How to Upgrade a Laptop for Gaming? I 10 Best Tricks

how to upgrade a laptop for gaming
how to upgrade a laptop for gaming

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Upgrading a laptop is a difficult task, for gaming you simply need to buy a gaming laptop. As we are concerned to make our laptop for work, play and other things as well there are essential upgrades needed. Here it goes with the solution of how to upgrade a laptop for gaming experience.

Gaming laptops means fast speed, huge memory, better graphics, and fast processing power.

You should be known about certain things before upgrading your laptop. Always remember thing is upgrading your laptop can void the warranty and you are unable to claim afterward.

You need to be very patient while this process is worth time taking but not all the components can be changed out of your laptop. There could be some upgrades that could damage your laptop.

Upgrading your laptop for gaming can cost you extra expenses like buying a new graphics card, installing a high capacity RAM, or buying a gaming mouse or keyboard. Optimizing your game settings can even improve the potentials of your laptop for a better experience.

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How to upgrade a laptop for gaming?

Desktops are easier to upgrade for gaming while laptops are a bit difficult task. Because most of the laptops have built-in graphics cards with minimum customization and can’t be removed. So for a better gaming experience, you need to rely on what you already have as it is impossible to upgrade your laptop’s graphics.

Still, you can upgrade it by making given custom settings to boost your gaming performance or experience.

Here are some best laptop upgrades for gaming ways to boost your gaming experience with your existing laptop.

Clean your laptop physically

You must clean your laptop for making it a gaming zone, as dirt and dust can reduce airflow from vents and can cause overheating the laptop. This can cause poor performance while playing. For better performance of my gaming laptop, I am using a proper laptop cleaning kit. I will also recommend you to use this kit that you can buy from Amazon.

Defragment hard drive

Please make sure your defrag status while windows automatically defrag files of your laptop.

Make sure DirectX is up to date

Go to the menu and type “dxdiag” to check the version of Direct X which is essential for playing the game. It’s better to run windows updates to get faster performance regarding your gaming-related hardware.

Update your drivers for gaming

Several of the different brands’ laptop operating systems are based on almost the same hardware and architecture like Windows, Macs, and Linux. So updating your drivers is vital for any brand device you have especially for GPU.

Overclock your graphics card (VGA)

Now, this is a bit tricky to increase your GPU’s voltage and clock frequency. You can push your graphics card to the limit by using some tools. You can buy Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M SLI upgrade kit from Amazon. Usually, the kit comes with a hardware monitor but you must proceed with caution for monitor stability.

Overclocking your laptop can be risky to overheat or unusual shutdown which will definitely not be favorable while playing a game or facing interruption. This act also can void your manufacturer’s warranty so you should be careful while overclocking your laptop.

Adjust texture and shade settings

You can always create your own texture settings and preferences for gaming; even you can run older games with high settings. Whereas the memory of your GPU limits availability you can select a configuration to look over the system’s performance.

The thing to remember is high-resolution displays can consume more RAM impacting frame rate. If you know how to upgrade a laptop for gaming then you are able to adjust the video settings of individual games as they play.

Disable automatic updates for games and the operating system

Unless you are not allowed to disable windows updates permanently, so you can do other things like keeping your laptop offline. Already install windows updates as soon as possible when they are prompted.

From the latest versions of laptops, you can block updates for 35 days. But you are not able to completely disconnect from the internet if you’re using a gaming laptop. So you have to install updates for better performance in gaming.

Check the network speed for online gaming

You required the best internet connection for playing online games and better networking speed. Slow internet connections can cause lagging while playing online games it’s better to get a fast connected internet. You can use your internet speed by using an External USB Network Card.

So you may not face any interruption while playing online games on your laptop. If your system is updated with the latest update then your wireless network card is also updated with whatever system you are running.

Activate Game Mode in Windows 10

Activating Windows 10 in-game mode is easy as win 10 already has Xbox app with screen recording, streaming, and game mode features. Moreover optimizing your system for gaming can be simple by just activating the game mode.

The procedure is to activate it in-game mode, go to the Xbox panel by pressing “WIN+G” it will prompt the box to check it with yes. Now, this is your game box.

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Optimize the power settings for gaming

Optimizing the power settings in windows 10 is not difficult to modify while playing the game on the laptop. You need to make some changes, like go to settings> click system then power and sleep> additional power setting.

Here you can select the high-performance option. Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings to get to know whether you have adjusted the setting recently. When squeezing gaming performance you don’t want less than optimum power settings of your laptop.


These are the vital changes to upgrade a laptop for gaming and improve its gaming performance accordingly. Noticing the thing it’s a bit difficult to upgrade your hardware and can be a massive impact on gaming for desktop computers.

On the contrary, you are limited with laptops as it has pre-installed the latest and long-lasting components that you can’t upgrade. But still, you can modify and upgrade your laptop for gaming zone or improve gaming performance.

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