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Will charging laptop in car drain the battery

Emerging technologies now makes it possible for you to charge your laptop with your car battery. Although, some cars come with wireless charging plates for charging of smartphones, tablets and cameras. Charging your laptop in a regular car requires special equipment to make it work.

Will charging laptop in car drain the battery?

Yes, charging a laptop in the car can drain the battery. Your car battery can get drained when you have your car stationed at a point and charging the laptop.

Charging your laptop while the car is running won’t drain the car battery at all. But to effectively charge your laptop with a car battery, you will need a car inverter and the right laptop adapter.

Using the inverter when the engine is turned off will certainly run the battery down especially if it is done overnight. Every car has a cigarette socket/lighter which is placed beside the car stereo area. This is where to plug the inverter and then plug the laptop adapter to the inverter.

The inverter converts DC power to AC to be able to charge the laptop. If you must charge your laptop with your car battery, you must ensure that you are using a deep-cycle battery that can get drained and charged up again with ease.

The deep cycle battery should be used with inverter especially when the engine of the car is turned off. If you are using a regular car battery while the car engine is turned off, ensure that you do not charge the laptop for more than two hours.

Draining the car battery when the engine is not running

Anytime, the engine is not running, it is the battery that is responsible for the provision of power to the electrical system. This is the reason why your car battery is drained if you leave your headlights on overnight.

The same thing happens if you use an inverter when the vehicle is parked at a spot. Some inverters come with shutoff feature but that does not guarantee your kick starter will function after the car battery has been drained to a certain level.

Kick starters require an enormous amount of amperage to crank. You can become stranded if you run an inverter to charge a laptop while camping. The best solution, in this case, is to have a deep cycle battery to power the inverter and use any electrical appliances as you like.

How much time you can run an inverter before the battery drains?

The amount of time you can use the inverter to charge a laptop or other electronics will depend on how much power you are using. First of all, you must know the wattage of the device and the reserve capacity of the battery. For instance, if the battery has a capacity of 100 amp hours and the laptop has 45 watts, it means the laptop can be charged for 11 hours.

But if your laptop gets a full charge after 3 hours you are on the safe side. Bigger loads such as television, desktop computer and other power-hungry electronics will drain the car battery faster.

Will charging laptop in car drain the battery is a question that has been answered with some caution. If you must charge the laptop with a car battery, it is good to do it when the car is running.

It has to be done with a car inverter. There are different car inverters to choose from; anyone that you choose must support 12V max power supply. Do not charge your laptop when the car is not running except you have a deep battery.

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