Do Refurbished Laptops Have Warranty? I 12 Best Things Covered By Warranty

Do Refurbished Laptops Have Warranty
Do Refurbished Laptops Have Warranty

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Do Refurbished Laptops Have Warranty?

A lot of people want to know about the warranty for refurbished laptops. If you want to know does refurbish laptop comes with a warranty, the answer is YES. The overall price of a refurbished laptop is saving money and the warranty counts for long time use.

The customers must read all the warranty prints carefully because several refurbished laptops are sold with a limited warranty. It is best if the warranty would be provided by the manufacturer, instead of the retailer or third party. The retailer’s warranty can be avoided or cause your problem later.

The warranty for refurbished laptops should be the same as the new, most reputable companies selling with an offer of 3 months manufacturer’s warranty. This will help you cover immediate issues within 90 days and would not support you after this time period. You must know which laptops last the longest before buying a refurbish or a new laptop.

Well, it depends on the refurbished laptop how much time a company takes to repair and send it back for selling within the warranty period. You can ask the retailer about this or can check online the quality reviews by current customers.

Refurbished laptops warranty

Some companies offer you an extended service plan for refurbished laptops at extra cost. It means you can extend the warranty of the refurbished product and get their support by paying extra charges.

People usually mix up the used laptops and refurbished laptops, in fact, used laptops are not refurbished. Let’s get to know what does refurbished mean? Generally, it is a system that was returned by the customer without use and cannot be resold as new.

The other thing, laptop can come from a canceled order or fail to meet the original manufacturer’s quality test and be rebuilt that’s a refurbished laptop. If you are interested in buying refurbished laptops you must know about the warranty.

Because of some technical problems, a refurbished laptop was returned and rebuilt by a manufacturer or third party. Always check if it was refurbished by the third party and you find out if the available fixed parts are not matching the original specifications.

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You must compare the refurbished laptop to the new one of the same model and it should be the same or to match up.

Not All Deals Are Good Deals

Purchasing refurbished laptops does not always come from a good bargain. You must have research on the product that you want to buy. Most of the refurbished items are older models, so you cannot get the latest version laptop as a refurbished one.

Retailers usually display refurbished and original prices to the customer, or suggested retail prices, when the computers are older with a reduced price and close enough to refurb price.

Do some research on the product and make sure it is a good deal by comparing the existing list online of the same product. If you find out that the existing refurb is still selling as new in stores then it will make it easy to determine the comparison.

Several times it happens that the refurb product’s price is the same as the new with a longer warranty. So carefully go through the research to find out the best deal for you.

Refurbished Laptops Buying Guide

Before buying a new or refurbished laptop you should keep in mind what you are looking for, the requirements. If you use the laptop for web browsing, updating the Twitter pages, working with the word processor, or reading emails then you better stay on the older one.

However, if you play video games, downloading music and images you would need more space with increased processing speed to stream videos. Always figure out things you may need before making any purchase of a laptop with satisfaction.

If you are looking for a refurbished laptop you must check which vendor giving you a warranty with the laptop. For this purpose, you must have a lot of working experience with computers or the best idea to stick to qualified retailers.

You should buy a refurbished laptop from an authorized retailer, which also sells new products. You may face problems by purchasing online auctions or listing from a paper that can cause you the extra cost of repairing them. It is strongly recommended to keep things in mind that should be considered before buying a new or refurbished laptop.

How Long the 100 Day Does Limited Warranty Last?

This limited warranty starts from the day of purchase and lasts for 100 days from the date of purchase. You cannot extend your warranty of the product if you replaced it or any of its parts.

What Does a Limited Warranty Cover?

You should be aware of the terms and agreement of the product if you are buying a refurbished or new laptop. Here I have mentioned 12 things that are not covered by a limited warranty of a refurbished laptop:

  • They do not guarantee the software, operating system, or other pre-loaded software.
  • They do not provide a warranty for the problems usually caused by accident, abuse, misuse, or electrical power.
  • If the usage of the laptop is not according to the product instructions or you did service the product from unauthorized DFS.
  • The limited warranty does not cover the problems caused by using unauthorized accessories, parts, or components.
  • If you fail to follow the instructions or perform preventive static-main-countenance
  • If you void the Service tags or serial numbers
  • They do not provide a warranty to the disputed product to DFS
  • The several damages cannot provide you warranty like Vandalism, theft, fire, power failure, freezing, flood and acts of God.
  • The limited warranty does not cover the cost of installation, reinstallation of components of the product.
  • Batteries, projector bulbs, toner cartridges, and other operating supplies may not be included.
  • Dents, scratches, or other damages on the product
  • The warranty does not cover the Vinyl skin applied to the product by DFS.


This is a worth taking research method to find out the most reputable refurbish of laptops. You can search on Google on the term as refurbished laptops; this will show you many recommendations automatically. Then you can choose and select the desired product by knowing do refurbished laptops have a warranty or not.

Always go through the above procedure to get a good product at a good price. Amazon is a well-known company that sells refurbished products with a warranty or with an extended warranty.

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