Can i put my laptop in my checked bag

Can i put my laptop in my checked bag
Can i put my laptop in my checked bag

If it is necessary, you can put the laptop in your checked bag while travelling somewhere. But it is highly recommended not to do that as the luggage is handled roughly while checking procedure and loaded in-plane. In case if you lose luggage you will lose your data or anything wrong happens.

Few countries banned the laptop to keep in the hand-carry so you need to put it in a checked bag; you have because you have no other choice. Whatever the situation is you have to keep your laptop safe while travelling.

Can I put my laptop in my checked bag?

While travelling through airlines you can have certain electronic devices along with your hand carry or the checked bag. Such as cell phones, cameras, PDAs, electronic games, tablets, smartphones, watches, calculators, camcorders and laptop computers. Also included dry cell batteries and lithium metal and lithium-ion batteries for consumer electronics belongs to cameras, laptop, AA, etc.

Laptops, Smartphones and tablets contain lithium metal or ion batteries should be carried in carry-on baggage when possible. In case of restriction, if you have to put it in the checked baggage then make sure to turn off the electronics. It can secure your laptop and other things from accidental activation and packed carefully to protect from damage or loss.

Putting a laptop in a checked bag

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) indeed allows passengers to keep their laptops (as its fragile and expensive item) in a checked bag. But it is recommended to putting it in the carry-on is a better and safe option while travelling through a plane or train.

While loading and unloading the luggage at airports treated carelessly with a rough trip can cause damage to fragile things and other risks too. Such as sometimes it gets lost or rerouted to the wrong destination so a better option is carry-on.

No difficulty to travel with your laptop

Some people have no need to carry it and don’t feel vulnerable to search for travelling the airports they can put the laptop in the checked bag. It’s not all about the expensive item but the data it contains can be a threat and risk factor for you. Because, if in case it goes to the wrong hands what will happen to imagine for the latter. Keep in mind you won’t have access to your luggage while travelling by plane so whether you like it or not you should carry it along.

Since it is banned in some travelling like Hong Kong to keep the laptop in the carry-on baggage as risking the terrorist activity. Because it may be considered that the bomb activation can be possible through an electronic device such as laptops. It can be dangerous to travel with such threats and risk of life.

When it became necessary to put the laptop in the checked bag make sure all your data is synced up with thumb drive or external hard drive. Backing up the data to your phone, or cloud to protect it for the consequences.

Policies regarding checked baggage

Every airline has its policies regarding baggage allowance and it depends on where the flight goes and comes from. When you execute multiple airline tickets you will see they have different rules. You can check online information of the ticket while booking for specific conditions.

With some exceptions, internal flights in the United States checked baggage is not complimentary for most discounted economy tickets on short-haul. You have to pay the additional price to a ticket for luggage. You can also buy a premium cabin with the full economy ticket if you want an afforded complimentary checked bag.

Checked bags are included as standard for long-haul and transoceanic flights. There are some airlines with low-cost carrier charge for checked baggage whereas full service including the cost in the ticket price.

Things to do before putting the laptop in a checked bag

Whether you are allowed or not allowed to keep your laptop in carry-on or the checked baggage you should do certain things before taking your flight:

Back up your data

It is recommended that you should back up your data always and it must be turned on in fact. So, make sure whether you are travelling or not back up your data. Some accidents happen in life without alarming so be prepared. Such as, if the hard drive will fail and you are backed up then you are saved from loss.

Same way if your laptop is in checked baggage and you would have no tension of losing data, documents, photos, etc.

Sensitive information must be deleted

Make sure to delete all sensitive information from the laptop before going on to the journey or long travelling when your laptop is in the checked bag. If you don’t feel like reimaging your whole system, log out of websites including social media, autofill data, and unnecessary information. Some of the password managers automatically delete your passwords from the sites you have saved by opting for them.

Your information should be encrypted

Your laptop must be protected with a password for safety encrypting. It is a better option so no one can get access to your information. You don’t need to encrypt the whole of the drive but files on your computer should be encrypted.

You can use encryption tools as well for this task. You should also make a note of your password in some diary or safe place so if you don’t get logged in to your hard drive or files.

Keep your luggage safe

The luggage should not be accessed by everyone especially when it holds your precious things like laptops inside the checked bag. The bag should be sealed with TSA- approved lock for safety from strangers. The airlines can lose your luggage no wonder or mishandle so locking it good for you.

You probably don’t want to lose your laptop in the checked bag so use a luggage tracker to keep tabs on your bags. Well, the tracker won’t work if the airlines toss the bag in the wrong flight however if lost tracker will make easier to find it. The location-tracking software will help you to find your laptop-luggage.

Prevent damage to your laptop

If you ever had the experience of watching the luggage handlers you must know how they throw bags to each other around a lot on route. So while keeping the laptop in the luggage bag makes sure its safety.

You can put it in a laptop sleeve or case or can wrap it in the clothes to keep it padded. So it won’t damage the laptop even thrown at places or lost.

Passenger-baggage reconciliation

In case, if you couldn’t reach the departure gate before the flight is closed then you should retrieve your luggage before the flight is permitted to take off. This rule applies to the most transportation authorities such as (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and European Union’s Joint Aviation).

Some flights like Singapore passengers are needed to take it out the prohibited items from the bags and retrieved at the check-in counter. If you fail to retrieve the items from the bad it will be flagged and dumped away before boarding.

This doesn’t apply to U.S domestic flights since all the luggage goes through the EDS (explosive detection machine) before loading.

When it makes sure the passenger boarded the right flight in which his checked luggage was loaded called passenger-baggage reconciliation. This procedure accomplished through two commercial systems by security terrorists will not kill them and will not board in the plane if placed bomb, except for suicide bombers.


After going through the above article thoroughly now you better understand that can I put my laptop in my checked bag? You can put your laptop in the checked baggage but with the safety measurement.

You have to put it in the checked bag while travelling through restricted countries. Otherwise, it is recommended to keep the delicate and fragile thing in the carry-on to protect it from damage and loss.


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