another extravagant invention is the laser mouse which uses laser light, a bit different from the optical mouse which uses LED light to track movement. The laser mouse can be used on any surface even black or shiny.

 Is it cheaper to replace the mousepad instead of a desk?

Mousepads are important for gaming and good for your mouse to work with excellence. The mouse pad keeps your desk clean and scratch-less from repeated motions of the mouse-like pressed wood, leather, polished hardwood surface.

It protects the finishing of your computer table and makes your movement easy and comfortable. So, as it is cheap to replace the mousepad instead of a desk.

While playing games you need to have a mouse pad as if your desk is of high-quality wood, tempered glass, or metal one there is no issue. It’s not all about the smooth surface but your hands can have dirt and oils which will be transferred to the desk and then mouse to harm its movement.

Though the mouse pad won’t completely avoid it from dirt but protect mouse feet for longer while dragging and motioning.

Size Selection of Mouse Pad

Mouse mats come in a variety of sizes you can select one according to your desire or necessity. Well, you have to check if you can reside your mousepad near your keyboard for gaming sessions.

You may need an extended mousepad to have some extra cruising space for a mouse. A standard size can be worth it all for gamers.

Logitech G440 Mouse Pad

Logitech G440 is a hard mouse pad that has these features:

  • Surface Type: Hard
  • Surface Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 0.13 x 13.39 x 11.03 inches
  • Base: Rubber

With a low friction surface and solid rubber base branded mouse pad is a bit expensive. But it comes to pure speed and low tactile resistance. No other mouse pad can be compared to this one; it is the best mouse pad for gamers.

Its surface allows the mouse to glide and grip with ease. It is mostly recommended for the games RTS and MOBA for tight mobility and crucial navigations.

Hard mousepads are made up of aluminum, plastic, and rubber with textile clothing, which dramatically varies to products in friction, weight, and design. Selecting this hard mouse is vastly recommended for its simplicity and ultra-smooth surface and of course for the high-speed perfect companion for your mouse. Logitech G440 is available online at Amazon.

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ROCCAT Sense High Precision Gaming Pad

ROCCAT is a German gaming mouse pad and is perfectly designed for your gaming mouse. It has a soft cloth coated with a microcrystalline bonding agent, which reduces mouse swiping friction when it comes in a standard size.

It is a great sense of gaming peripherals manufacturer with thin clothing, which is only 2mm in height.

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While concluding the article we got to know that mouse pad is a basic necessity for gaming mice and gamers. Whether you can choose a soft or a hard mouse pad as per your requirement for playing games. The mouse pad runs the mouse smoothly, to grip and glide easily for quick actions or features of games.

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