Should a laptop work
without the battery

For one reason or another, should a laptop work without the battery? Your laptop’s battery might become faulty, and you do not have sufficient funds to buy a new battery immediately, what should you do? Well, you can remove the battery and use the AC-power to run your laptop.

A laptop can work correctly without the battery. However, it will limit you in the manner in which you use it. Once you remove the battery, you must use it either only at home or where there is a source of power.

Should a laptop work without the battery?

Once you start using a laptop without a battery, it can work as a replacement for your desktop computer.

You might be wondering, will remove the battery harm your laptop, or will it affect the performance of the laptop? No, it will not. In fact, your laptop will continue functioning just well as it did before you removed the battery.

Factors to be considered when using a laptop without the battery

However, when you remove a battery, you need to take a few things into consideration. Some of the essential factors are given below:

Power Adaptor:

Ensure that you are using the original power adaptor that you bought with your laptop. This is critical because a variation in power might cause some components in your laptop’s motherboard to be affected. When the battery is intact, it helps to prevent any power surge because it works as the UPS.

Required Power:

Ensure that you are not staying in an area with high – intensity power loads. If your locality does not receive good quality electric power, please do not use your laptop without a battery. It will help to prevent any possible damage to your device.

Unexpected Disconnect:

Besides that, make sure that you do not remove the charger from your laptop in the middle of doing something. If you do this, there are high chances of damaging your computer.

Battery Connector:

Another most important factor is never to touch the battery contacts while the charger is plugged. Although the battery contacts are hidden, if you touch them when it is connected, you are likely to get electrocuted or jolted. 

Power Off:

When you are removing the battery, make sure that your laptop is switched off, and it is not connected to a power source.

Powering a laptop without a battery

A laptop battery that is ageing loses its ability to retain a charge. At times, the battery is not able to power the laptop. You can still use your computer with a dead battery by powering it with an AC adaptor.

Your laptop is designed in such a way that it will get the power from the AC adaptor even when the battery is intact. 

According to Bloomberg Business, a weekly business publication, laptop manufacturers do not want to endorse the use of laptops without batteries simply because it will leave the charging terminals exposed.

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When the terminals are exposed, the sensitive parts at the bottom of the laptop can easily get damaged.

Laptop computers are designed to use both the AC and battery power. A laptop can work well when receiving power from one of the sources.

However, if you remove the battery, then ensure that you connect to the power source all the time.

The battery is a secondary source of power

A laptop’s battery is a power backup, while the AC adaptor is the primary source of power. According to LaptopsChamp, the laptop battery is intended to be used when direct power is not available.

The battery is used to store power, and it will make the power available to the laptop when the AC direct power is not there.

In fact, unless a laptop battery has a means of obtaining power from an external source; it depends on the AC adaptor to be tethered to the computer for it to charge.

Troubleshooting the battery problem

One of the methods used to troubleshoot any power problem in a laptop is removing the battery and then using the AC power.

According to the experts, the best way to know if your battery has a problem is to remove the battery and run the laptop on AC power.

If, after removing the battery, the laptop is found to be functioning well, then you can know your battery has a problem. However, if your laptop has a problem when the cell is intact, then you can understand that your battery is faulty.

Apart from that, when you run your laptop on AC-power, it helps you to know that the AC adaptor is functioning well.

Disadvantages of using a laptop without the battery

As much as you can use your laptop without the battery, there are some dangers that come with it. One of the most significant risks of operating a laptop without the battery is power loss.

If you are always using the AC power to run your laptop, it might be prudent to remove the battery to preserve its life span. It has been established that leaving your computer connected to the power source all the time can shorten the life of the battery.

However, relying on the AC power alone comes with its downside. If you experience any power blackout, then your device will shut down immediately; the power goes out. The same will happen if the charger is disconnected mistakenly. 

Apart from that, when you continuously use the charger, the charging port is likely to break down due to the wear and tear process.

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When the charging port breaks down, it might not be very easy even to power your laptop via the AC adaptor because you will have to wiggle it before it can function well. 

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Booting your laptop without the battery 

Depending on the laptop brand, there are those that can boot with an AC power without the battery. However, there are some brands that require the battery to be intact even if it’s dead before it can boot.

Also, there are those laptops that once you remove the battery, it cannot remember the time and date. However, if your computer requires even a dead battery to boot, then leave the battery intact so that you can boot your device.

Care for your laptop battery

If your battery does not have any fault, but you want to remove it so as to preserve it, there are some things you should do to protect your battery.

Before you remove the battery, ensure that it is at least 40% charged. Also, if you want to prolong the life of your battery, you can store it in a freezer in the fridge. However, make sure that you wrap it in a Ziploc bag before you store it.

Alternatively, if you do not have a fridge, then you should periodically perform a charge-discharge cycle. This will help to preserve your battery life.

Eventually, any laptop battery will become faulty and fail to keep the charge. However, to prolong the life of the cell ensure that you store it well and manage the power well.

Please do not leave your battery fully charged when you want to store it because this will reduce your battery’s ability to retain power.

Most importantly, do not let your battery to overheat. When you are not using the laptop, dim the screen light, and turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

Also, make sure that you do not store your battery when it is fully discharged. This will also reduce your battery’s ability to hold power afterwards. It is advisable to store the battery when it is 40 to 50%.

Advantages of removing the battery 

One of the best practices to increase the life span of the battery is to remove the battery. However, most people are not willing to carry out this practice.

When you plug in your computer and the battery is intact, and you continue using the laptop, the temperature of the laptop increases.

When the heat from the running processor increases, it can shorten the life of the battery. In fact, the temperature affects not only the cell but other parts of the computer as well.

In one of our articles, we highlighted that if you leave your laptop plugged in all the time, the computer can only charge when the battery has been used. So as the battery is draining and recharging, it will shorten the battery’s life.

Therefore, it is crucial to work with your laptop on AC supply alone. But most importantly, when you want to reinstall the battery, ensure that you switch off the computer, and you unplug the charger.

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After inserting the battery, you can plug in the charger and connect to the AC-power and let the battery charge for some time.

Most importantly, you should never remove or insert the battery while it is plugged in.

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A laptop is designed to use both the AC and battery as the source of power. Therefore, a laptop can function flawlessly with either of the power sources.

According to Dell, should a Laptop Work without the Battery? For instance, a laptop does not obtain its power from the battery all the time when it is connected to the AC.

Your computer will normally work even when the battery is removed. However, you must tether it to a power source via the AC adaptor all the time.

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