How To Fix Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart?

How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart
How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart

Common Causes of Laptop Overheating

There are several reasons why a laptop may overheat. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Blocked vents: The vents in your laptop can become blocked due to dust, dirt, or other debris, which prevents proper airflow and causes overheating.
  • Dirty fans: The fans in your laptop can become clogged with dust and dirt, reducing their effectiveness and causing overheating.
  • Damaged hardware: Malfunctioning hardware components like the CPU, GPU, or motherboard can cause your laptop to overheat.
  • Heavy workload: Running resource-intensive programs or games can cause your laptop to overheat.
  • High ambient temperature: Using your laptop in a hot environment or direct sunlight can cause it to overheat.
  • Battery issues: An old or faulty battery can cause your laptop to overheat.

How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart?

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Laptops have turned out to be more dominant and conservative than at any time in recent memory. A precarious increment in laptop execution is encouraged by its chips that are always thickly pressed with transistors. How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart?

Laptops have turned out to be more dominant and conservative than at any time in recent memory. A precarious increment in laptop execution is encouraged by its chips that are always thickly pressed with transistors.

In parallel, slimmer cases pack an expanding number of processors, and more grounded design cards bolster greater screens with higher goals. These improvements include some significant pitfalls like how to fix overheating laptops without taking them apart. The best risk for your laptops, aside from your espresso, is overheating. It can cause equipment disappointment and permanent harm.

It can be challenging to accomplish this without access to your computer’s complex internal workings, but it is not impossible. There are solutions to remedy the issue from the outside, whether the cause of the issue is an overheating gaming laptop, a motherboard, a defective battery, or anything else.

Some of these solutions actually call for you to modify your laptop physically, while others just call for you to tweak your computer’s software.

Read on for more information about how to stop laptops from overheating and how to stop it from happening again.

In this article, I will tell you the best way to counteract or fix an overheating laptop and, along these lines, enhance the execution and broaden the life expectancy of your laptop.

The basic reason for overheating of laptops

Potential reasons incorporate residue blocking admission barbecues or fumes ports, a stopped-up fan, or a declined warm oil between the warmth sink and the PC. You can fix these things yourself.

However, a few employments will be harder than others. Moreover, on the off chance that you need a handy solution and don’t have the convenient aptitudes to de-top your workstation and apply crisp warm glue; read on.

How can you overcome an overheating laptop?

Depending on what is overheating the laptop, there are a variety of external fixes available. Before you can resolve the issue, you must first identify it.

Overheating is frequently a sign of another issue. The overheating will go away once you fix that issue. Sometimes those repairs are hard to find, pricey, or call for more technical skill than you possess.

If you want to know how to fix overheating a laptop without taking it apart, then you are in the right place now. There are different solutions to control laptop overheating; some of them are listed below.

  • Fixing the internal cooling

The first and most vital thing you have to do when your PC overheat is to clean the fan that provides cooling to the PC and designs the card. After some time, they develop layers of residue and earth that moderate them down and square wind current. Counsel your laptop’s manual or to get learn from the web how to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart.

Before you endeavor to do any cleaning, be that as it may, pursue these means:

  • Shut down the workstation
  • Expel the battery
  • Unplug the electrical extension
  • Ground yourself

Cautiously perfect the fans with a cotton swab dunked in a drop of liquor. Firstly, be sure that the liquor has fully vanished before reconnecting the laptop to the power source.

  • Check to see whether the air vents are obstructed.

Your laptop needs proper ventilation to stay cool. When you operate on surfaces like carpets, blankets, cushions, and clothing, your laptop won’t be able to ventilate adequately. By raising your laptop above your work surface using laptop stands or wall mounts, you can ensure sufficient airflow.

  • Disable CPU Turbo Boost.

When you are working on demanding tasks, AMD or Intel Turbo Boost technology boosts your performance by increasing the clock speed. You might still notice your laptop overheating even when the chip manufacturers assert that the CPU operates within a safe temperature range. Therefore, it’s a good idea to just off the Turbo Boost option.

  • Clear the air vents of any dust.

There’s a significant probability that the air vents on your laptop are blocked with dust if it’s overheating. Blow the dust out the vents using a can of compressed air, and then wipe away any stray dust particles with a soft microfiber cloth.

You can likewise utilize a vacuum cleaner to evacuate the residue and earth that timekeepers up the fans. Furthermore, to avert harm to the fan, don’t allow it even a single time to rotate off course.

If you need to utilize canned air to clean the fan, prevent the fan from turning by

How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart

holding it down. Next, you can clean the fumes port by sucking out air with a vacuum cleaner. The fumes port, for the most part, sits in favor of the PC. The opening extinguishes tourists.

The admission barbecues are little openings that enable air to be sucked into the workstation by the spinning fans. You might be sitting on the sides or near the base of your laptop. You might also be interested in solving a laptop fan problem that is making a grinding noise.

To clear the admission barbecues, splash them with canned air. Finally, you can apply warm fresh oil to the interface between the PC and its warmth sink. Once more, kindly counsel the workstation’s standard or producer to acquire guidelines on the best way to dismantle these parts. See our guide on wiping out residue from your MacBook or iMac if that is the equipment you use.

Moreover, inside my workstation has some incredible instructional exercises on the best way to fix your Laptop, including how to apply warm oil to your Laptop’s processor.

  • Always put the laptop on a flat surface.

Most laptops take in cooling air through their bottoms. Uneven surfaces, like a sweeping cushion, or your lap, block your laptop’s wind current. Clean dust out of the air vents If your laptop is overheating, there’s a good chance that the air vents are clogged with dust. Using a can of compressed air, blow the dust off the vents and then clean up any loose particles with a soft microfiber cloth. Invest in a laptop cooling pad Laptop

How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart

Accordingly, cooling is hindered, heat develops, your laptop surfaces get hot, the temperature of sucked-in cooling air increments, and inevitably the laptop is overheating.

This situation is effectively maintained a strategic distance by keeping the laptop on a hard and level surface. You can utilize something as basic as a plate or get a unique laptop holder or lap stand. We’ve recently suggested a laptop plate that you can buy online from Amazon.

Get a laptop cooler or cooling pad.

Laptop coolers are intended to give extra cooling releasing hot air. Nonetheless, misunderstanding the cooler can really exacerbate the issue. Before you buy a cooler, you have to comprehend the stream of air into and out of your laptop.

As referenced above, most laptops suck in air for cooling from the base. This bodes well because warm air rises upwards.

How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart

Be that as it may, a cooler that sits underneath the laptop and sucks air far from it doesn’t add to laptop cooling and rather quickens overheating.

If your laptop has admission flame broils at its base, buy a cooler that blows cool air upwards, for example, into the laptop. You can likewise get an uninvolved cooler that does not devour control and retains heat. I am using Tree New Bee Cooling Pad for my 15.6-Inch HP Notebook, which I bought from Amazon a couple of months ago.

In case you’re helpful, you can manufacture your laptop cooler or cooling cushion.

How does potential software fix overheating laptops without taking them apart?

On the off chance that none of the equipment fixes brings about enduring upgrades, you can likewise return to programming fixes that address the execution and power use of your laptop. Notwithstanding, tending to extreme warmth with a product fix implies you surrender execution for saving the equipment.

You can either diminish the brilliance of your screen or lessen the laptop clock speed. In Windows, underclocking has been done in the profiles. However, it can likewise be in control through programming apparatuses.

Following are some precautions to protect your laptop from overheating:

  • Cleaning the vents and fans is a smart thought to avoid dust development consistently.
  • Furthermore, place your laptop on a firm and even surface.
  • You have to utilize a laptop pad while surfing on the couch.
  • You’ll additionally diminish the measure of residue that enters and squares vents and fans.
  • Since you realize how to support your laptop to enhance its cooling system and lessen overheating the laptop.


There are a large number of ways by which you can utilize it to keep a laptop away from overheating. A laptop can undoubtedly have kept from critical misfortune as opposed to driving it to substitution.

Overheating is an extreme thing, and it can offer harm the interior parts of the laptop. It is a widespread saying that counteractive action is superior to fix. Liquor wipes are horrendous to expel warm oil. It spreads the whole stuff and oil by making the huge wreckage all around clean. It helps a ton in keeping the overheating of segments. Continuously utilize the laptop on a hard or level surface.

Garments or covers, or blankets typically hinder the air ventilation of the laptop and decrease the wind current. The decrease in warmth development expands the execution of laptops specifically. It frequently raises the laptop and has fans that constrain the air inside the base. Continue testing the temperature from various parts of the laptop. These precautions help you to reduce overheating and increase the life of your laptop.

I hope you found this article helpful and learned how to fix overheating laptops without taking them apart. If you have any queries related to the above topic or something else related to your laptop’s issues, please leave your comment here. Our experts are waiting to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if my laptop is overheating?
  • Some signs of an overheating laptop include loud fan noise, slow performance, unexpected shutdowns, and the laptop feeling hot to the touch.
  1. Can using a cooling pad damage my laptop?
  • No, using a cooling pad cannot damage your laptop. In fact, it can help improve airflow and prevent overheating.
  1. How often should I clean the vents and fans on my laptop?
  • It’s recommended to clean the vents and fans on your laptop at least once every three months.
  1. Can undervolting damage my laptop?
  • Undervolting can cause stability issues if not done correctly, but it cannot damage your laptop.
  1. Should I repaste thermal paste on my laptop myself?
  • It’s recommended to have a professional do it for you, as

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