How to protect laptop from humidity?

How To Protect Laptop From Humidity
How To Protect Laptop From Humidity

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You should be careful about the temperature. You need to understand that laptops are good in 50-95 degrees Fahrenheit and exceeded temperature can cause trouble.

How to protect laptops from humidity?

In some areas where the temperature is mostly hot and humid, there raises such an issue because extreme humidity can cause rust to the internal components of a laptop. This humidity can affect the performance of the system like electrical resistance and thermal conductivity. It can be harmful to such extremes that can cause short-circuit.

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So that you will face damage to your system components and loss of data.  You really need to know how to protect your laptop from humidity if you are living in warehouses or industrial areas. Chemical vapors mix with humidity and make corrosion for laptops.

Under such circumstances, you need to be careful and must follow precautions to protect your laptop from damage where the environments are not climate controlled.

How to protect laptops from humidity? 10 new tips 2020

Whatever machine you have like a PC or laptop is definitely affected by the environment. If the weather is extremely dry it can cause static electricity in your system components. Excessively humid conditions can cause internal damage by corrosion in system parts.

Most of the time climate remains humid so you should take precautions to protect your laptop from moisture.

Recognize moisture symptoms to protect laptop from humidity

You need to know the humidity in your home as you can find out it by your sticky skin or thick moisture air inside your home. This can cause you even sneezing, itching, and coughing and it cannot be limited to summer months only. The thing is to remember then you will need to be the proactive whole year to reduce humidity to protect your laptop.

Know the “safe range” for temperatures to protect laptop

You should be careful about the temperature. You need to understand that laptops are good in 50-95 degrees Fahrenheit and exceeded temperature can cause trouble.

Laptop batteries can explode if the temperature is damn hot or high. Even just a few exposures can expand your system components and damage them permanently. You can also know how to fix the overheating laptop without taking it apart.

Beware of high moisture to protect your laptop from humidity

Be aware of the weather forecast before leaving for the office or rushing outdoor sites. If the humidity level is 80 percent you need to be cautious. Because humid weather can cause condensation effect on your laptop and even cause a short circuit to the delicate system.

In some cases, it may not damage your system but can cause excess moisture in your laptop to trigger the built-in water damage sensor and can void your warranty in no time.

Verify humidity levels

If you want to know the humidity level in your home or outdoor then you should buy a humidity gauge. You can get a gauge from some retailer or can buy online from Amazon.

You need to fix it near your laptop by inserting batteries in it and turning it ON by the ON/OFF button. After turn on, set it to ½ an hour. Now you can check the percentage of moisture in the room which should show a humidity level between 40-50 percent that’s safe.

Give your laptop a chance to adjust

You should be well aware that do not use a laptop while walking or shifting from the AC room to the sweltering heat or contrary. Your laptop must be shut down before moving to give it time to adjust to the temperature before starting up again. It can build up condensation inside your laptop just like you see on your glasses.

How to keep your laptop safe in a hot car

The mechanical things should be handled with care as they are fragile and can be damaged to your negligence. Do not leave the laptop in a car trunk on a warm day. It can go off the safe range of temperatures. You should turn your laptop off when leaving the car.

Stay out of the direct sun

Direct exposure to the sun can heat up your laptop and damage its components and they might not work properly. The screen of the laptop can be directly hit by sunrays and you can’t do anything about it. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If it is necessary to use it in sunlight then put on an Anti-glare cover to view your screen. I always use an Anti-glare screen protector on my laptop to save my laptop screen from scratches. You can buy an online Anti-glare screen protector from Amazon. It comes with the additional benefit of privacy.

Keep your data backup

Backing up your data is a good precaution if you anticipate working outdoors and for a long time. Always keep your backup data so you may not face any loss if the device is damaged.

Because heat and humidity can cause permanent damage to your hard drive. There is another option to keep an external hard drive which can save your data worth of work for years.

Be ready for sudden storms to protect laptop

It depends on your geographical conditions where you face storms with little showers in summer weather which causes humidity in the environment. You can get wet in rain to bring coffee but you cannot let your expensive equipment without cover or umbrella.

So always keep waterproof cases with you and sleeves nearby to protect your laptop. You can see all deals here on waterproof laptop cases.

Use a heat-dissipating laptop stand

When you carry your laptop in your lap you know how much heat it produces. So, be careful while using it outdoors. You should use a laptop stand or laptop pad, the best way is to keep a self-cooling stand.

It will help you work with ease like withstand or an even better option to work in bed. You can also grab any model you want. It is recommended to know how to fix an overheating laptop by going to our other article.


You should be careful while using an electronic device, especially in summer weather. It is better to learn the above precautions to protect the laptop from humidity. You need the same protection you use in your bedroom for a laptop as outdoors with top-rated laptop cases or sleeves.

It will protect your laptop from sudden storm conditions, shock, moisture, and scratches. Installing an air conditioner is the best option to eliminate humidity in the summer season in your computer room. It will decrease moisture in your room and keep your machine cool as well.

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