6 Easy Ways to Take Screenshot with laptop

how to screenshot with laptop
how to screenshot with laptop

The screenshot is defined as a screengrab, screen dump or screen capture just like taking a photograph of whatever is on your screen currently. A lot of people do not know how to screenshot with laptop? Here is a detailed guide about this topic, so go through this article to know all about that.

Taking the screenshot in mobile phones is only a click away but capturing a screenshot with a laptop there are ways. People of today world are the busiest human than ever. They need their work done in minutes so they have laptops.

As laptops have different benefits along with their portability, flexibility, and advance technology for entertainment. In this article, we will tell you how to take a screenshot with the laptop for sharing current activity.

This could be data of excel, documents, stock charts or work reports for instant sharing and deliveries. It is not that difficult to take a screenshot with a laptop in Windows or any other operating system. Instead of downloading the article and go to one drive to save it then share a link to the other person along procedure though.

The screenshot is the easiest way to draw someone’s attention to the certain and saving huge amount of time.

How to Screenshot with Laptop in Different Ways

Some latest machines have a built-in feature for screenshot with a laptop or provided by third-party programs offer more ease to users. They work great for saving time and share things in easy and freeways by capturing screen on laptops.

Best way to take a screenshot with laptop

When you needed a professional screenshot tool which will work for your laptop then “Free Screenshot Software” is a top priority over others.

Just download and install the program from Google and launch it. Now make some settings by choosing desirable screenshot in ‘options’.

Display the required screen to capture and then hit the camera icon on the main window of the program. You can press screenshot hotkey directly.

You have automatically saved the captured screen. Now drag the mouse to take a snapshot on your laptop to make annotations to the screenshot.

You can edit them and save by clicking the Save button or upload it to cloud for free.

Take a screenshot with the laptop by keyboard

Several of the laptops come with short keys keyboard they already have installed on their laptop. If you are running a Windows Operating System you must be known that there is a free way of take a screenshot with a laptop.

From the top right region of your keyboard where you can see a key named ‘PrtSc’ or “Printscreen“

Some of the laptops required pressing ‘Fn’ and ‘Prt sc’ keys at the same time to capture a screenshot. It will automatically save to temporary clipboard.

Now you can ‘Ctrl + V’ to paste your screenshot for sharing, this is an easy way to screenshot with a laptop.

The default program for taking a screenshot with laptop

Each laptop with windows is capable of taking a screenshot. You just need to discover which keys to press or program to use. Windows laptops have a built-in app to take screenshots named ‘Snipping Tool’.

This tool is specially designed for capturing screen pictures from the desktop. Press the ‘Start’ button and search ‘Snipping Tool’ in a laptop with windows.

You can even find it in the search box for the snipping tool. When you click snipping tool it will appear with options to choose snip type. You can choose Free-form, rectangular, windows snip and full-screen snip to take the image you want from the screen.

Now click and drag your mouse on the screen to select the image and release button to save snip as a screenshot.

Take a screenshot with SnagIt

There are several tools available for screenshot with a laptop more easily and quickly just like Snagit. Simply download this software, install and run with signing into the program then click the Capture button.

Now hover over the area of your laptop screen to auto select then click it to capture. Just like cropping you can select custom area as well by dragging the mouse to required screen or image.

Now click on the camera icon to save the screenshot as an image.

You can edit your image with SnagIt editor by adding shapes, effects, text or other adjustments to your screenshot. You can either save it to your one drive or share it from the share button located in the upper right corner.

Taking a screenshot with the laptop of an active window

Taking a screenshot of an active window is not much difficult. But you need to know which keys to press on your laptop. You can press ‘Alt’ key and ‘Prtsc’ key at the same time and it will capture your whole screen with active window.

Now click Start> Paint and open the paint application or any other graphics program you want to choose paste screenshot into the program.

You can use Ctrl + V keys to paste it, now you can crop your image or resize it according to your requirement. The appear handles on corner sides with arrows to move up and down to change the size of the image by dragging the mouse cursor.

You should be held onto the left button while dragging the handles, now save it by save option. Your screenshot is now saved on your laptop while windows are active and running.

If you don’t want to paste and edit screenshot by any graphics software, there is another method. You can press “windows + prt sc” at once to capture an active windows screen. Take a screenshot by this method the screenshot image will automatically save in “Documents> Pictures” folder.


Windows laptops are easy to capture the whole screen quickly and in no time just by pressing combination keys. The specific keys are built-in in all laptops. If you require a partial or whole screen capture/ screenshot you can use Snipping tool program.

Mac users know how to take the screenshot with a laptop and can take a picture of their laptop screen in different sizes. Consequently, you may find some tool online to download and run for polishing captured pictures.

With the software, you can edit screenshot images by arrows, lines, text, circles, filtering, blurring and much more effects for professionals.

As above I have mentioned Free Screenshot Software which integrates with features of capturing, editing and sharing will be the rightful favorite.

By reading the complete article you can be able to take a screenshot with the laptop in different ways. If this article is helpful for you then leave your feedback below in comment box.

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Good Luck

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