What to look for when buying a gaming mouse? 10 Best Tips

What to look for when buying a gaming mouse
What to look for when buying a gaming mouse

When you buy a console, it comes with the perfect controller to play almost any game. When you buy or build a gaming PC, you may not be so lucky. Cheap office mice won’t give you peak gameplay performance, and even a pack-in gaming mouse (if you’re lucky enough to get one) might not be the right tool for the job. What to look for when buying a gaming mouse?

It is recommended you should buy a wired gaming mouse because it won’t lag and is more stable than a wireless mouse. Well, we know the latest technology offers better performance and cordless situations not to mess up with cords anymore but they still have a long way to go.

The only thing matters to gamers are its functionality and performance not eliminating cable from the desk only.

What to look for when buying a gaming mouse?

Gaming mice are a bit expensive than a simple mouse. So, before spending money on the mouse you should consider the following things so that you may not regret it later.

1. Laser or optical sensor?

In early times it is said that gamers used an optical mouse for playing computer games which provides more reactive sensors, unlike a laser mouse. By the passage of modern times when the technology has advanced laser lag does not exist. Some of the manufacturers used laser gaming mouse as their flagship products and experienced lag-free feedback.

2. Wired or wireless gaming mouse?

Most people would like the wireless mouse for intense playing and personal preference. But for a better experience of gaming as you navigate through games or being a professional gamer you should choose a wired mouse.

If you like much wireless technology but fail to see an efficiency level lower than a wired mouse then you must wait. You can say wireless mice are for non-professional players who can’t notice a difference in performance.

In this case, you should enjoy all the benefits of a wireless gaming mouse without cables on your desk.

Input Lag

There is an issue with the wireless mice and that is input lag makes them slower than a wired mouse. The wireless transmission causes an extra lag to transmit the signals and makes it less desirable for gamers.

​No Interference

Gaming mouse with wires has interference from nearby interfaces like USB 3.0 which makes the movements appear choppy to hunt down the enemy. What to consider when buying a gaming mouse if wired interference is no big deal as no devices are in the way or close to the gaming area.

3. Prices of gaming mice

Both wired or wireless mice have a difference between their prices, considerably wired mice are cheap in rate. You really do not need to charge it or face the problem with batteries but of course to deal with the cable clutter or cable lag.

Wireless mice are more convenient than wired mouse, as they are portable and you can put them in a bag or drawer without tangling cables. Wireless mouse for gaming is a bit expensive with no means of dragging or necessity of mousepads.

You can enjoy playing games even you are far away from your computer screen without sticking to it. An ideal source while traveling, or if you are using your TV as a monitor then the wireless mouse is best for you to operate from distance.

4. Claw grip or palm grip

The most wanted gaming mouse is in the shape of the user’s hand like a claw grip. People use their fingertips like a claw to position the mouse by pulling it into the rear of the palm.

When we hold the mouse with claw-grip it allows the mouse to be stable even if lifted. Claw grip is often used by gamers who would like precise movements like pulling the mouse around with fingertips and making fine movements.

Whereas the palm grip has a good feeling while playing games for hours because you can rest your whole palm on the mouse and drag it which looks more natural. In palm grip, you hold your mouse with all fingers and thumb and can be able to press and control keys easily than the claw-grip.

5. Light it up

Gaming mice are beautifully designed for playing games and give you the special effect of playing like in reality or virtual. Some of the mice have bells, whistles, and light shows which are personal preferences.

If you like to have a glowing mouse for playing games or according to your PC design and want a matching mouse. Do not forget to turn off your Pc from the wall socket because your Pc might still provide a 5volt charge to the mouse to keep it lighting.

6. Acceleration

Acceleration of a gaming mouse lets you build up muscle memory of the distance covered by the mouse and the cursor. it gets faster when you move the mouse faster 20cm across the mouse pad slowly or fast.

When you notice the cursor would be on a different spot and you drag the mouse with the 20cm pace it will move faster with less effort that’s acceleration.

7. Reliability & Warranty

Well, it’s not enough about the specs of the gaming mouse. The other thing you should keep in mind before buying a mouse is reliability. You should have to check up the warranty of the gaming mouse as they come with expensive rates.

So that if you face any issue regarding mouse performance you can return it to the vendor or the shop where you purchased it from. Check the user’s reviews about the product you want to buy to know how long and lasts for gaming sessions or for extended hours. s


These are some important facts that should be considered before buying a gaming mouse. There are different varieties of gaming mouse in 2021 available in the market and online stores. You can choose according to your requirements and budget by visiting your near market or also can order on Amazon.

I can assure if you will consider the above-mentioned factors before buying a gaming mouse you will find the perfect thing according to your requirements.

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