What is tfues gaming mouse?

What Is Tfues Gaming Mouse
What Is Tfues Gaming Mouse

Tfue is no different from every other professional PC gamer in the eSports industry in that they always play with the best equipment available. Along with players like Bugha, Cloak, Daequan, and Myth, he still rules the Fortnite multiplayer scene. He is a native of Florida and uses Twitch, Youtube, and Twitter. He participated extensively in previous shooters like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Halo before his rapid climb in the Fortnite series. Today, we’ll talk about the mouse he used when competing in eSports and how that makes him a risky player online.

Having 10 million subscribers on Youtube and twitch tv regular streaming makes him special he also won multiple Fortnite tournaments with many partners such as (Cloak and KittyPlays).

Tfue is a world-famous e-sport, professional Fortnite player. Tfue is a populated middle name and his full name is Turner Tfue. He was born on 2nd January 1998 and lives with the Faze Clan in California. Because of his tremendous gaming techniques, every game lover would love to know what setup he is running with his impressive gaming skills which make him a superstar of the generation.

What is Tfues gaming mouse?

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Tfue has the PC to support his claim to be among the best streams in the world. Turner “Tfue” Tenney has extraordinary talent; he doesn’t need his computer to hold him back.

Tfue once held the title of top Fortnite player in the entire globe and was a major Twitch streamer. He is currently the fourth-most followed creative on Twitch, according to the site owned by Amazon, with 11 million followers.

Tfue is not only one of the top Fortnite players in the world, but also one of the most viewed, with 11 million Twitch followers. His talent for the game makes him well-known, but tfue’s pc setup also enables him to play at these high levels.

Having 10 million subscribers on Youtube and twitch tv regular streaming makes him special he also won multiple Fortnite tournaments with many partners such as (Cloak and KittyPlays). His Fortnite gaming settings are oriented toward a high paced aggressive style of play as he often spotted different key binds settings on the keyboard. But the most important thing is the Tfues gaming mouse named Razer Viper-Ultimate.

There are other interests of Tfue who are only 21 years old such as jumping from cliffs while skateboarding and having a bright future ahead in e-sports. Besides playing Fortnite, he also plays (‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, ‘Apex Legends’, ‘Destiny’, ‘PUBG’, etc) and many other updated games tfue uses.

Tfue’s gaming peripherals

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To play intense battle games online it is needed to have the best and fast system computer to play Fortnite smoothly and flawlessly. Tfue also has an extraordinary set of gaming peripherals to fight against enemies/opponents with being excellent in gaming.

Suppose your opponent of the game has the latest system with memory and an updated monitor, you are at loss. Because their equipment allows them to play well at the optimal settings, having high FPS and great refresh rate with the best response time and much more.

So the Tfue has a separate computer for gaming and streaming which is a norm in today’s gaming community as an additional computer is used exclusively for streaming gear. That’s why he experiences high-quality viewing with down dragging his Fortnite performance more practically. Check his gaming equipment:

Features of Tfue’s gaming mouse

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Razer viper ultimate mouse is specifically created for E-sports gaming with the lightest weight and zero compromises. It has only 74g weight including a 20K DPI optical sensor.

This exclusively high DPI makes the game performance awesome with a wireless feature to create a great victory on opponents. Here are some features of the Tfue’s gaming mouse he used while battleship:

  • Ultra-fast razer hyperspeed wireless technology

This mouse is faster than wired gaming mice with all-new technology of ultra-high-speed transmission, and seamless frequency switching in the noisiest environment.

You can enjoy the wireless freedom won’t realize even if you are playing with a wireless mouse with extremely low latency and interference reduction.

  • Designed for control

In fast-paced games, it allows higher precision with a softer, micro-textured cloth surface and gives you more tactile feedback from the mouse.It also comes with a pop filter and windscreen to make the recordings clearer.

  • Non-slip rubber base

The mouse has a rubber base made of natural foam rubber that keeps the mouse firm on the mouse pad.

  • Built-In mouse cable manager

It keeps wired mice in place for organization and mouse bungee-like functionality and performance.

  • Razer focus with 20K optical sensor

This mouse gives you an acute level of precision with 20,000 DPI sensors. It means 99.6% resolution accuracy to the finest movement of your mouse’s track. Feel the magic of intensity and winning headshots, highly elusive maneuvers for playing the game.

  • Lightweight & designed for E-sports

No doubt its sleek body was invented for e-sports with only 74g weight. This wireless gaming mouse makes no compromise on strength and ambidextrous form factor uniquely. Its optimal weight is designed for faster and smoother control while playing intense games.

  • Razer optical mouse switch

The switches are also durable for up to 70 million clicks from the mouse-wired version. It works like the speed of light with no denounces delay, always ready to pull the trigger.

  • Up to 70 hours of battery life

You don’t need to charge this mouse as it comes with new and improved power efficiency to keep it running for 70 hours. So, if you daily play games and use 10 power daily then charge it once a week.

  • Razer Chroma mouse charging dock

This amazing Tfues gaming mouse comes with a charging dock powered by Razer Chroma, exclusively 16.8 million colors, and signature lighting effects. You can use your charger for 10 minutes and it will work for 5 hours wireless.

  • Cost of gaming mouse

The mouse may be a bit expensive for some people, but the price is worth the product. The mouse comes with a special best-quality mouse pad. You can buy this mouse online here

Description of Tfues gaming mouse

The Razer-Viper Ultimate hyper-speed lightest wireless gaming mouse with RGB charging dock is number one at the best-selling fastest mouse for playing games. It can be switched to 20,000 DPI optical sensors and Cardioid Dynamic Microphone.

The uses this gaming mouse for better performance in battling games with 8 programmable buttons and Chroma lighting along with a nonstop 70 hours battery. This mouse is declared among the most-wanted gaming peripherals manufacturers in the United States according to the NPD Group Inc U.S retail tracking service from Jan 2017- Dec 2019.

Razer Viper is a 25% quicker hyper-speed technology competing for wireless mice. It provides absolute freedom from wire, which can cause disturbance while playing. The mouse is easy to use because it is lightweight with more additional features. Zero compromise and optical sensors make it unique from other gaming mice.

While playing games when you switch some buttons on the mouse it takes time to work on. Whereas, this mouse has faster than traditional mechanical switches based on light-beam perfection.

That’s why it works like the speed of light when it presses the buttons and is best for both left and right-handed users. There are accessible, programmable buttons on both sides. The settings can be customized like preset profiles and facilitated with a Chroma RGB mouse charging dock to provide you with no waste of time while playing for hours a day.

Razer Viper mouse configuration

The Tfue gaming mouse has 8 programmable buttons. It allows you to reconfiguration and assignment of complex macro functions through Razer Synapse 3.

  • Mouse sensitivity input X:100
  • Mouse sensitivity input Y:100
  • Mouse DPI: 400
  • Mouse targeting sensitivity:300
  • Mouse scope sensitivity:300
  • HUD scale:80
  • Polling rate: 1000 Hz


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We have compiled a detail about the Tfues gaming mouse and shared it with you in this detailed article. I hope, you will find the article helpful and you can understand the technical matters if you are a gamer. We have published more detailed guides about different models of laptops and other accessories in our blog. Keep visiting laptopschamp for more new updates.

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