Do Mouse Pads Help Gaming?

Do mouse pads help gaming
Do mouse pads help gaming

The new technology replaced the rubber ball with the sensor and created an optical mouse to control sensitivity by these sensors. So the movement on the smooth surface causes the direction of the mouse and shows its pointer to the screen. Do Mouse Pads Help Gaming?>

Do mouse pads help gaming still in 2020?

The mouse pad was a necessary part of the computers for a long because the mouse needs it to work properly. A plastic body with a rubber ball and small wheels installed inside to make it work knowns as the old time’s mouse which needs the ball to send signals to the system. These signals represent the cursor’s movement on the computer screen.

The new technology replaced the rubber ball with the sensor and created an optical mouse to control sensitivity by these sensors. So the movement on the smooth surface causes the direction of the mouse and shows its pointer to the screen.

Do mouse pads help gaming?

Though, the mouse pads are not much needed at this time to grip the surface for generally using your optical mouse. But, mousepads are still helpful in gaming, because the optical sensor works well on a hard surface.

So the mouse pads help to the game while your table is made of glass. The reason is if you will use your mouse on the reflective surface it would reflect itself and won’t allow the sensor to know the movement of the mouse and your cursor will not work along.

Most of the gaming mice are wireless, optical, laser, or specifically designed as a gaming-mouse. So, they all are needed a mouse pad to play the game smoothly without restriction or friction and to detect the direction. It helps the mouse with minute tasks like back and forth movements.

Mouse pads started to disappear

Mousepads has been played an important role in the old times when someone uses to play the game on the desktop using the mouse (ball-driven) in one hand the other on the keyboard to attack the enemy. At that time mousepads were used to provide a smooth surface and predictable tracking area by keeping the ball unstuck and clean from dirt and skin oils.

This rolling system vanished when the LED, low-powered, and tiny optical mouse were introduced at the time. They can work on any surface but transparently without worrying about dirt, oil build-up, etc, and provide consistent tracking.

After a few years, these optical mice were replaced with laser mouse which are laser-equipped and have no limitations of the surface. They can be used on any surface with smooth tracking.

Good quality mouse pads help in gaming

As far as everybody can’t purchase expensive gaming mice a so good quality mouse pad help and works well with excellence in playing games on PC.

With the repeated motions of the mouse, there can be scratches on your desktop table whether it’s (leather, pressed wood, polished hardwood) surface, mouse pad keeps it scratch less.

It also makes the movements easy and protects the finishing of your table with a cheap option of putting the mousepad instead of replacing the desk.

Frequent gaming

You may not need the mouse pad at your workplace but you may help surely to play the game on the desktop because of frequent playing. Games like shooting preferences needed fast movements at a limited pace. So, the mouse pad is necessary for professional gamers.

The branded mouse pads should be oversized for the gaming mouse to allow you more consistent tracking with big space and sweeping motions. Some of the mousepads are big enough to cover the keyboard as well. So, while playing it could not be displaced from its place.

Speed factor

The modern gaming mouse is coupled with a mouse pad and is required for quick movements with a speed factor. These mousepads are specifically designed without skipping or dropping tools.

You can find out online a huge variety of mouse pads with different designs, sizes, and materials with thick and thin pads for super-fast glide. Such as (cloth, hard plastic, and metallic mousepads) for heavy and reliable gaming mouse because some gaming mice come with specialized software. This software allows setting the user’s profile for different surfaces.


When you are playing the game on your PC for several hours and your wrist is moving along back and forth, left and right can cause strain in your hand is pressed against the unsuitable surface. That’s why the soft mousepads are developed with slick materials which help to cushion your wrist and make it comfortable to play the game.


Most of the games need fast reactions such as FPS and MOBAs or PUBG. If you are a regular gamer you don’t want external factors to influence your movements and choice. Just like these games need thousands of specific movements and one slip or miss can because you cost of your gaming life or worse. So, the best quality mouse pads can save your character in-game while playing.


Gamers should protect their expensive mice with the mouse pad which is cheap in price but can save the cost of the mouse and the surface underneath.

The gamers used the mouse for a long term so the movement of the mouse can also damage the surface where you are keeping your desktop without a mouse pad.

They do not notice sometimes the amount of dust and grit on the surface where your mouse is placed becomes the problem and can interrupt the whole game.

Obviously, scratches will be visible by constant playing, and using the gaming mouse will make the surface damage so you should have a mouse pad. Because this dirt or grit can also cause damage to the underside of the mouse as well and can affect the accuracy of the mouse. Though these gaming mice are expensive and to ruin them just because of not putting the mouse pad underneath will be a foolish act.

What is a good size mouse pad for gaming?

For gamers, everything associated with the game is a necessary part, and to obtain the highest quality performance one must need a gaming mouse with a mouse pad. You can find the enormous size, type, and style of mousepads in the market or even online marketplace.

Select one mouse pad according to the place or the necessity of gaming sessions. If you are playing for hours then you may need extended mouse pads for making sure to provide comfortability to your hand.

Otherwise, you can have an average size mouse pad for gaming whatever it is made of.

The best material for a mouse pad

You can set up your gaming session while having all the required equipment such as a gaming mouse with a mouse pad as there are different types available which suit your setup.

There are a lot of options that come with an array of sizes too for professional gamers like FPS and PUBG to have extra-large mouse pads. Because the DPI of their mouse is very low, these mousepads cover the whole desktop so it helps them to control and precision over shots and move fast.

Cloth mouse pads

Clothe mouse pads are a great investment for professional gamers. These are fairly cheap in price and feel nice to your wrist. They are easily portable and come in multiple thicknesses and colors and make a perfect combination to any of the gaming set-ups.

If you want to know which is the best option for your gaming setup you can check online by comparing different mouse pad with the cloth quality or price along. The choice is all yours as there is a huge collection of cloth mousepads are available in the market.

Hard plastic mousepads

The hard plastic mousepads are not uncommon but you can’t find them easily like the cloth mousepads. You have to search for them online or go to some digital marketer to get one.

The hard plastic mousepad should be according to the size of your gaming mouse as the mouse moves on frequently and quickly with great precision.

These plastic hard mousepads come in different styles and sizes and also have different features like backlight which can add aesthetic to your set-up or glow in dark. While playing games the RGB light setup is also included in some of the fantastic mouse pads.

Metal mousepads

The other form of the mouse pads is metallic though these are very common and trending scale-out products and have all the abilities plastic mouse pads have. But its metallic form has additional durability and robustness for professional gamers. The one who thinks plastic mouse pad can be damaged in their playing environment choose it.


The above article explained all the necessary information regarding the mouse pads that how they help in gaming and keeping a constant place in the professional gamers’ set-up.

Though it was once forbidden to use a mousepad when the new technology was introduced in the form of laser mouse usage.

Today the gaming zone is incomplete without a proper mouse pad for the safety and accuracy of your expensive gaming mouse.


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