How much Storage do I need on my laptop?

How much Storage do I need on my laptop?
How much Storage do I need on my laptop?

The question suddenly came into my mind, and I could not answer if the seller asked me. But I go to the seller by keeping in mind that hoping for the best. 🙂

How much Storage?

When I decided to purchase a brand new laptop for myself, there were many things in my mind. Everyone thinks before investing a huge amount for anything, and I think it is a must! My mind was clear about the brand of laptop that I was going to purchase, the technical specs of laptops, etc. But one query came to my mind when I reached near the market that how much Storage do I need on my laptop?

The question suddenly came into my mind, and I could not answer if the seller asked me. But I go to the seller by keeping in mind that hoping for the best. 🙂

When I reached the market and said to the seller that I want a brand new laptop for my personal use, my thinking came true when he replied with questions about how much storage space you’ll need in a laptop? Will 512 GB of SSD be enough for yours?


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What would I answer these questions?

Nothing to reply expect to pass a smile 🙂

I said with a smile that I don’t know what SSD or HDD is and don’t know how much Storage I need on my laptop for smooth functioning. It was my pleasure to reach this seller who was very guiding and helpful; he guides me about the Storage or laptops according to my requirements. I was delighted with his guides, and I buy a new laptop with the perfect storage SSD drive.

Today, I am sharing this article with those who are also confused about selecting appropriate Storage when purchasing a new laptop. There are some important key points that you should have to know before investing in your new laptop. If you read and understand this article, you will never confuse when the question comes to your mind about how much Storage you need on a laptop.

So, if you found this article during the research for your laptop storage, then you are in the right place. I am here to guide you to pick the right storage size. So let’s start with the topic.

How much Storage do I need on my laptop?

It is a common question that sellers ask from the customer, but most customers don’t know how to select a proper storage capacity for their laptops.
We all know that a hard drive is a basic component of a laptop used for storing data. The capacity of hard drive storage always depends on your task. Most people are using 250 GB to 320 GB of the hard disk in their laptops, and they are comfortable with this storage capacity.

The 250GB hard drive is enough to hold more than 30000 normal size images and audio music.
But if you are a professional user and working on graphics designing, programming, gaming, video editing software, and planning on storing HD quality videos as well. In that case, you will find 250GB storage insufficient.

For professional users, the capacity of the hard drive should be 1TB.

Here is a list of some common tasks; you can choose the Storage according to this list easily:

  • Word Processing: 250GB and above
  • Web surfing: 320GB and above
  • Digital Music: 750GB and above
  • Gaming: 1TB and above
  • Graphics Designing: 1.5TB and above
  • Digital Video: 2TB and above
  • Which one should I choose, SSD or HDD?

The internal Storage is classified into two types, i.e., HDD and SSD. You can choose one of them for your laptop as secondary Storage. But the question arises about how you can select the best one for your laptop. Don’t worry at this point; I am still here to guide you.

Here are some differences between SSD and HDD; you can check it and select one for your laptop according to your requirements and budget.

Difference between SSD and HDD

The old models of laptops came equipped with HDD. Nowadays, the latest laptop models are equipped with SSD (solid-state drives). If you are not sure which one will be best for you, don’t worry, I am here to guide you.

There are some differences between SS Drive and Hard Disk Drive:


Feature SSD (Solid State Drive) HDD
Vibration The spinning of the platters can be a cause of Vibration No vibration (No moving parts)
Price Economical (Around $0.03/GB) Exclusive (Around $0.20/GB)
OS (Operating System) Boot-Time Average 30-40 seconds Average 10-13 seconds
Operation Speed 3x faster than HDD 3x slow than SSD
Noise Sometimes spinning and audible clicks can be heard No sound due to all fixed parts
Magnetism Affect Magnets can erase data Protected from magnetism effects
Heat Created Produced more heat than SSD Minor heat is produced
Encryption FDisk Encryption (FDE) Full Disk Encryption (FDE)
Copying/Writing Speed The range is around 50-120MB/s Almost 200MB/s to 550 MB/s


Editor’s Recommendation

Both types are good, and the features are depending on the cost. If you have a tight budget, then you should have to select HDD because SSD is pricey. HDDs are better than SSD for large files, but they make noise because of having moving parts. In the end, I will say that it all depends on your budget. If you want fast speed, then SSD is 30% faster than HDD.

If you are going to buy SSD storage, then you can found 32GB for \$13-\$15 and 1TB for \$300.If you are going with HDD storage, it is available in 3TB for $100, HDD provides you with huge space, but its speed is slow. 32GB of SSD is very fast, available cheaply, but its Storage is enough only for one or two programs that are not recommended for professional users.

I recommend an SSD, as flash chips are extra reliable with low power usage and deliver fast performance.

Required Storage for normal usage

If you are using the laptop for receiving and sending e-mails, browsing the web or different social media feeds, then 256GB of Storage is enough for you. The programs such as Excel and Microsoft Word don’t take up much space anyway. If you want to store many photos having high resolution and HD quality, your Storage may go into the red. You will get the notification again and again that you are running out of space.

Required Storage for large files and photos

If you are a professional photographer and have a much high resolution to save on your laptop for editing, you must have huge space. We all know that digital photo takes up about 5-8 MB. Definitely, you have to plan Storage a lot of music and videos as well. So if you are on a flexible budget, then 512GB of SSD storage for &150-$250 should be enough.

For gamers and media professionals

If you are working on graphics software such as Photoshop, InDesign, or CorelDraw, then you will need a large amount of space on your hard disk because media files take huge space. Moreover, Suppose you want to play games on your laptops, then the same goes as well. If you have a flexible budget, then you can get 1TB of storage for $300 – $500.


When it comes to selecting the proper storage for a laptop, it depends on your requirements and budget. I can say an Example if your daily work is just checking e-mails and browsing some web pages, then you are satisfied with 250GB.

But it is insufficient for a professional photographer. If you want to make your computer fast, then go for SSD Hard drive. It is expensive but faster than HDD, plus, it is more reliable and noise-free.

If you have any queries related to this topic or something else, just post your reply below. It will be our great pleasure to assist you.

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