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How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Charging?

How many watts does a laptop use when charging?

60 to 90 Watts Per Hours

With the evolution of technology, we have become dependent on it. Technology has entered into our daily lives so silently that we cannot imagine living without it. There are several tech devices present in this modern era. But the laptop is one of those necessities without which we feel incomplete.

The laptop is like an essential part of any student or office life. But our struggle to cope with the latest technologies remains the same. Having a good laptop is not a problem anymore as different prices with different varieties are available. But how to use them properly is still a big question.

How many watts does a laptop use when charging?

This might seem a simple question, but in reality, so many different factors lie in it. Usually, it is said that any laptop uses 60-90 watts per hours (WH) as per its charger. But there are other factors as well which affect the charging.

Different factors affecting the laptop charging

If you are looking for a simple and straight answer, then it would be difficult to say as there are different factors which can help you in determining the watts consumption.

The factors which play an essential part regarding the watts consumption when the laptops are being charges are as under;

  • Adapter
  • CPU
  • Dual graphics-card
  • Other parts of Laptop in use

Laptop Adapter

The simple basic answer to this question is that any laptop watt consumption when being charged can be determined by the charger it has. Different inch screens laptops have their adapters, and they charge according to that.

Like any 15-inch laptop uses a 65-watt charger while a 17-inch laptop uses 90 Watts.

Usually, these two types of adapters are available these days, and any laptop gets charged according to the adapter which consumes the watts.

So, if the supply of the electricity is no interrupted or the adapter is working properly, then it is safe to assume that your laptop can consume 60-90 WH.

Central Processing Unit

CPU is the heart of the working machine of any computer or laptop. CPU is responsible for running the operating system and any application that you use.

There are so many programs available to enhance the performance of any CPU regardless of the Windows version. But when we get the fast CPU, the battery life gets less. That is because CPU uses so much of the energy to perform up to the level that the battery gets exhausted.

Since the adapter is providing the energy in the form of watts, the battery takes them and further provides this energy to the laptop to work properly. The extra load on the CPU means the extra burden on the battery.

But the watt consumption remains the same which makes the life span of any battery of any laptop lesser day by day.

Also, not to mention that load the adapter has on it. But that is why it is called an adapter. It helps in overcoming such situations of watts usage.

Dual graphics card

Somethings which is not used by everyone but whoever uses it knows very well that how battery gets drained because of heavy software and heavy usage of them.

These graphics cards are that heavy software supporter which not only enhances the screen resolutions and clarity. They also help in running and working with certain software.   

The consumption of watts during charging gets affected by the presence of a graphics card because it pushes the battery to get more energy and adapter has to work more.

Such a situation creates a tension between the battery and the adapter and that is why we get the overheating of the adapter and the battery which eventually results in the short life span of any laptop as well.

Other parts of the laptop

Other parts which include the screen, loud music, excessive usage of internet and downloading and other things like this. These all put super pressure on the battery and laptop and of course on the charger.

They affect the charging as the laptop is usually in use when it is being charged, and this is very bad for the health of the laptop.

When we wish to know the exact number of watts being consumed by the laptop while charging. We should close the laptop and then try to find it because, at that moment, there is no pressure or load on the laptop other than the charging itself.

There are many instruments which can easily measure such things like watt per Hour for a laptop. All you have to do is to attach that plug-in energy and power monitor to the device and note the reading.


Simply to answer the question of how many watts does a laptop use when charging is very straight. The number of watts its adapter supports but this amount can increase as the watt requirement increases.

I must say no matter how much watt’s laptop is taking. you should try to minimize the load on the battery and let it get a charge.

If you follow this pattern, this will give your laptop a long life, and you will be able to have a long-lasting battery with you.

If you have any query related to this topic or something else, just post your reply below. It will be our great pleasure to assist you.

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