Best Of The Best: 12 Impressive Cool Things To Do With A Laptop

cool things to do with a laptop
cool things to do with a laptop

Are you looking for Cool things to do with a laptop? All are explained in this article that will help you to make your life easy without any physical hard work. Every day you use the laptop for a different purpose, making yourself self-entertain, watching movies on YouTube, or suffering social media feed to pass the time.

In this modern day and age where technology is growing faster as light, we all know that the laptop is required for academics and business as well. The students are using laptops to complete their assignments, thesis, and research on the web. But keep remembering!

There are many cool things to do with a laptop, from making customized videos, making music remix, and discussing with your adored deejays with fellows and family worldwide.

Every day you use the laptop for a different purpose, making yourself self-entertain, watching movies on YouTube, or suffering social media feed to pass the time. But! Instead of all these, Why not dedicate one or two hours to improving your life?

Cool things to do with a laptop

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The role that laptops play in our daily lives is crucial. Humans regularly analyze and question science in daily life. Similar to desktop computer operating systems, laptops are ubiquitous in our daily lives. The raw data are converted into valuable and important knowledge in all of these situations, including corporations, banks, institutions of higher learning, and residences.

It is used by everyone from engineers to doctors, students to teachers, and businesspeople to government agencies to carry out certain duties for amusement, internet income, and office labor.

A self-employed entrepreneur can gain access to free tax calculators online, while at the same time, an outpatient can access electronic medical records to see the results of their surgical procedure. Laptops are a blessing for people if they are used for good causes.

After this question, you will think “How” how you can make your life improve by dedicating some hours to doing something special. So, here are some productive things to do with a laptop. Try these cool things to do in your spare time to improve your life.

1. Earn Money Online

Cool things to do with a windows machine laptop are explained in this article which will help you to make your life easy without any physical hard work.

If you have a laptop and spend a decent amount of time just on entertainment, by watching movies, listening to music, or playing games, why not take your time to earn some extra money online? Affiliate Programme Amazon can help you with this purpose.

2. Keep Your Files Organized

It’s required to keep your files organized on your laptop to save time when working on these files. Professional users love having their files organized on their laptops or desktop computers. If you are working as a freelancer and have more than 10 clients, you must arrange for their files to be split.

For example, I have organized my files into separate folders. My pictures built-in feature
is separate for all of my websites from the images of my client’s sites. I have managed articles in split folders for each client, and artists sort music.

You can also do the same to save time by using Google Drive or Dropbox, which most people are doing. When you start the file organization, delete unnecessary files to free up space.

You can know how a laptop can help you to make your life unforgettable. Here are the different most important laptops uses.

3. Online Certification

The certification is a more productive thing than studying which will potentially increase your salary. If you want to advance in your existing field or go into a new field, you must search on the web for free courses. Several online platforms will prepare you to take online exams for certifications.

What could be more fruitful than studying for something that might boost your income? Try looking for free courses that will get you ready for certification examinations whether you wish to enter a new sector or advance in your existing one.

Even if you’re a freelancer trying to outcompete rivals, you can still accomplish this. Google, for instance, provides a free analytics course that aids in exam preparation for the Analytics Individual Qualification. Depending on the services you provide, knowing how to measure the success of an advertisement or social media campaign can be quite important.

4. Discover a New Talent

You could even decide to pick up new talent that doesn’t necessarily lead to certification but will still increase your income.

One of the greatest places to start is, which offers an absurd number of courses on topics like web programming, photography, and video creation.

Here’s a piece of advice: Check if your library provides a free Lynda subscription. If not, you can still learn vital skills for free on websites like Code Academy, and there is also a tonne of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) that can provide you with a top-notch education without the high cost.

You’ll probably find anything on YouTube or a website that teaches the ideas for free if you’ve been intending to learn something new for the challenge or because it interests you.

5. Studying a Foreign Language

Want to expand your resume or go on vacation? Then perhaps it would be a good idea to learn a new language.

You can utilize some of the paid wireless devices applications available, but why take the chance if you’re not sure you can stick with it?

Attempt Duolingo instead. It offers a huge variety of languages to learn, is totally free, and also has an app so you can study on your phone. Similar services like Babbel only offer the first course in each language for free, so try them all before purchasing a subscription.

6. Enter contests

DC used to enter giveaways as a side gig, and if you stick with it, it might be pretty rewarding. Even a vacation to Hawaii was his prize!

On your laptop system preferences, you can enter a tonne of free contests when you have free time. Why not try if you have nothing else on your plate? Your chances of winning go up as you enter more contests.

Just a heads-up, you might need many social media accounts to enter these freebies since some only demand a like, follow, or tweet. Create a few of these accounts specifically for giveaway entries before embarking on an entry binge.

7. Check Your Spending

We all spent money but did not think about money management. Spending time on the control of money is the time that you well spent. You must have to spend some time check-in your budget once a week on the laptop to make sure you are going on track for the month.

However, There are different premium software for laptops for money management to help you stay on top of your transactions every month. You can use the spreadsheet by Microsoft to manage your monthly budget.

8. Watch instructional movies

If you don’t like podcasts, you might enjoy Ted Talks. They often have a shorter word count and are singularly focused.

Experts discuss intriguing discoveries they’ve made and describe how their conclusions might be used in practical situations. Others provide topics you may have studied in school with a totally different viewpoint that may cause you to reconsider them. There may probably be a few life-saving tips here as well.

It’s possible that you don’t enjoy listening to speakers on stage or that you prefer reading educational content from more conventional sources. Visit the informational YouTube channels below, which also feature animations to maintain your interest: SciShow, MinutePhysics, CrashCourse, and AsapSCIENCE.

Give Mental Floss and Because Science (which cover many “nerdy” topics) a look if you enjoy learning “useless knowledge.”

Last but not least, How to Adult is packed with knowledge that, well, I’m sure we could all use as young adults.

9. Open a Book

I am aware of that. When a tablet or phone would do the trick, why read a book on your laptop?

Everyone has their own preferred method of reading, and some individuals find it intolerable to hold a real book in their hands or to read on a tiny screen. A laptop offers a neutral foundation. Look for ebooks at your local library or download a free copy of a classic.

Additionally, you are not required to read a book. Maybe there’s a brief ebook you received as a gift when you subscribed to a newsletter and have been meaning to read. If you’re learning something, don’t PDFs longer than 20 pages count?

10. Watch tutorials

Are you a terrible cook? Ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar, sew, or draw? Perhaps you’d like to start knitting or cosplaying? Do you have a DIY project in mind but are unsure where to begin?

There are many tutorials available on each menu bar, and the majority of them are both amusing and educational. Try to locate a beginner’s series online that can walk you through a certain process step-by-step.

11. Keep a journal

Although I prefer keeping a notebook on paper, there are some really fantastic online journals as well.

No, I’m not referring to LiveJournal (if anyone remembers those); instead, I’m referring to Penzu, a program that lets you password-protect and personalizes the appearance of your diary.

If you like, you can keep more than one diary, which is ideal if you want to keep tabs on your financial or health goals.

12. Create a side business

The most obvious one is to launch a laptop-based side business during your free time.

If you’re interested in becoming location independent, you may indeed manage a small business from your laptop. Or you might use the abilities you currently have and charge people for the service to make a few hundred dollars more per month. Or you could create a blog and make money off of it afterward!

More than saving money, increasing your income can help you reach your financial goals. Additionally, you’ll gain skills that you can apply at work or utilize to start a full-time business.

Uses of Laptop in Our Daily Life

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If you are looking for more things to do with a laptop, you must have to read our other articles about the different uses of laptops.

In this modern life, every single individual is known by the words laptop and phone app. We are able to locate laptops everywhere around us. In reality, the world might be incomplete without laptops and their programs.

It’s nearly not possible even to imagine modern-day facilities without used laptops. Laptops can be specified as one of the most creative innovations of people. In the coming days, laptops are even going to be a much great device because technology is getting more advanced every day.

1. Laptop usage in homes

There are several uses for laptops in households.

People use them to view movies online on entertainment platforms like Netflix, play video games, manage their family budgets, and access their social networks, and bank platforms. They also use them to store and edit audio-visual content.

The use of mac users’ laptops makes it quick and simple to store documents at so-called multiple desktops, data, and multimedia content, upload and download data from the internet, and search for various sorts of content using various input devices.

The ability to manage many home duties, such as payment control, reminders, and spending tracking, is made easier by the software and applications that consumers buy and download.

People who use this kind of software can more effectively manage their cash. Graphics created by a variety of software programs let homeowners see what they are spending their money on.

Thanks to windows laptops and the internet, a lot of individuals now work from home remotely; this is known as the “remote worker” or “freelancer” generation. Others receive training by taking classes online.

2. Laptop Use in Businesses

Most businesses keep their own business laptop with all of their operational and financial data.

Today’s level of international business activities would be unthinkable without the internet and computer technologies.

Laptops make it simple to store and preserve data and make finding files and important information easier.

Spreadsheets, screen savers, accounting and administrative systems, transaction processing, notification icon, and traceability systems are just a few of the tools and job applications that make administrative work easier and more productive.

3. Laptop Uses by Students and in the Classroom

Since they are still in school, students’ demands for laptops are always evolving and growing. For research, writing, reporting, and other tasks, students rely heavily on computers.

Thanks to the laptop and the Internet, we have had virtual or distant education for decades, and millions of people worldwide have obtained degrees and technical skills in this way.

Without the laptop we use today, it would be impossible to create educational tools like YouTube, Google Classroom, Google Books, Wikipedia, educational blogs, electronic books, electronic newsletters, infographics, and more. Throughout the entirety of their school cycle, students use laptops and multiple devices.

4. Laptop Use and Health

Computers and laptops provide a wide range of disease detection capabilities in medicine. Ailments are found and diagnosed using tomography, MRIs, and ultrasound equipment for further therapy.

Databases are also used by hospitals and physicians to store patient information, process test results, and track the progress of therapies.

5. Banks with laptops

Millions of consumer transactions are recorded, expedited, and specified by banks using laptops and computers, whether within their own organizations or globally.

In order to decentralize the number of operations inside their agencies and provide 24/7 convenience and accessibility, banks deploy software and hardware solutions. ATMs, online banking, web development, and mobile phone banking are a few examples of these resources.

Banks are able to support millions of daily interbank transactions quickly and accurately because of their centralized computers and servers.

6. Laptop usage in government organizations

Information and communication technology are used by the government to promptly address the needs of thousands of residents.

Using laptops and online technologies, thousands of public procedures can be completed quickly and accurately.

Other productive things to do on the computer

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Aside from those activities mentioned above, you can finally engage in matters online that you must do or that you have always postponed due to many reasons. Some of the activities you can do on your laptop or computer when boredom strikes you could be:

  • Searching for the best city to relocate to if you’re planning to move soon.
  • Searching for a school if you’re new in the area where you are right now.
  • Searching for apartments or houses if you’re in the phase of moving or wanting a new environment to live in.
  • Searching for a job if you want to discover more job opportunities and challenges.
  • Finding the best deals online so you could save money.
  • Finding ways to invest your money and save more money every month.


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The laptop plays a vital role in our everyday life and is of great help. It stores a considerable amount of data, is easy to use and handle, and performs many functions that have made students’ and professionals’ lives easy. However, it is not feasible for everyone to buy a new computer or laptop.

Moreover, If you have any queries related to this topic or something else, just post your reply below. It will be our great pleasure to assist you.

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