How long do Macbooks last on average? I Best 3 Things To Consider

how long do MacBooks last on average
how long do MacBooks last on average

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How Long Do Macbooks Last on Average?

It has become fashion more than a need to use MacBook, or Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV. Because we know they are far more solid and long-lasting than the other rival products. Following the topic, we need to know how Apple conducts its Product Greenhouse Gas Life Cycle Assessment, while they researched for the life span of their product.

It can be assumed roughly that MacBooks last 4 years on average whereas the other devices last for 3 years. Then shut down for the last time and send it to the big Apple store in the sky.

This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. As Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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Some people expect demodulation in the device as it contains SuperDrive which keeps updating you about the more current machine. It has the capability of built-in disks which is good for usage.

The audio inputs and outputs must be separate which is not available in new iMacs. For XM-PCR the input and output go to the Logitech speaker system. Apple users must have known to the fact that this isn’t synonymous with built-in obsolescence that still has working Apple.

Though people are not replacing their iMacs in 3 or 4 years because of their durability, cognitively, and compatibility since it’s not broken. Let me guide you with some concise and useful guidance regarding how frequently you’ll need to replace it.

When Should I Replace my Macbook Pro?

Many people need to have updated latest and fastest technology so they migrate to new Apple or replace their device more often within 3 years. The research says that you should replace your MacBook after 4 years maximum with high-end needs.

There are many people who have been able to stretch their computers to last 7 years. However, they had to face an uphill battle in terms of security and compatibility for long use.

Since only new versions of Apple have the ability to update a security patch in macs. So if someone using the older version they need to keep an updated operating system with the 3 most recent versions of macOS.

Life Span of MacBook’s Hard Drive

Talking about the hard drive of the MacBook generally, you can rely on it for 3-5 years on average. According to the analysis of Backblaze online backup company; the failure rates of 25000 running hard drives are;

  • 90% of hard drives survive for 3 years in MacBook
  • 80% for 4 years across various brands

Repairing instead Replacement

Most Macs users often replace their devices when their performance is no longer adequate or compatible. Although Macs function properly for 5 years if it breaks after this time period it’s not cost-effective to repair. They need to make only common upgrades to Mac’s hardware for a replacement like;

  • Adding memory
  • Installing a new version of the Mac operating system
  • Installing a large hard drive

This is a cost-effective procedure if you can do it yourself. But, if you hire some vendor then you also have to pay labor charges along with the upgrade of Mac.

Time to replace the device

Today’s world life has become very social and people have online businesses. They have to stay connected to their device 24/7 where the most common tasks are sending emails and viewing websites.

For the purpose of online business, they create websites, like banks or employ newer website technologies to keep their sites updated and secure. And of course, these changes required newer versions of web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

As far as this upgrade of web browsers becomes essential for their developers, to occasionally support MacOS with older or slower processors to know how long do MacBooks last on average?

Mac users do not replace the device often they claim damage to the Apple big store or usually replace parts after 5 years of usage. Mac costs $1000 today so it is not possible for everyone to replace their device. Consequently, the other apple devices are rapidly evolving with their latest capabilities like iPad, tablets with less expensive.

With modern times and emerging technologies, it seems that computers will be replaced by iPads or tablets for browsing or other needs. So it will be reasonable to replace your Mac with an iPad every 4-5years which would be a less expensive proposition.

Over usage of MacBook

Since we have online working day and night the usage of computers has been increased. Your mac drives can stop working properly with the time limit of 4 years which affects its functionality.

There could be a battery-swelling issue as well to stay connected properly. You may have to face different problems regarding operating systems like within board CD/DVD drive or slower processor.

Luckily it has ‘age’ software (introduced in 2001) installed which shows MBPs for hours daily which tells you if you are facing any issue in your system.


Regarding the whole research, it is extracted that how long MacBooks last on average, and Apple products are built to last for 5 years maximum. We replace our computer when it is unable to update anymore to security updates or the operating system.

For staying online and maintaining the latest standard of security you need to upgrade the system for smooth working.

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