How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen?

Do you want to know how much does it cost to fix a laptop screen? Here you will get to see the estimated cost and repairing tips in details.

Damaging a laptop can cost you everything then the price doesn’t matter. If you accidentally drop your laptop and broke its screen then it is definitely your bad day. Replacing a laptop screen can cost you around $200- $600 including parts and labor that depends on your brand.

If a laptop is your business then repairing cost to fix a laptop screen matters nothing to get back what you lost.  

If you have experience of repairing a laptop screen then fix it by yourself instead of paying money to the vendor. I have also a little experience of laptop repairing and I have laptop repairing kit that I bought from Amazon.

This laptop repairing kit has all the essential tools that are required for screen repairing. When I was ordered this kit the price was almost 24$ but now it is available on Discount.

Keep in mind that repairing a laptop screen is trickier than the desktop computer. Unless your laptop has a warranty so you must go to the manufacturer to claim warranty. However, you have to wait for weeks while shipment comes and back, with a formatted hard drive for no reason, or overcharged for low quality work.

Generally, it is recommended that take your laptop to some local repairing shop. On a repair shop, you can see by yourself how easy the task is, and can be affordable and reasonable in price.

You have also an option to ask your friends or can find an online vendor. Repairing of laptop cracked screen can be costly, but if you research your problem it can be fixed in a short time and low price.

How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen?

The laptops which are under warranty can cost you nothing besides from delivering a damaged laptop to the repair center. It is recommended to claim warranty instead of repairing it by self or from a repairing shop.

In the other situation, if your laptop has no longer warranty then it will be pricey for you. You may have to pay two-third of the original cost of the laptop altogether.

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There are many vendors available online who repairs laptop screen, you must fix an amount to spend on it. Each brand has own rates of repairing and replacement of laptop screen; like Toshiba charges $390 for screen replacing.

Mostly repairing shops are capable of fixing a laptop screen but sometimes they do not have the required tools for some specific laptops.

There are different prices of parts and labor that depends on the vendor. You must expect to pay a minimum $150-$300 for laptop screen but may exceed while repairing MacBook.

Repairing a Laptop Screen Includes

Repairing a laptop screen should be included the correct placement, no signs of scratches, cracks or display problems. Always check carefully before paying the charges and leaving the shop.

Additional Cost to Fix a Laptop Screen

The users who know how to repair a laptop screen can go online to check the additional guidance to repair a laptop. There are different authorized dealers are selling laptop accessories. One of the best online selling platforms in the world is Amazon. Laptop screen and other replacement parts vary but you can get it with tools in less than $100 from Amazon.


You can get the advantage of saving labor cost to repair it by yourself. You just need to buy a new laptop screen according to the model.

3 important tips for laptop screen repair

Here are some tips for online buying a replacement LCD screen of the laptop:

Check the cost of repairing online

You must check the price online by visiting the different website for the estimated cost of your broken laptop screen. By browsing different websites you can know how much is the repairing price of a laptop screen.

Let’s get to know how to find out for the required screen on ScreenTek. Just enter the laptop model in the product searching field, and now compare the price your technician offered to you for repair.

Generally, it would cost you around 40-200$ on the sites whereas the technician would charge $100-$500. Now the decision is up to you, whether you want to take it to the technician or repair it at home which will cost you less.

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Find a certified expert technician

It is suggested to find a certified and qualified technician who knows the brand of your laptop or working with similar ones. You need to order the accurate and specific parts of your laptop otherwise wrong order can cost you more.

You can choose an authorized laptop screen repair shop sanctioned by your brand or model. So, it would be easy for the technician to work easily and fast like an expert of HP laptops can handle the HP specifically.

If you think it’s not your job to fix the screen and you are afraid of losing other internal components of the system then you should hire someone with a lot of experience.

The expert will get to know easily and where the parts would be fixed. So decide it first if you are taking your laptop to some professional technician instead of doing it yourself.

This is not difficult to find out the replacement screen of the broken laptop. But it is necessary to know the compatibility of the components with your motherboard.

Check online reviews

If you want to save your money for repairing the laptop screen, it’s recommended to do some research online. There you may check the shops in your area and their prices of repairing. It will also help you review the services if they are providing quality service or not. You can also find out if the technicians are charging you unnecessarily.

When you are looking for fixing laptop screens in your area then you must visit YellowPages. It will help to buy a new screen. You have to pay the cost for the parts before the repairing cost.

So, always get the quote first before choosing the shop for repairing. They won’t tell you the exact price but can tell you the range so you can make your decision.


A laptop is an essential gadget nowadays for business, education, and industries. If your laptop is in perfect condition and working well then you can easily be done your job without any trouble. In case of an accident if your laptop screen is damaged then you can’t access your all the personal and official data.

So, it is necessary to repair your laptop screen to prevent your data to lose. If a laptop has your important data then it matters nothing how much it cost to fix the screen to get back what you lost.

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