What is a clicky keyboard

What Is a Clicky Keyboard
What Is a Clicky Keyboard

A clicky keyboard is a type of mechanical keyboard manufactured with high-quality typical spring-activated key switches. These keys produce the sound of clicking on pressing it. These keyboards are specifically designed for keyboard applications and user preferences. The keyboard has different switches; the main types are a clicky switch and a tactile switch. Mechanical switches are part of mechanical keyboards.

It is one of the oldest keyboards and with a huge market share in the 1980s. A very well-known company IBM uses these types of switches in its Model M. During the 1990s, a rubber dome switch keyboard replaces the clicky keyboards and dominates the market share by up to 90 percent. Keyboards with rubber dome switches are cheap compared to clicky keyboards.

Most people are unaware of clicky keyboards. Clicky keyboards increase their value in every possible way. For example, framing functionality, switches, PCB board, typing comfort, key building, and many other features of superior quality. A linear switch precedes the debate of linear vs clicky switches because linear and tactile switches are not in vogue. The debate is about tactile or linear switches because tactile vs linear is the main concern of gamers.

Rubber dome keyboards are inexpensive but are unable to provide the facilities of traditional keyboards. Therefore, clicky keyboards once again capture the market share by providing a better user experience.

The typical click and solid feel of every push are two main features of clicky keyboards. These features are absent in the dome keyboard switches.

In the past decade, clicky keyboards attract a lot of users with their features, especially gamers and typists. Normally, gaming keyboards are much more stylish and come with clicky switches.

Now we are going to discuss why people like to use clicky keyboards and how it pushes back the dominance of rubber-dome keyboards.

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Clicky keyboards have more accuracy with speed

A lot of clicky keyboards have better user interference with more accuracy and speed, which is not possible with rubber dome keyboards. Because clicky switches require almost half-press to work this is an indication of speed. The sound of a click insures the accuracy of work.

Most importantly, clicky keyboards facilitate the easy movement and actuation force to push a key. This is not possible with those rubber dome keyboards as they require more force and caution to work. In case of little negligence results in a slip of the finger and mistyping.

Reliability is one of the most important things to consider in keyboards. Especially for gamers who need accuracy for every stroke.

Selection of a clicky keyboard

The selection of a clicky keyboard depends on your noise tolerance level. If you are fond of noise-sensitive, you have to go for tactile or linear keyboards that generate less noise. Tactile switches also provide smooth working like clicky keyboards but with less noise generation. But linear keyboards are unable to provide smooth and reliable working.

Some people enjoy the clicky noise factor while some still want to work with linear switches. Because they don’t want to show others that they are typing. The noise level depends on the type of key switches used in keyboards as well as your typing technique. Linear vs tactile has a spring force that doesn’t produce a clicking sound as compared to a mechanical switch.

Normally, clicky keyboards use key switches that produce more noise as compared with other types of keyboards available on the market.

What are clicky keyboard pros and cons?

If you are unaware of the advantages of clicky keyboards, then have a look at the following points.

Long life span

Clicky keyboards have a long life compared with other types of keyboards available in the market. Most clicky switch keyboards provide key presses of up to 70 million. While rubber keyboards provide only five million key presses. That is considered below the bottom line of the keyboard’s life.


Clicky switches keyboards come with more tweaking possibilities as compared with dome keyboards. There are different switches available that offer different characteristics. Some have a detectable actuation point while some come with noisy feedback.

There is also a type of switch that is specifically adjusted for gaming (black and red) and typing (blue). General-purpose switches are also available that fall in the medium range (brown).


Clicky switches are more durable and can resist wear and tear quickly. Even if you are used to clicky keyboards for a long time, you can always feel that you use them for the first time. The fitting of clicky switches is made in such a way that they are unable to come out easily.


Normally, Clicky switches are a little heavier as compared with other types of switches available on the market. Some people argue that it is best for switches because this feature provides better stability and is unable to shift that easily.

Easy to remove and clean

Keycaps of switches are easy to remove and refit, and it is more feasible to carry out multiple tasks. For example: for modification, replacement, and cleaning purposes.

Keyboard outline

Different types of keyboards come in different sizes, also known as the layout of keyboards. Clicky keyboards come almost in every size, and even some sizes are exclusively found in clicky keyboards. But keep in mind that the key sizes remain the same in all sizes of keyboards.

Changes in sizes are due to the elimination and adding extra keys, like, function keys on the top of the keyboard. Sizes are mentioned in the percentage of standard size, i.e. sixty percent of standard size.

Most people like to use the full-size (standard size) keyboard for typing because they add comfort to using it.

Standard-size keyboards are facilitated with all function keys, like, on the top and a number pad at the right side, arrow keys, and all other navigation keys.

Different types of keyboard switches

During comparing different types of keyboards, you may notice that there is something more than just the brand and model of the keyboard. For example, the type of switches used in keyboards; let’s try to elaborate on different types of keyboard types.

You may be familiar with the terms like black, blue, and brown. These colors indicate the type of keyboard switches used in it.

Cherry MX Blue Keyboard

The blue color is the indication of clicky switches used in the keyboard and generates noise when pressed. This is the noisy type among the three colors but with a high level of satisfaction to the user. This type of keyboard is perfect for a passionate typist.

Here are the different models of keyboards that use Cherry MX blue switches: Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate, Das Keyboard Model S Professional, iOne Xarmor U9 Plus, iOne Scorpius M10, iOne Xarmor U9BL, Adesso MKB-135B Pro, Adesso MKB-125B, Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, and Razer BlackWidow It ensures smooth movements with clicky sounds as compared to other switches. A key press on a linear keyboard doesn’t make loud noises or clicking sounds. The switch of colors, however, is another debate.

Advantageously, the legends be in white font to contrast with the dark keycaps in the absence of backlighting. I wasn’t expecting PBT plastic for the keycaps at this pricing point, but I’m glad they are!

PBT keycaps are more expensive to produce than ABS keycaps, but they are more resistant to oils and filth.

Another inexpensive option that makes typing comfortable and joyful is this keyboard. There is no shaking or rattling while typing thanks to the stabilizers.

I have a model with Cherry MX Blues, and I’ve had a great time with it. If you like hearing the clicks of typing, the noises are clear and just what you’re searching for.

Blue switches are not the best for gaming, despite their widespread use. You may be discouraged from hitting several keys quickly, which gives you less control while playing because of the heavy tactile bump on each keystroke. The loud clicks can be annoying when you’re talking to your teammates. The Cherry MX Blues are perfect for typing. I like them even though they are fairly noisy and don’t have the exact click of Kailh Box switches. This mechanical keyboard switch is what you want if you want a basic keyboard switch for typing.

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Cherry MX Blue Keyboard

Cherry MX Brown Keyboard

This type of keyboard uses switches almost similar to cherry MX blue, but it does not produce noise when pressing. If you like to use clicky keyboards without noise generation and with soft feelings, MX brown is the best choice.

Different models of keyboards that use Cherry MX brown are: Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate Silent, Das Keyboard Model S Professional Silent, iOne Xarmor U9BL-S

Each Cherry MX switch type comes with a distinct color to show its characteristics. Today we review the top 10 best cherry MX brown keyboards in 2018 to help make your research a breeze. Cherry MX brown keyboard is ideal for gaming and typing plus most users recommend it, stating it’s the best “middle-ground” switch. The Cherry MX brown keyboard is versatile meaning it features silent travel, tactile bump feeling with no audible click, and medium actuation force feel. Compared to Cherry MX Blue, the hysteresis of Cherry MX Brown is less pronounced since the tactile bump is created in the interruption by a bump. Each type of Cherry MX switch has a unique color to display its qualities. To make your research easier, we’ll go through the top 10 cherry MX brown keyboards of 2018. The Cherry MX brown keyboard is excellent for typing and gaming, and the majority of users say it’s the greatest “middle-ground” switch. The versatile Cherry MX brown keyboard has quiet travel, a tactile bump feeling without an audible click, and a feeling of medium actuation force. Since the tactile bump is produced in the interruption by a bump, Cherry MX Brown has less hysteresis than Cherry MX Blue.

Cherry MX Black Keyboard

Cherry MX Black keyboard comes with linear switches which reveals that it does not produce

or feel noise while using it. These types of switches are feasible for gaming sessions. It provides double-tapping keys to function more effectively.

Therefore, if you want to choose a keyboard for your gaming sessions, then you must have to go for it. Keyboard models that come with Cherry MX Black features are Steel Series 7G and Steel Series 6GV2. The linear mechanical keyboard switches known as Cherry MX Black have a somewhat firm and linear feel. Despite having a high spring resistance and no audible click, Cherry MX Black switches nonetheless make noise when bottoming out. For office workers who use voice communication systems, the absence of an audible click is a plus. It could be advisable to test them out if you’re having trouble deciding which switch is ideal for you. Invest in a switch tester to evaluate and contrast various keyboard switches. To sample and evaluate various switches and O-rings, tiny devices called switch testers are used. Switch testers are available in various online stores, including Amazon.

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Cherry MX Black Keyboard

Cherry MX Red Keyboard

Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Black are almost similar except that less force is required by red to press the key. The main purpose of this type is to achieve the target to press the key with little force. This type is free from noise and tactile feelings. Cherry MX Red is difficult to find, but still, some keyboard models are using this type.

A full-size keyboard designed with gamers and office workers in mind is called the Cherry MX Board 3.0 S. It satisfies the requirements for high-intensity shooters and even manages to outperform many similarly priced gaming keyboards with its wrap-around metal shell, along with per-key RGB, N-key rollover, key remapping, and macro programming. Cherry MX reds are one of the three main switch types. There are green switches as well with medium resistance and auditory feedback. For fast-paced gaming and competitive gaming, personal preferences are consistent keystrokes to play games. Audible clicks annoy silent typists because it provides heavy resistance and a bad typing experience. Good feedback about cherry MX browns is tactile feedback.

It’s another thing entirely to type on the keyboard. The Silent Red switches do produce a minimal amount of ping and reverberation throughout the casing, but they also feel squishy under the fingers. The MX Board 3.0 S serves its purpose, but there are better options among the top gaming keyboards for the $99 price of entry.

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Cherry MX Red Keyboard


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