Ultimate Guide:12 Things You Should Not Do With Your Laptop

Things You Should Not Do With Your Laptop
Things You Should Not Do With Your Laptop

Complete List: 12 things you should not do with your laptop

Laptops are the most durable machines, it can tell by a person who drops off their laptop accidentally on the floor. They are usually thrown off when carted around on airplanes. But in a bag pack obviously and travel for days and hours indoors or outdoors. But there are things you should not do with your laptop in any case, they can damage them.

Always open your laptop lid from the center instead of from the corners. Because after ten, a hundred, three hundred openings can lose hinges and the lid starts to break. You can face hinges crack even so the decent movement shifts the weight body of the matrix. Here I have mentioned 12 things that you should never do with a laptop.

1. Do not let it get Dirty

Every laptop has a cooling fan installed in it, so you should keep your laptop clean to protect vents from dust because it makes it hard for a fan to work properly. Dirt and dust can cause severe heat up to the system and its sensitive components. You may need compressed air which will blast dust away from the internal components of your laptop.

2. Do not turn it on immediately

Always remember not to turn on the laptop immediately after getting it from the hot to the cool room. You must give it time to adjust its temperature for a while then you can turn it on. Otherwise, you will have to face a situation, like the cold laptop will condense moisture contained in the hot air circumstances.

Did you ever notice the glass while pouring cold water into it? Just like the way it happens inside the laptop. The water can make a short circuit in electronic devices or result in system failure. So it’s better to wait for a few minutes.

3. Avoid spillage

You should avoid water splashes while using a laptop near beaches or in rainy weather, and also avoid the spill of a coffee cup. Sometimes people do not care about these things and wipe their keyboards and fix the problem. But you must remember that there is a motherboard under the keyboard.

The moisture gradually penetrates inside and corrodes wires in 2, to 3 months, and your laptop passed away to another level of wholeness. It is recommended to shut it off for instance when facing any spillage and save it from damage by removing the battery and taking it to the service center. They will carefully clean your laptop and make it work again.

4. Forget to plug it into a surge protector

Connecting your pc directly to the socket wall can cause your system damage sometimes. The components can be harmed by lightning strikes, power glitches, voltage spikes, and outages which contribute to the failure of your hard drive. Always plug your power cable into a surge protector rather than directly into the wall.

5. Force anything closed

By putting force on the PC hardware components can cost you to repair like the CD tray on your desktop or the USB cover on your laptop when it jammed. If you face something that is stuck try to close it gently instead of forcefully close. If it won’t then take it to some laptop vendor to fix it.

6. Do not connect the power supply first

Most people do not know how this little thing can make crash your laptop and doing this for years. They think they are doing good to plug the charger first in the supply and then connect to the laptop; yes it won’t do anything 1000 times but later.

When it exceeds 1001 this act will cause your motherboard to burn. Therefore always follow the sequence of putting the charger first to the laptop and then connect to the supply.

7. Do Not Carry it uncovered

Do not take your laptop uncovered when you are hanging out to keep your laptop safe from bumps, chips, cracks, and dings put it in a bag or sleeve. The cushions of the bag will save your laptop from accidental drops or water and other scratches.

8. Original charger

While knowing the things you should not do with your laptop; you should not connect your laptop with a non-factory charger. In any condition, even if you have the same voltage or current that matches the original one, there is a probabilbattery failure is probable.

9. Do not overcharge your laptop

Do not use your laptop when it is fully discharged and on the power supply. It may not cause any problem for that time but regular repeating of this act can cause damage quickly.

10. Don’t Leave it Open

We usually let our laptops open and walk away. Think! if someone accidentally spilled some liquid on your laptop what would happen?

Always close your laptop when not in use, it can save your keyboard while there is a complex series of electrical circuits and tiny components under each key of the keyboard.

11. Don’t Install unknown programs

Always be careful while installing something fancy on your laptop. You should be choosy about the trusted sites which could harm your system. There are many programs with malicious software running online, so protect your laptop from unusual downloading or unknown programs.

12. Forget about app updates

Always keep your laptop up to date and put it on auto-updates on your system to low down the risks of security loopholes and make it easy to enjoy a streamlined functional system on a regular base.


In the end, it is recommended by experts to keep in mind these things you should not do with your laptop to protect them from damage. Dealing with the internal preferences of the laptop there are a few issues that are most difficult to fix and also would be expensive.

The better thing is to take it from where you buy it if your laptop is still under warranty. The fact is to be careful while operating your laptop or a minor problem can cause a chain reaction to your system and damage it.

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