Is Acer A Good Brand | 6 Reasons Why Acer Laptops Are So Popular

Is Acer A Good Brand
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Is Acer a good brand?

The accurate response is that Acer isn’t the greatest brand available, but it’s also not the worst. Although not as outstanding as more expensive companies like Apple or Dell, Acer has introduced some excellent laptop models in recent years.

While Acers have received some criticism for their lower-cost materials, it doesn’t imply you should entirely disregard them. No, the brand is actually OK as long as you get a nice laptop model and don’t have unrealistic expectations. Take a look at the best Acer laptops on the market.

If you’re simply spending a few hundred dollars on a new laptop, the features will never steal your breath away. However, if you do your homework, you should be able to discover a nice Acer laptop. However, as I already stated, you must conduct your own research.

Thankfully most Acer laptops come with a one-year warranty and you can extend this warranty up to three years provided that you pay an additional fee.

Overall, Acer has a good support team that knows what they’re doing and is very professional and courteous when it comes to their job.

When it comes to purchasing a new laptop, there are several manufacturers to select from. People’s initial choices are frequently pricey brands like Dell and Apple, but they aren’t the only ones available.

Premium computers, such as the ones I’ve described, may be found on the market. Then there’s a chance you’ll stumble upon an Acer laptop. It has the same specifications as the Macbook – 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and so on – but it costs 30 to 40 percent less. Is Acer a good brand? But why is that?

As a result, we must consider whether Acer is a good brand. And how are they able to produce a laptop with comparable features for half the price?

Well Known Acer Models

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1. Acer Swift

I’ll start by looking at the Acer Swift range, specifically the Acer Swift 3. This is one of Acer’s Best Budget Laptop most recent releases, and it’s a really good example of what they’re all about.

In short, the Swift 3 has a long battery life, good usability, and a pretty strong build quality all-round. It manages to take on more high-end premium laptops from competitors like Dell, Apple, and HP – but at a fraction of the price.

You can typically find it between 50-70% of the price of the Macbook or Dell XPS, but it’s not only 50% as good as these laptops. I’m not arguing that it’s superior, but it can do everything that most people require. So whilst it’s not quite as good as the high-end laptops mentioned, it’s a much lower price, giving excellent value for money.

The Acer brand base model comes with an i5 processor, but this can be upgraded to a newer Intel Core i7 processor if you want to extend the lifespan of your laptop a little. Overall, I think it’s pretty excellent value for money when you consider what this best laptop offers.

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Is Acer A Good Brand | 6 Reasons Why Acer Laptops Are So Popular 6

Acer Swift


  • I’ll start by looking at the Acer Swift range, specifically the Acer Swift 3.
  • You can typically find it between 50-70% of the price of the Macbook or Dell XPS


2. Acer Nitro

It’s also worth mentioning the Acer Nitro series. Though the Predator range is designed to suit those looking for a premium gaming laptop, the Nitro is targeted at those dipping their toes into the online gaming world.

The Acer Nitro series is immediately identifiable by its red backlight, which most people either love or hate. If you like the look of RGB lighting in general, then it’s likely that you’ll appreciate the design of the Nitro.

Most people would do well to invest a little more in their setup. But if you’re just getting started, it could be a good idea to check this series out.

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Is Acer A Good Brand | 6 Reasons Why Acer Laptops Are So Popular 7

Acer Nitro


  • It’s also worth mentioning the Acer Nitro series.
  • The Acer Nitro series is immediately identifiable by its red backlight


What Company Produces Acer Computers?

Acer is a company that manufactures laptop computers. A global electronics and information technology corporation. Stan Shih, his wife, and friends formed the firm, which they called Multitech at the time.

Multitech didn’t do commerce or make computers; instead, a company that specialized in semiconductors and other electrical components. In 1987, the firm grew large enough to be able to manufacture its own computers, and it was renamed Acer.

Acer is currently one of the most well-known names in computer hardware and technology. They’re also one of the most popular laptop companies, recognized for their low-cost and low-cost laptops.

Acer’s Tech Support

Another reason why Acer laptops are good is that their phone agents provide excellent customer support:  they’re friendly, and give reliable answers in a timely manner (the Dominican Republic call center has a solid knowledge of Acer products).

The website is clean and easy to navigate:  Upon entering, you’re greeted by a large screen bar that lets you enter your laptop’s serial number, ask questions, or search for a specific topic to find answers. 

You can even search for your laptop by typing the SNID number. Once you enter the support page, you’ll see handy tabs for drivers, documents, and apps.

Acer provided us with solid web and social support, allowing consumers to head to their support website and solve a handful of issues through a couple of their helpful services. We input our laptop’s serial number to get access to drivers and manuals. Additionally, there are a plethora of forum posts that answered most of our questions.

However, where Acer really slips up is its phone service support, as most of the agents we spoke to provided us with incorrect information and one had no clue what we were talking about. This didn’t bode particularly well, as none of our pressing issues were fixed through this call center.

Acer laptops typically come with one-year limited warranty that protects from hardware defects and can offer hardware support over the phone. Unfortunately, however, software assistance only lasts 90 days after purchase. Acer does pay for return shipping, but you will have to cough up the cash to send it to them. Acer Care Plus will also provide you with protection against spills, drops, and cracks.

Webchat is available from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. CST. But don’t bother, they’re not that useful:  the agents don’t seem well-versed on the products that come on the laptops. And they take forever to answer a question. 

Looking for answers through social media? Taking a matter to Facebook or Twitter is an exercise in frustration as you’ll be led to either incorrect answers or (get this) suggestions to look elsewhere.

  • The one area where Acer excel is its price. They often have the lowest costing laptops on the market, and you can find a bargain amongst them.
  • Although there’s nothing amazing about them, the Acer laptops aren’t badly designed. In fact, many of them have good quality displays and the keyboards and trackpads are typically quite responsive.
  • As mentioned, the cheap hardware allows you to get some better internal parts for your laptop, in turn giving you a more powerful experience.
  • I’d love to see Acer come out with a new product line to rival the Macbook and other top laptops – imagine what kind of Acer you could get for £1000+?
  • Like most of the laptop and computing brands out there, its customer service of Acer could definitely be a little better than it is.
  • Although there are a few different Acer series that I like, they don’t have the widest range of products.

Is Acer Good For Gaming?

Yes and No. It’s a no if you use Acer’s budget and mid-range laptops. These laptops often have decent hardware but it isn’t good enough to run most high-end games. Acer gaming laptops on the other hand, are a different story.

Acer is known for its monstrous gaming laptops that have amazing specs. It also has a name that matches its cool-looking design, “The Acer Predator”. The beasts of a machine run games smoothly and allow for overclocking if you want that extra boost in performance. It’s also designed for immersion as well, with its extra-large screens and vibrant resolutions as well as speakers that fill your ears with sounds from another world. 

  • Price

It’s probably not news to you that Acer makes the cheapest laptops on the market out of the top 6 brands. Whilst other brands seem to focus on the premium end of the market, Acer has settled nicely into making low costing yet still acceptable-quality laptops.

Sometimes, you’ll see an Acer laptop with the same specs as a more expensive brand, for a much lower price. So, price is an area where they excel.

  • Design

Although I’ve never been blown away by an Acer laptop, they are made to be pretty sturdy products. They’re not the most beautiful out there, but some people prefer simplicity as opposed to ergonomics.

You’ll be able to find different variations of Acer laptops depending on what you’re looking for. They make everything from business laptops all the way to casual notebooks. So, they aren’t badly designed laptops.

  • Range

There isn’t a wide variety of different Acer laptops out there. They have the Aspire range, the Swift range, and then some gaming laptops like the Predator and the Gemstone series. If you compare this to the other Asian brands, this is very little selection.

They also have a pretty good selection of Chromebooks for you to choose from as well. They can be the best choice if you’re looking for something well-made and easy to use.

  • Hardware

The good thing about Acer is that they’ll source some of the cheaper parts in comparison to other brands and use though, so you don’t have to pay the maximum price. So whilst the new apple MacBook air still uses an i3 processor, with an Aspire you can get an i5 processor or even an i7 processor for a cheaper price.

This is typically the case with brands like Acer, as you’ll be able to get similar specs for an overall cheaper price.

  • Customer Service

I’m the biggest critic of companies’ customer service/support out there, and Acer is pretty poor. However, this is the case for the majority of laptop brands out there, so it’s not only them that have bad customer service. But, just make sure that you get a decent warranty with your laptop because they’re not the most helpful bunch.

If you need to get in touch with their customer service, then you can still do this online pretty easily. However, most laptop brands aren’t inclined to help you if you don’t have a warranty in place.

  • Innovative

Another area where I’d like to see a little more from Acer is in their creation process. Outside of the Aspire and Swift series, which in themselves are pretty standard and boring, there isn’t much out there from Acer (excluding gaming laptops). So, a new line, maybe targeted at a more premium audience, wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Acer might have listened to me in this regard, as they’re actually making collaboration laptops with the premium car brand Porsche. They seem to be very well designed, but time will tell whether they’re a success in the current market.


There are a lot of reasons why Acer stands separated from various associations. Their gear is of worthy quality and attempts to last. Moderateness is what issues the most, and Acer offers us the best gear in a low-worth sticker price. Acer offers a great base of parts. They go with a notable processor and high screen quality. The plans are stunning. These workstations feature some unfathomable and smooth features. These PCs are significant, lightweight, and streamlined. They are smart and have long battery life.

Chrome books, 2 in 1 notebooks, Aspire series, Swift series, and Predator Series, Acer sells laptops in every category that a user can wish for.

In Closing Acer is a budget brand, so you get what you pay for. But we feel that on final analysis, Acer is a good laptop brand. We encourage you to check out user reviews for the Acer laptop you’re interested in if it looks cheap, it isn’t solid.

You now have the information to go out and make a solid choice should you decide that Acer is the laptop brand for you. Use this article as your smart reference to shop for laptops

All in all, I don’t think it’s really fair to say that Acer is a good brand, but I also don’t think it’s fair to say that they’re a bad band either. If you know what you’re looking for, then you can find some good deals among the selection of Acer laptops that are out there, especially in the Aspire and Swift series.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is Better HP or Acer?

One has to narrow down the features in order to decide which brand is better under different conditions. If we compare budget laptops, HP is a better option because it offers decent batteries even in their budget laptops. But, when it comes to innovation in design and gaming laptops, Acers wins the game as it experiments with designs and its Predator Series is a good choice for gamers.

2. Is ASUS better than Acer?

ASUS is a brand that is well known by gamers because it manufactures high-end laptops that offer excellent performance in this category. Acer, on the other hand, has a wide range of devices to its credit. It has budget chrome books, sleek design Aspire series and premium gaming laptops in their Predator series. Therefore, the market for ASUS laptops is generally limited to Acer overall.

3. Is Acer good for gaming?

Acer has a dedicated lineup for its gaming laptops known as Predator. The devices in this category like Predator 300 and Predator 500 are outstanding for video games due to their high-end processors and graphic cards. The gaming laptop market has fierce competition these days from brands like ASUS, Dell’s Alienware, and Razer.

4. Do Acer laptops last long?

This is a question that which majority of buyers will ask. The simple answer is that it depends on the usage. If we use a laptop for what it’s meant, it can last for 10- 15 years easily. When it comes to Acer, users have reported that their laptops easily last for 5-6 years with normal usage.

However, if a person starts playing video games on a non-gaming laptop, this will affect the device within days so be careful to know the limits of an electronic device. A lot of users like Acer’s premium laptops as well as their affordable budget laptops

5. How to fix the Acer Laptop?

Acer has a well-established support system to help you in case there is something wrong with your laptop. You can communicate with their representatives through social media, calls, or official websites. If you want to get your laptop repaired by a third party, that is also possible because Acer laptops are well-known to everybody in this business by now.


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