Can I leave my laptop in the car in cold weather? 8 Best Tips

Can i leave my laptop in the car in cold weather
Can i leave my laptop in the car in cold weather

It is natural for people to carry their laptops wherever they go. But, it is never easy to lug the laptop around for too long. To avoid getting tired of constantly carrying the laptop, some people just tend to leave them in their cars. When the step of “leaving a laptop in the car” comes up, it is important to wonder can I leave my laptop in the car in cold weather.

It is not good to leave electronic devices underneath extreme temperatures, which is why you need to know whether it is safe or not.

Here I have mentioned the average and overheating temperatures of different electronic gadgets.

Electronic Device Normal Temperature Over Heating Temperature
Laptop (expect MacBook) 50 to 95 degrees F 96+ degrees F
Apple MacBook 105 to 120 degrees F 121+ degrees F
Apple iMac 130 to 140 degrees F 141+  degrees F

Can I leave my laptop in the car in cold weather?

We must always be careful with devices, especially laptops. If you choose to leave your laptop under extreme temperatures, there is a big chance that the screen, battery, and other important parts might get damaged.

You shouldn’t take any chances with laptops because they are highly critical devices built with the mechanism. Even handling a laptop carelessly can lead to certain damages.

Generally speaking, you should always avoid keeping all of your devices under extreme temperatures.

What kind of cold should be avoided for a laptop?

If you ask me, cold is worse than hot. Cold has certain ways to damage important things. However, when technology becomes warm, then that is a bad sign but, when technology is cold, that is a good sign.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that the weather can still be harmful. If you leave your laptop in the car in cold weather, the battery will start to burn, and the screen will have many problems during usage.

It is even possible that your laptop will completely stop working. Moreover, if you bring your laptop back from a cold environment to a warm environment, condensations may build up in the device and this can lead to very terrible damage.

You can learn more about how to protect your laptop from humidity by going to our next article.

According to LaptopsChamp experts, some particular devices can handle the extreme conditions of weather. But just to be clear and cautious, it is best that you take no chances with your laptop.

Some high-end technology laptops can withstand all kinds of temperature zones subtly. But some are built from average technology which is not always right to keep in the cold weather.

However, if you still have to leave your laptop in the car in cold weather, it is recommended to use a leather laptop bag or a sleeve.

On the other hand, if you do end up accidentally leaving your laptop in the cold weather for a long time, don’t use the laptop right away. Give some time to the device so that it can get warmed up to be used the right way.

This is a very helpful trick because it will stop the laptop from condensate. Other than just the cold weather, you should also not leave your laptop in the hot weather. Basically, always have a laptop bag with you wherever you carry the laptop.

How to keep the laptop warm in winter?

Taking care of a laptop in the cold weather might sound unusual, but it is an important thing. Following are some tips to keep the laptop warm in cold weather for handling.

Purchase a ruggedized laptop

If you are going to use your laptop outside in the cold weather for a long time, it is best to purchase a ruggedized laptop. The purpose of ruggedized laptops is to create an all-acceptable work environment under all kinds of weather conditions.

With a ruggedized laptop, you can even leave your laptop in the car in cold weather for a long time with no worries.

Keep your laptop in a safe place

In extreme cases, it is never acceptable to leave your laptop alone for a long time, even with a well-insulated bag. The laptop can freeze, and you can lose all of your important data and applications on it.

Warm-up your laptop

After bringing your laptop back from the cold, give it some time to warm up to the correct temperature before you start it. This condition is also applicable to when you go outdoors. Let the laptop absorb the outside temperature before you boot the system.

Do not use inappropriate warming techniques

It is highly recommended not to use a mug or pocket warmers to regain the right temperature of your laptop. These devices are not made for warming up laptops, so it is better to avoid them.

If you will use inappropriate methods to warm up your laptop, it can go through serious problems. For example, heating devices can heat up false parts of your laptop or melt important components.

What will you do then? So, just use the natural way by letting it sit there for a couple of minutes.

Use a Laptop Warmer

The main purpose of laptop warmers is to keep the laptop at the best working temperature. Do a little research online and find a compatible laptop warmer for your laptop.

Avoid Heat Buildup

It doesn’t matter how cold the weather is outside. Never use your laptop while it is inside the laptop case. If you do that, there would be no room left for the heat to circulate in, so this can lead to massive heat buildup. We all know what will happen next – your laptop will be damaged.

I have published a detailed article “How to protect your laptop from physical damage”. You can get help by going through this page if your laptop has been damaged.

Protect the laptop screen

Heating pads or other heating devices are never the solutions for warming up the display screen of a laptop. Give the display some time, and it will warm up by itself. However, if you suspect that your laptop screen is frozen, then do not boot the system.

Stay away from the cold

The best and most possible way to take care of your laptop is to never leave it in the cold. Also, stay away from direct exposure. Stay in an average temperature environment. By doing this, you will not just be protecting your laptop from the cold, but also from serious dampness.


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