Will Charging Laptop in Car Drain the Battery

Will charging laptop in car drain the battery
Will charging laptop in car drain the battery

Will Charging a laptop in a car drain the battery? Yes, charging a laptop in the car can drain the battery. Your car battery can get drained when you have your car stationed at a point and charging the laptop.

Nowadays, working while on the go is the new norm. Every profession relies on their laptops to do business and attend meetings while on the road. You therefore cannot allow the laptop battery to run out of power.

The issue with a dead laptop battery in a car is that you can’t recharge it with a standard charger. To connect the laptop charger, you must have the necessary gadgets to use the vehicle’s electrical system.

Emerging technologies now makes it possible for you to charge your laptop with your car battery. Although, some cars come with wireless charging plates for charging smartphones, tablets, and cameras. Charging your laptop in a regular car requires special equipment to make it work.

Will charge a laptop in a car drain the battery?

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Yes, charging a laptop in the car can drain the battery. Your car battery can get drained when you have your car stationed at a point and charging the laptop.

Charging your laptop while the car is running won’t drain the car battery at all. But to effectively charge your laptop with a car battery, you will need a car inverter and the right laptop adapter.

Using the inverter when the engine is turned off will certainly run the battery down especially if it is done overnight. Every car has a cigarette socket/lighter which is placed beside the car stereo area. This is where to plug the inverter and then plug the laptop adapter into the inverter.

The inverter converts DC power to AC to be able to charge the laptop. If you must charge your laptop with your car battery, you must ensure that you are using a deep-cycle battery that can get drained and charged up again with ease.

The deep cycle battery should be used with an inverter especially when the engine of the car is turned off. If you are using a regular car drain battery while the car engine is turned off, and ensure that you do not charge the laptop for more than two hours.

Draining the car battery when the engine is not running

Anytime, the engine is not running, it is the battery that is responsible for the provision of power to the electrical system. This is the reason why your car battery is drained if you leave your headlights on overnight.

The same thing happens if you use an inverter when the vehicle is parked at a spot. Some inverters come with a shutoff feature but that does not guarantee your kick starter will function after the car battery has been drained to a certain level.

Kick starters require an enormous amount of amperage to crank. You can become stranded if you run an inverter to charge a laptop while camping. The best solution, in this case, is to have a deep cycle battery to power the inverter and use any electrical appliances as you like.

How much time you can run an inverter before the battery drains?

The amount of time you can use the inverter to charge a laptop or other electronics will depend on how much power you are using. First of all, you must know the wattage of the device and the reserve capacity of the battery. For instance, if the battery has a capacity of 100 amp hours and the laptop has 45 watts, it means the laptop can be charged for 11 hours. With that being said, car batteries provide DC power while laptops work using AC power.

But if your laptop gets a full charge after 3 hours you are on the safe side. Bigger loads such as television, desktop computer, and other power-hungry electronics will drain the car battery faster.

How much power can my laptop receive from the battery in my car?

Because they are “starter batteries” and not “deep cycle batteries,” car batteries can be a little challenging.

A car battery’s internal structure includes thin lead plates with a larger surface area to conduct amperage more quickly, enabling it to exert itself (2–3%) for a brief period to start your car. Once you start moving, the alternator recharges it.

Regularly draining a car battery, even below 90%, will start to harm it, and using it to power various appliances or devices won’t give you more than 10 or so full discharges.

In contrast, deep-cycle batteries feature thicker plates, protective alloys on the plates, and less surface area, allowing them to repeatedly undergo hundreds of complete or partial discharges. If you were considering switching to 12-volt batteries, they would be the best choice for powering your laptop.

What Kinds of Things Can Deplete A Car Battery?

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The majority of people are aware that a dead battery might result from leaving the lights on in your automobile. Other, less evident factors, however, can also cause harm. Here are five things that can drain your car’s battery that you may not be aware of.

  1. An outdated battery

Batteries lose their capacity to store a charge as they get older. The state of your battery should be routinely checked, and it should be changed if necessary, for this reason.

  1. An unreliable alternator

While the engine is operating, the alternator is what charges the battery. The battery may discharge if it isn’t functioning properly.

  1. An unreliable link

The battery may be unable to charge correctly if the terminals are rusted or loose.

  1. Prolonged heat

Extreme heat or cold is bad for batteries. The battery fluid may evaporate if it’s too hot, which could lead to damage. The battery won’t operate as effectively in extreme temperatures.

  1. Regular short journeys

The battery has to function every time you start your automobile to turn the engine. The battery can prematurely die if you frequently take short excursions since it never has a chance to fully recharge.

How Can You Charge Your Laptop With A Car Battery?

It’s a frequent query that Laptop battery HQ frequently receives. Simply said, you can’t is the response. A laptop battery is made to offer less power over a longer length of time, but a car battery is made to provide a lot of power in a short amount of time.

This is thus because a car battery is made to start an automobile’s engine, which calls for a lot of power in a hurry. On the other hand, a laptop battery is made to power a laptop for a longer amount of time.

So you’re out of luck if you want to use a car battery to charge your laptop battery. You do have a few additional choices, though.

Buying a portable battery charger is one alternative. These chargers may give your laptop power for a longer period and are made to be used with automotive batteries.

Utilizing a solar charger is an additional choice. If you’re going to be away from an outlet for a while, solar chargers are an excellent alternative because they are made to charge laptop batteries from the sun.

Finally, if your laptop has a removable battery, you can always take the battery out and charge it from an outlet while you’re out and about.

No matter which alternative you select, keep in mind that you cannot use a car battery to charge a laptop.

FAQs on How to charge a laptop in the car?

How Long Can a Car Battery Power a Laptop

Battery drain from inverters?

If your engine isn’t operating and charging your battery, inverters can quickly drain your battery. Small appliances plugged into your inverter shouldn’t be used for more than an hour without the car being started and the battery being charged. A greater power output inverter can be connected directly to the battery of your car.

How long will the laptop run on the automobile battery?

A laptop can be charged by a car battery. But How Long Can a Laptop Be Run on a Car Battery? A laptop powered by 45 watts can operate for 5.1 hours on a car battery, whereas a laptop powered by 60 watts can operate for 3.8 hours when fitted with an inverter.

A car cigarette lighter can supply more than 150W, so it should be fine. You’ll have to be careful, though. It will run down the battery pretty quickly if you aren’t moving, even if you have a pretty new car battery. A car battery gives you about 1kWh, and the laptop will probably draw something like 100W.

Is it possible to charge a laptop with a USB in the car?

As you are knowing that there are three different types of USB (Universal serial bus) are there. They are USB Type-A, USB Type-B, and USB Type-C.

So, mostly USB Type-A and USB type B are used in a laptop and smartphones. You can charge your smartphone in a car with the help of USB Type-A because your smartphone consumes low voltage power.

You cannot charge your laptop using the USB Type-A due to low transferring power. But you can charge your laptop in a car using the USB Type C port.

Finally, you have to make sure whether your laptop has a USB Type C port or not. If there is a USB Type c port then you can charge it using a USB Type C cable.

But if there is no USB Type C port on the laptop then also, you don`t have to worry because we have shared another 3 methods. Therefore, by using another 3 methods, you can charge without a USB Type C port.

Is charging a laptop in a car safe?

Yes, you may safely charge your laptop in a vehicle. There won’t be any heating problems with a laptop, a charger, or a vehicle. Not only will there be no heating issues, but there won’t be any electrical problems either, keeping your laptop, charger, and automobile in good condition.

Only the appropriate converter, such as a laptop car charger, car inverter charger, power bank, or USB Type C laptop car charger, needs to be used.

Similar to how you won’t have any issues while charging your smartphone in a car, a laptop won’t either.

Does using a laptop while driving drain the battery?

Yes, of course, while charging the laptop from a car’s battery, the car’s battery will gradually discharge. Due to the smaller capacity of the smartphone battery compared to the laptop, it drains less slowly.

As we previously mentioned, while a laptop is being charged, the car’s battery progressively discharges. However, you can restart your car’s battery in the same manner as before by driving it.

Note: If you charge your laptop while driving and the car is operating, the battery won’t discharge. Therefore, try to charge your laptop while the automobile is in motion.


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Yes, you may charge your laptop in your car or truck, but you will need a certain piece of equipment to do it. Additionally, your automobile must have a functional cigarette lighter, which is typically located next to the car’s audio. Once you have the correct adapter for your laptop, charging it while your car is running is a straightforward process. Remember that if the automobile isn’t running, you won’t be able to charge your laptop.

Will charging a laptop in a car drain the battery is a question that has been answered with some caution. If you must charge the laptop with a car battery, it is good to do it when the car is running.

It has to be done with a car inverter. There are different car inverters to choose from; anyone that you choose must support 12V max power supply. Do not charge your laptop when the car is not running except if you have a deep battery.

Therefore, you can use any of the aforementioned techniques to charge the laptop if you wish to use it while driving. You may charge your laptop in your car using the inverter, USB charger, power bank, or adapter.

All of these techniques are effective and might make it simple for you to start a laptop. To ensure safety, though, be sure to examine the wires’ compatibility and build quality.

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