What Gaming Mouse Is Right for Me?

what gaming mouse is right for me
what gaming mouse is right for me

Like if you are interested in playing strategic games like RPG or MMO then, you can select a mouse with programmable buttons and high DPI which suits your style.

Before making a choice or selecting the best gaming mouse, you need to know in what type of games you are interested in. Whether you prefer RTS, RPG or FPS (first-person shooters) games or what type of player you are. You need to know what gaming mouse is right for me.

Like if you are interested in playing strategic games like RPG or MMO then, you can select a mouse with programmable buttons and high DPI which suits your style.

Best Mouse For Gaming In 2020

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What gaming mouse is right for me?

There are a few things you need to work on before selecting a gaming mouse for your PC. You have to figure out how you hold a gaming mouse. There are basically three types to hold a mouse people often use:

Palm Grip

In this way people hold their mouse with the entire hand lies flat on the mouse and drag it easily held by the whole palm.

Claw Grip

This way is a bit like a palm grip but characterized by arched fingers on top of the mouse just like a claw.

Fingertip Grip

In this type, people hold their mouse with only fingertips; their palm won’t touch the mouse anyway.

These are three types of holding a mouse, now find out the way you move your mouse with perfect sensitivity. The sensitivity of a mouse means DPI plays an important role in the performance of a gaming mouse.

Just like all the best gaming mice RazerRoccatLogitech, and Corsair have high DPI with tuning software.

If you play heavy games for long sessions you will need a mouse specifically designed for heavy games and have macros on it. Like RTS or MMO’s games, you need extra buttons that you can even customize with the game features or scenes.

You can identify the mice type by paying attention to their shape. If a mouse looks large with two main same buttons that’s palm grip mouse. And if the mouse looks small and its buttons are quite visible then it would be for claw grip or fingertip gamers.

The other thing you need to select the right gaming mouse is to check the user reviews. When you select a mouse for gaming you must go through user reviews to know the pros and cons of a gaming mouse.

All-Purpose or Specialized Gaming Mouse

After choosing its physical shape now its turn to know about its specifications; you need a gaming mouse with all-purpose ability as they come in all shapes and sizes. They are good for playing games or controlling features FPS or MMO and versatile enough to handle easily with a number of games.

All-purpose mice are the best option for you, if you check them online on Amazon you will find:

Wired /wireless gaming mice 2020

A modern technology introduced wireless mice for the convenience of users and to avoid a tangle of wires on your desk. Old-time mice had an element of delay to response cursor, but modern mice are lag-free now.

There are many best wireless mice are available in the market with a number of varieties and brands. However wireless mice also compromised with an absolute fastest response as it takes time to connect to radio waves than a corded mouse.

There is also one more issue you can face with a wireless mouse that’s batteries. You need to have a spare set of batteries sometimes in intense mode. These batteries make a mouse heavy, so you can have a wired mouse for lightweight.

FPS gaming mouse 2020

FPS mice are also available for games like Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counter-Strike, and Quake or other shooting games for first-person perspectives. There is a difference in all-purpose mice and FPS mice as they have sniper button for difficult shots to slow down DPI. You need mice for FPS games cooperatively or competitively like:

Left-handed/Right-handed mice

Here a little problem rises for left-handed players; unfortunately, they have a limited choice of a gaming mouse. The manufacturers do not see enough profit margins to cater to left-handed players so they ergonomically designed for right-handed gamers.

You will find left-handed mice but with short requirements like not many buttons or low DPI than the right-handed mouse. It is recommended to use Razer Deathadder for a left-handed gamer. This mouse is available in both versions with DPI: 1800 and 5 programmable buttons for left-handed players.


Finally, here comes the connectivity of gaming mouse, if you are already using the same peripherals of the same company as it could be Razer, Logitec, Roccat or SteelSeries.

If you have a better experience with your existing synced equipment like a keyboard, headset, or mouse of a given company. They can usually run smoothly if they are from the same peripherals than the three separate programs which bogging down your system and cause you trouble.

Personal preference to determine what gaming mouse is right

Well, it’s all about your taste; how you like a gaming mouse because everyone has different aesthetic tastes that influence your decision. We can only recommend some popular models, but the final choice is your own.

Price of gaming mouse

The prices of gaming mice have the following three categories:

  1. Less than $50
  2. Between $50-$100
  3. More than $100

It’s not like that if you can buy $20 won’t work better or $80 price mouse performs well. It all depends on retailers and sales where prices vary from products. You can easily find out them online by reviewing and can get a great gaming mouse at a lower price.


This article is dedicated to our one regular reader who asked us what gaming mouse is right for me. We can assure now he is able to select the best mouse for gaming. Do not forget to notice that the more complicated mouse means having lots of keys and 1600 DPI are the most advanced options. These heavy specs mouse are for pro-gamers and eSports.

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