Top 8 Best Laptops for Coding

Best Laptops for coding
Best Laptops for coding

Are you looking for the best laptop for coding?

Welcome to the perfect guide for finding laptops to perform coding tasks. Finding the right laptop can seem daunting in today’s world, as there are many different options available, and therefore we want to help you find it. We have compiled a list of what we think are the best laptops for coding, including cutting-edge, inexpensive, and even affordable machines. Each computer has its own advantage and disadvantage, and you can examine them to see what will work for you.

Ideally, we can assume that a MacBook Pro or MacBook would be the perfect choice for encoders, given the operating system. Mac OS X has based on BSD Berkeley, a UNIX version ideal for those who like to code. However, not everyone finds the iOS platform comfortable to work with. If you fall into that category, don’t worry because you have an abundance of alternative options to work. The most popular is Linux, based on GNU, which is considered a UNIX clone.

Best Laptops for coding

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1.ASUS ZenBook 14 Ultra-Slim Laptop

Stylish slim model – compelling in its characteristics due to a large amount of RAM and an eight-core processor from AMD of the latest generation. Two configurations on different CPUs will provide the necessary efficiency for both specialists and novice programmers for many years to come. Find the perfect site to gamble online – Australian online casinos

This best laptop for coding also copes with everyday tasks with a bang – it will become a “workhorse” and a means of spending leisure time. Despite the excellent hardware, it has an autonomy of up to 11 hours – one of the record highs.

LED display backlight, matte finish, the fair resolution will not let your eyes get tired and will not cause discomfort during the operation. With good quiet travel and smoothness, the keyboard is almost silent, and the smooth, confident touchpad will allow you to fine-tune the pointer.


  • Multi-core CPUs
  • Amount of RAM
  • Volumetric drive


  • The video card may be somewhat weak.

2.CHUWI Herobook Pro

The 2020 build is not the most powerful-looking hardware, but it shows relatively high data during tests. It is the best laptop for coding, office programs, and multimedia tasks. It is somewhat more challenging to work with games, so it may not be relevant for game programmers.

For web design and encoding, the software is handy. The display’s quality has ensured through a matrix with bright, juicy colors and sound clarity.

A special coating protects eyesight during long working sessions. 10 hours of autonomy during busy work are also perfect indicators for energy-consuming iron; not all these price category models can boast this characteristic.


  • Battery power capacity
  • High-quality display
  • SSD with adequate capacity
  • Keyboard and touchpad


  • Overcharge

3.ASUS TUF Gaming A17 Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop has some of the best performance. Sky-high power among state employees – that’s how experts and users characterize it.

This best laptop for coding has the largest diagonal among all models in our rating, but it also has large dimensions and significant weight.

Close in quality to ROG models. Excellent autonomy, wide overclocking and upgrade options, support for Optimus and FreeSync simultaneously, a powerful CPU – all this together makes the laptop one of the best for encoding, including in a gaming environment.

The backlight and metal case are not here; they had to sacrifice to improve performance and maintain pricing.


  • CPU performance
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Large screen
  • Capacious battery


  • Noisy cooling
  • Small touchpad

4.MacBook Pro 13 (2020)

In its basic configuration, the new MacBook Pro 13 (2020) lacks a couple of exciting features from the updated series. However, choosing the best arrangements might offer you Intel processors, faster RAM speeds, all behind a 13-inch panel in an unexpectedly compact package. Apple is rounding up the offer with the redesigned Magic Keyboard we saw on the 16-inch MacBook Pro (2019) to finally resolve the Butterfly issues. Even if you skip the 10th Gen configuration, you can still appreciate that all models come with increased memory capacity at the same price as their predecessors.


  • Advanced features (on some models)
  • Larger SSD in the initial configuration
  • The new keyboard is beyond praise


  • Primary configuration 8th generation processor
  • You’ve still limited to Thunderbolt 3 ports

5.ASUS ROG Strix G15

The game line model of a well-known brand is not only suitable for gaming, graphics, 5video editing, or simulation. It is an excellent solution for encoders in gaming and mobile applications with a well-thought-out graphics card and efficient CPU. This laptop is the best laptop for coding.

Multitasking doesn’t slow down your work speed. This best laptop for coding features a screen diagonal with a matte finish, a spacious solid-state drive, a resource stock of components for the coming years. Due to this, it becomes an almost ideal investment for both professionals and beginners and amateurs.

The keyboard is a bit noisy, and the backlight can be annoying to peripheral vision, but that’s a matter of taste. The touchpad is accurate with good essential calibration. The disadvantage, like all gaming options, is autonomy.


  • processor power;
  • drive and RAM;
  • High-quality screen.


  • easily soiled case;
  • Low autonomy.

6.Asus Vivobook Pro

Asus Vivobook Pro is one of the most powerful and best laptop for coding. First, increase the RAM to 16 GB from 8 GB, bring Intel Core i7 instead of Core i5, and add 128 GB SSD along with 1TB of the hard drive.

This best laptop for coding contains 12 GB of RAM. So if you are someone who will run multiple applications programming, this is for you also helps the laptop pack Nvidia 1050 GTX 4GB of VRAM that will help combat all those sessions compilation strong, which you will run on it. If you prefer performance and portability over anything else, get it now.


  • Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Good display
  • Above-average performance
  • Great portability
  • Fast processor


  • Runs hot
  • Bad battery life

7.Apple MacBook Pro 16

You can argue about the advisability of buying devices from Apple for a long time. MacBook is useful in many ways. If you work in programs that are too demanding on the processor’s capabilities, then this laptop is your choice. Because it is one of the few models on the market with an Intel Core i9 CPU on board. This is a new solution from Intel, which is noticeably more powerful than its predecessors.

The screen is worth a separate mention. Here it is a 16-inch widescreen with an unusual resolution (3072×1920). Of course, it slightly falls short of 4K, but such high values ​​will be quite enough to process the photo and video material comfortably. A high-quality IPS matrix with large viewing angles, good contrast, and color reproduction will only contribute to this. Moreover, Apple devices traditionally have various unique technologies that are rarely found in competitors. Here you will find the True Tone function, which adjusts the color balance to the environmental conditions, and the already familiar Night Shift function, which makes the picture warmer at night.


  • Better hardware
  • Amazing display
  • Magic keyboard
  • Best audio
  • High Performance
  • Premium design


  • Limited connectivity
  • Low reparability

8.MSI Prestige 14

It is one of the top contenders for the best laptop for coding. The main feature of the device is its weight, which is only 6.93 pounds. Therefore, this device is perfect for those who continuously carry a laptop with them. This low weight has achieved through a modest screen diagonal (14 inches). The dimensions of the laptop, thanks to the above-described characteristics, thin frames and simple design, are also small. But despite this, the developers managed to install reasonably productive hardware.

This best laptop for coding also boasts a battery life of 10 hours. This is enough for a whole working day. Also, the laptop implements one of the newfangled chips: when you open the lid, the gadget’s base rises slightly. This solution improves air circulation in the cooling system. And typing becomes much more convenient because of the small angle. The developers have also equipped this device with a fingerprint scanner and a webcam with facial recognition via Windows Hello.


  • Attractive design
  • Amazing display
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Great build quality
  • Good performance
  • Ports


  • No HDMI port

Conclusion ​

Above is the complete guide to the best laptop for coding. Finding the perfect Linux laptop is problematic because they don’t offer the same number of diverse options as Mac or Windows laptops could. Fortunately, you can easily install the Linux operating system on any Windows laptop and start working instantly. You can even have the Windows and Linux operating systems on the same laptop so that you can switch to the desired platform at any time.


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