How to check what DPI my mouse is on?

How to check what dpi my mouse is on
How to check what dpi my mouse is on

Are you willing to learn how to check what dpi my mouse is on? This article will help you to find the detailed answer of your queries relevantly.

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The abbreviation of DPI is Dots per Inch which determines the sensitivity of the mouse. The higher DPI will move the cursor faster on the screen, like moving mouse and cursor at the same distance.

The sensitivity of the mouse depends on the DPI of the mouse. More sensitivity means it will react or move the cursor on even slight movements of the mouse such as gaming mouse.

That may not be enough for gamers. So the gaming mice equipped with DPI buttons which make them super-fast for playing games. Whereas do you know how to check what dpi of a mouse is on? Can you switch DPI settings between the games?

Let’s find out them through a proper procedure. However, it can be tricky sometimes as you cannot get the actual DPI of the mouse.

How to check what dpi my mouse is on?

If you are using a branded mouse then you can check all the information about mouse performance and capacities by instructions manual. Each gaming mouse has DPI instructions shown on its manual. Some of the expensive products have DPI button on them for instant need.

If you have a non-branded mouse then you have to go through the following procedure. You can also check it by the online calculator, but that would not be the accurate DPI or near about.

How to check mouse DPI by using a software

If you want to check the DPI of your non-branded mouse which usually relies on the Windows stock mouse driver. You can easily download the appropriate software from the manufacturer’s website. The software will provide you more options even the ability to change buttons task or select DPI setting.

You can get an app that allows you settings and options for mouse movements by installing drivers for your mouse. But the DPI setting will vary from the manufacturer’s app in a different location so you have to search online to find it.

How to Check Mouse DPI using MS Paint or Paintbrush

Here is the easy method to check what DPI your mouse is on. You can check it easily by using Microsoft Paint or Paintbrush program. The very first thing you have to do is disabling of mouse acceleration.

To disable mouse acceleration go to the control panel then mouse settings and disable it. When you do it then open Microsoft Paint whatever you have in your operating system.

Then make sure from the edges of positive and negative sides on the bottom that is at a hundred percent. Now take your cursor to the most left corner where it shows zero pixels that won’t exactly zero but 5 pixels.

Then you should have a ruler and spot it from start. Now move the mice to an inch which is 2.54cm to the horizontal direction, you can’t get the exact DPI but close to it.

As the way, if you get your first reading 1234, the second is 975 and the third is 1062. Now divide them on 3 to get an average as 1093 which is your estimated DPI.

Use an online DPI calculator

If you are not satisfied with the above method then go to an online DPI analyzer to find out the approximate value of your mouse DPI. Apply the same setting before checking your DPI online.

You need to go to the mouse settings and click on the Pointer Options tab. Now uncheck the box named “Enhance pointer precision” as this acceleration of mouse will render the measurement meaningless. If you already have mouse driver software installed on your system then make its acceleration disabled.

Search for the online DPI analyzer page and its requirements. There you can measure the distance by moving your mouse from left to right direction of the screen. Now use the virtual ruler to check the distance your pointer covered then enter it into the target distance box.

As for your concern; you don’t know the value of DPI of your mouse and you cannot put it in the configured DPI box. So click on the red crosshair which you can find at the bottom of the page.

Now drag it to the right side and move it with the specific distance that you have entered. You don’t need to make fast movements so the accuracy will be possible.

Be careful while checking it online. The cursor or pointer shouldn’t exceed much to the edge of the monitor; otherwise, the result will be incorrect. When you release the button it will show an image with “Actual DPI”. This would be approximately DPI value of your mouse which you are using.

An adjustable DPI mouse

The gaming mice have capabilities to allow changing DPI settings. You can find out your current DPI by its software which comes along with the mouse. Some companies have dedicated software that helps the user to control the DPI of their mouse and monitor in Real-Time players like BloodyRazer, and Logitech.

DPI button on FPS mouse

The gaming mouse has a brilliant option of the DPI key by which you can change the settings while playing the game. It quickly changes the DPI without exiting the game window.

This is the best option for gamers and makes no interruption while playing the game to have a feature button on the mouse. Usually, DPI button located on the top of the mouse but in some mouse it can on the side for thumb use.

If you will click press the DPI adjustment button, a notification of sensitivity appears on the screen. From your hand quick movement, you can adjust the mouse acceleration and sensitivity settings in the FPS games in no time. For the accurate selections, you must use a mouse with the trackball. You can find out the best higher DPI mouse online by researching them with specs on Amazon.

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These are some detailed procedures to check what dpi of a mouse is on. If you need to check your mouse DPI then try to follow these procedures to know your mouse specifications.

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