Can You Add Backlit Keyboard to Laptop

Today laptops come with LED backlight in the keyboard, although most of them are gaming laptops. LED backlights in keyboard improve visibility in dark rooms, which allows you to see clearly every single key. If you have a laptop without a backlight keyboard then it would be a difficult task for you to install in your laptop at home. Question is can you add backlit keyboard to laptop by choosing compatible products to install lights properly with no damage.

Finding led lights and backlit keyboards is not difficult; you can purchase them directly from computer vendors or online websites like Amazon. You can shop for the best price and compatible parts for your laptop to illuminate your keyboard even in the darkest settings.

How can you add backlit keyboard to laptop?

With desktop computers, it is easy to replace your keyboard with the LED-backlit keyboard, as there are several products you can purchase. But in laptops, you can get already installed backlit keyboard of you must buy the same key set up as the one being replaced.

There are 10 steps you must take accordingly:

Ensure Compatibility

Before purchasing LEDs you should be well known to the product because keyboards vary from one product to another. They could be different from the one you have like screw holding case or even you need to change or remove keys. You can find details about the installation process online to help like forums and blogs describe troubleshooting tips. Be careful while removing parts and make a note of it to rebuild correctly.

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Gather Necessary Tools

You should have specific tools to install the backlit keyboard successfully, as you can gather them from householdcan you add backlit keyboard to laptop items or even shop online from Amazon

Do not forget to take pictures to keep track of the layout of the laptop’s internal components before dismantling the laptop.

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Turn Off Power to the Laptop

Make sure if you can do it properly then proceed otherwise you can go to some computer vendor for installing a backlit keyboard to your laptop. Let’s start to turn off power to the laptop by unplug the power cable.

Turn the laptop over and remove battery easily with battery clumps located the underside of the laptop. Do not forget these steps or you may fail to damage the laptop and personal injury.

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Open the Keyboard

When you remove your laptop’s battery you can find screws underneath a long rectangular panel. The panel shape varies from laptop to the next to find out the hidden screws. Open them by a screwdriver and save them in some container. So you may not lose them as they are essential parts of your laptop.

Remove the Keyboard

Finishing unscrewed all, remove the cover and hold on to the keyboard by its sides gently. There would be a ribbon cable anywhere behind the keys which connect the keyboard to the laptop, unplug it.

Connect the New Keyboard

Now just you need simply to replace the backlit keyboard with the existing one. It has an extra orange ribbon which can be plugged into the port. You can see the slot beside the port for the larger ribbon. Make sure to connect them facing up to make the connection between laptop and keyboard.

Replace the Cover

By making sure of it that you have put everything back to its original position put the keyboard and cover back. Recheck your pictures you captured before to confirm the components are placed properly. Now put the screws back but do not fasten them too tight which crack the plastic and your keyboard. Sit loosely on the top of the laptop.

Other Lights for a Keyboard

If you think this procedure is difficult for you, then you can buy a USB LED light or even purchase a laptop with a backlit keyboard.

USB LED light

Opening up a laptop is a bit risky if you think you cannot do it then do it by the simple thing. Purchase a USB LED light and plugin as they are designed to light up your keyword with a flexible cord or small lamp on the end for best position.

You can even buy light strips which will illuminate your laptop’s keyboard in darker areas.

Illuminated Keyboard

On the other hand, you can buy an illuminated keyboard for your desktop can you add backlit keyboard to laptop computer with no expensive deal. Instead to add backlit keyboard on a laptop, purchasing an illuminated keyboard will make you comfort while using your computer in a darker room.

Where to buy LED Backlights for Laptop

If you want to purchase online LED backlights for your laptop then go to the Amazon site where you can buy new or used items. The product is available from private and commercial sellers. To shop from, just search on the home page by typing the ‘backlit laptop keyboard’ you may find all items related to the search.

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Review Item Listings

When the site shows result the related items click on the reviews of the product and look for its plan for payment, price and delivery charges. You must read the description and compare with your existing laptop’s keyboard specifications for size and compatibility.

Review Amazon Sellers

You can check the product reviews and feedback rating and completed transactions. This information will show you the product’s reliability and performance from the previous buyers. Just like the way when you complete your purchasing leave feedback about your experience to improve their performance.

Final Words

Sometimes little things mess up in our daily life just the way using a dark keyboard in the darkroom this urge you to have a backlit keyboard. I have explained the procedure how can you add backlit keyboard to laptop in easy steps. This will illuminate your keyboard as well as increase visibility to stay connected to your laptop.

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Good Luck

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