How to Clean Your Laptop Screen with Household Products

How to Clean Your Laptop Screen with Household Products
How to Clean Your Laptop Screen with Household Products

How to Clean Your Laptop Screen with Household Products? Doesn’t this question unravel within the attention of all laptop holders? Regular usage and rough handling are what generally makes the laptop screen all murky and dirty. Generally, smudges are caused due to touching the screen with dirty fingers. Then, the problem of cleaning it arises.

However, improper cleaning of screen and smudge spreads makes the screen much dirtier than what it is earlier. Surely, cleaning the laptop screen is a cumbersome process. Finding the right material to clean your laptop screen is very important.

Let us find out how to clean a laptop screen. What to use while cleaning a laptop screen?

Nowadays, there are numerous cleaning liquids available in the market. But, it’s difficult to get these cleaning liquids at local shops. Most of these products are very costly. So, what can be used as a household user to clean the laptop screen? Surely, there must be something that a common person can find to clean his/her laptop with. Here is how to make your own laptop cleaning kit, just by using household products. But, one must be careful before attempting to clean his/her laptop screen.

Since most laptop screens are LCD, use of any kind of alcoholic product is strictly prohibited. Any kind of alcohol, ammonia, or any strong solvent should not be used.

You need to take care of the cloth to be used as well as the container where the liquid is to be kept. As this process is tiresome, people often buy commercially sold cleaning products.

How to Clean Your Laptop Screen with Household Products?

following things are most important that required for making a good laptop screen cleaning agent:

  • Distilled water
  • Smooth and soft cotton cloth (best item for this purpose is a microfiber)
  • Vinegar
  • Spray bottle

How to make the cleaning agent?

First of all, you have to create a good cleaning agent. Proper quantities of the ingredients must be used for making a good cleaning agent. As mentioned earlier, distilled water is an ideal cleaning liquid agent. If a strong cleaning liquid is needed, then use a mixture of distilled water and vinegar in the ratio of 50:50.


Now, proper storage of the liquid is required, so that the liquid can be easily sprayed on to the screen. For such purposes, an atomizer bottle is perfect. Just push from the top to get a fine mist of the liquid.

Now, spray little quantities of the liquid from the atomizer bottle to clean cotton cloth. Best use would be microfiber. Any old cloth, free of any kind of chemical, is preferred. A large cloth is best suited for cleaning the laptop screen. This helps in reducing the number of streaks, which might be formed on the screen while cleaning it.

If possible, get a disposable wipe from the chemist for this purpose. One needs to just moisten the cloth rather than making it totally wet before using it. If the cleaning liquid seeps into the laptop from the sides, then there are chances of damaging the device.

Cleaning the laptop screen


Cleaning the screen should be done in circular motions of the hand. This ensures the removal of streaks. Gentle pressure should be applied. Application of excess pressure might damage the screen. If you have a lens cleaner, then it can be used only if it does not contain “Isopropanol”. Usage of any kind of tap water must be avoided. Tap water causes mineral spot formations on the screen. Application of excess pressure must be avoided. The spray to be used for cleaning the screen should never be applied directly on the screen. This causes high chances of damaging the screen. The edges of the screen have small connections done onto the screen, which might get damaged.

If a person is a photographer, then the usage of lint-free lens wipes are preferred any time over the cotton cloth. Paper in any form must be avoided while cleaning the laptop screen since paper contains wood fibers that can make scratches. If you use a paper piece, the paper when wet might tear off and get stuck onto the screen.

You need to be patient while cleaning your laptop screen. The cleaning process must be repeated, if necessary, to clean darker spots on the laptop screen.

Warnings while cleaning the laptop screen

  • Firstly, the homemade cleaning agent should be used on a smaller area before proceeding to clean the entire laptop screen.
  • Extra pressure must be avoided at all costs. This might cause damage to the laptop screen.
  • Finding a proper cloth for this purpose should be done carefully. Inquire about the material of the cloth before using it.
  • While buying cleansing products from the market, check the ingredients carefully, since they might contain alcohol. These products might clean the screen properly at first glance but will damage the quality of the screen in the long run.
  • The use of single wipes (commercially available) solves many of the problems mentioned earlier. In a single wipe, the laptop screen would be clean without the risk of causing any streaks or smudges across the screen.
  • The use of the same cloth, again and again, is not recommended. The cloth becomes dirty with time thereby making the screen dirtier, rather than cleaning it.
  • The cloth must be kept on changing for better cleaning and long term usage of the laptop screen.
  • Many people, after cleaning the laptop screen, clean the laptop keyboard or any other part of the laptop. This must not be practiced, because generally the same cloth is used the next time for cleaning the screen. This can deteriorate the quality of the screen.
  • A major mistake that people do while cleaning their laptop is that they do not switch it off. This is common, but a big mistake and should be avoided at all costs.
  • There can be chances of short-circuiting inside the laptop. There is also a high chance of damaging the pixels present on the screen.

These are some of the important points to be kept in mind while cleaning a laptop screen. Before starting the laptop screen cleaning at home you must have proper knowledge How to Clean Your Laptop Screen with Household Products.

If you have any question related to the above topic or any problem you are facing with your laptop feel free to post your query below in the comment. Our experts will assist you to solve your queries.

Best of Luck

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