How cold can a laptop tolerate?

How cold can a laptop tolerate
How cold can a laptop tolerate

Laptops are ideal for “at the moment” work, but they can still crack. Particular components of a laptop require special attention and care. It is essential to take good care of the laptop when you take it outdoors. Cold weather has various ways to damage your laptop.

For starters, it can disable the display, and shatter your crash on your hard drive. Warming the laptop too quickly can also lead to serious problems. Laptop owners often ask; how cold can a laptop tolerate? Well, that depends on the make and model.

Other than that, using your laptop in both cold and hot temperatures can have an effect on your laptop. But our main topic is cold. When the winter comes, it is important to consider the impact of cold on your laptop.

How cold can a laptop tolerate?

We often worry about the heat damaging our devices, but we pay little to no attention to the impacts of cold weather on our devices. The cold weather is just as dangerous as the warm weather. The cold weather can freeze your laptop and destroy its battery within minutes. In most cases, the screen even gets shattered because of the extreme cold.

Furthermore, there is no determining how much cold laptops can tolerate, it depends on the period. The effects of cold weather are just as same as hot weather on laptops. Other than the cold weather being a factor, laptops can also collapse because of carelessness.

Some people might not believe this, but laptops can freeze. The temperature zones really matter. Even laptop cases don’t help in protecting the screen and the internal components. Don’t ever use your laptop while it is kept inside a laptop case. The heat will have no place to go, and chances are, all your memory will be lost.

According to the LaptopsChamp, some particular devices can handle the extreme conditions of weather, but just to be clear and cautious, it is best that you take no chances with your laptop.

Some high-end technology laptops can withstand all kinds of temperature zones subtly, but some are built from average technology which is not always right to keep in the cold weather. However, if you still have to leave your laptop in the cold weather, it is recommended to use a laptop cover or a bag.

Furthermore, if you are going to use your laptop after you bring it inside from the cold, and then don’t do that right away.

Wait a couple of minutes to let the laptop regain its safe temperature. Other than just the cold weather, you should also not leave your laptop in the hot weather. Basically, always have a laptop bag with you wherever you carry the laptop.

The answer is clear; your laptop will not be able to withstand a wide amount of cold. You should always be cautious and treat your laptop with full care.

How can I protect my laptop from cold weather?

You can protect your laptop from cold weather damage by following the under motioned precautions:

Be Cautious

Whenever you have to travel with your laptop, means when you need to carry it around, you must always put it inside a laptop case. The laptop case should be properly insulated and of high quality.

This way, the cold will be warded off and your laptop will stay as good as new. However, even with the case, it is possible for your laptop to gather moisture and this may lead to damage. That is why; it is best suggested to keep your laptop out of humid areas and damp.

The Storage

It is always recommended to keep your laptop indoors where the temperature is controlled. Never leave your laptop inside your vehicle or in other places where there are chances of temperature damage. You can’t always rely on the carrying case to be of service, sometimes it doesn’t even work.

When it comes to the component of your laptop; it’s the screen. If the laptop is exposed to the cold for too long, it can freeze the screen, and it might even shatter when you boot the system. This is not just dangerous for the screen, but the pixels can also lose their integrity.

Powering and Warming Up

Whenever you are transferring your laptop to a warmer area after it has been in the cold, do not turn it on right away. Wait at least fifteen minutes for the laptop to reach a temperate zone.

Keep in mind; you shouldn’t warm your laptop up by yourself, because that is not appropriate. Using different warming devices will not be helpful; in fact, they will damage your laptop. If you warm up the laptop too quickly, it can shatter your screen and other parts of the laptop.

Avoid risks

To avoid any damage, always shut your laptop entirely by turning off all applications and closing tabs. When you shut the laptop, the hard drive retains rest. On the other hand, if you put your laptop on sleep mode, the hard drive will still be running.

This unnecessary movement can cause the hard drive to malfunction, lose data, or get corrupted. If you leave your laptop in the cold by accident, as mentioned above a thousand times, do not boot it until it gets enough time to acclimate. Closing the lid without turning off the laptop is also dangerous.


Well, there is no amount of cold that your laptop can tolerate. Sure, a laptop is an easy investment, but how can you even have it when you can’t take care of it? Buying a laptop comes with great responsibility.

You should be able to take all the required steps needed to take special care of your laptop and make it long-lasting. Keep all of the tips mentioned above and tricks in mind when it comes to avoiding cold weather and managing the maintenance of your laptop. If you take care of the temperature zones, you can protect your laptop from damage.

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