Do Cooling Pads For Laptops Really Work? What Is a Good Laptop Cooling Pad?

Do Cooling Pads For Laptops Really Work

Laptops frequently become quite warm. How is it your fault? Nowadays, a lot of high laptop’s performance and high-graphics tasks that need a lot of CPU and RAM speed are carried out on laptops.

This explains why laptops get so hot after being used continually for hours on end. Desktop PCs are fortunate to have built-in cooling fans for the CPUs, which can help to some extent by reducing the amount of warmth.

But as technology advances daily, laptop cooling pads have emerged as a comparable laptop cooling option. The way these cooking mats operate is remarkably similar to how desktop CPU cooling fans operate. But the fundamental query is: do cooling pads for laptops really work

With the advancement of technology the use of laptops increases day by day. Laptops replace the huge number of desktops that change occurs in the office or at home. People like to use a laptop because of its friendly nature and portable facility. Do Cooling Pads For Laptops Work?

New models of laptops are always tried to design in a slim and light way. Therefore, the ventilation area is minimized in thin and slim models.

People use laptop cooling pads worth for commercial and non-commercial purposes like photo editing, gaming, website development, etc. Excessive use of gaming laptops and general laptops makes it warm, or it goes to overheating level.

Do cooling pads for laptops really Work ?

Do cooling pads for laptops work?

In a nutshell, laptop cooling pads do indeed function. at the very least, in part. A heated laptop’s temperature can be reduced by several degrees with the use of laptop cooling pads. The average temperature drop brought on by a decent cooling pad is 14 degrees. However, some cooling pads can actually temperature by as much as 30 degrees!

After testing a variety of laptops, from low-performance midrange laptops to powerful workstation laptops with lots of graphics, we found that the majority of high-quality cooling pads did a superb job of keeping the laptop cool.

While some laptop coolers just slightly lowered the temperature, others displayed a large drop.

Normally, the manufacturer recommends using cooling pads for laptops to avoid overheating during working, especially during commercial use.

But now the question is this; do cooling pads work for laptops to avoid overheating problems?

Cooling pads are designed to combat with heating problems of laptops. Several components produce heat, and the combination of several factors makes it overheat. Cooling pads are the external source to avoid overheating and passive cooling support by providing fresh air near intakes and expelling heat from the machine.

There are various types of cooling pads available in the market with or without fans connectable with a USB port. Some cooling pads come with a single large fan speed, and some come with multiple small fans. The selection of cooling pads depends on the usage and suitability of the user and laptop and makes the laptop cooler.

Here we are going to discuss multiple aspects of using cooling pads and things to keep in mind before the selection of cooling pads and cooling systems.

How do Cooling Pads Affect Performance?

Do cooling pads for laptops work?

There are probably hundreds of different laptop cooling pads available, but they all function in much the same way by sheltering at least one sizable fan beneath a flat mesh to cool the laptop from below.

In essence, laptop cooling pads are docks where you may store your computer. When the computer gets hot, the fans inside the pad kick on to circulate the cold air to the computer. The laptop cooling pad’s temperature can be changed, and it can move enough air to give the laptop a feeling of calmness.

The performance of the laptop can actually be improved, and the user experience is improved, by cooling the device down. In contrast to when it begins to overheat, the laptop processes information more quickly and easily when it is allowed to cool down.

Laptop cooling pads help reduce the heat level of the machine and overheating effects on hardware. Graphic processing units and central processing units are two main components responsible for the main heating generation in gaming laptops.

Built-in fans are connected with these two components to make the device cool but with limited capacity due to a shortage of space.

During excessive use of laptops with a heavy load, work increases the risk of more heat generation. Built-in fans can’t evacuate it properly. Therefore, it increases the value of cooling pads.

Excessive heat generation for a long time makes the machine break itself. Faster laptops are normally produced more heat as compared to slower ones, but at a certain temperature, both types break themselves.

Heating can slower the speed and working capacity of a laptop with time. Though using cooling pads retain it at a low level, and therefore the user can enjoy the original speed and working capacity.

Though, cooling pads are not responsible for device speed but are helpful to retain it for a long time. Also, active cooling pads are beneficial to prolong the life of the machine by avoiding heating issues and giving cool air.

Feasible for all Surfaces

Many people are fond of using laptops on laps or like to watch videos for a long time while laying on the bed. Laptops are not feasible for putting over a blanket or even in a lap while working. Because, soft cloths stick to the bottom surface of the laptop, results in blockage of the ventilation area.

Cooling pads are designed to work even on soft surfaces like sofas, beds, or carpets. It helps to lift up the bottom surface of the laptop and allows the internal system to evacuate heat properly. It is more beneficial for gamers who like to play games for hours while placing them on the bed or on the table.

How does overheating affect different components of a laptop?

Overheating causes damage to multiple internal components of the laptop. Sometimes, the machine goes to shut-off mode before damaging it, but even then it affects to some extent. Let’s see how overheating affects the following parts of the laptop:


You notice that when the processor gets overheated, its working speed goes down considerably and also slows down the entire working. The normal function system of the laptop turns on the fans when the processor starts overheating the system.

If the processor continues working with the overheating system for a long time, it will obsolete itself.


Standard batteries of laptops are made up of lithium-ion, which is at high risk of heat damage. With the increase in heating of the system, ions in the battery start moving rapidly. The extra heat causes a chemical reaction that affects the power-saving capacity of the battery. This results in a reduction of battery life also.

Allowing your laptop to get overheated, you are going to buy a new one, which is not a cheap deal. The use of cooling pads reduces the risk of overheating and saves your money with little cost.


The motherboard is the hub of major components necessary for the working of laptops and also other computers. An increase in heating pushes the motherboard to shut off some of its applications or restricts the working of applications.

Motherboards also force some parts of the laptop to stop working as an approach to avoid any harm to it.

Overheating also reduces the life of hard disks up to 02 years only if ambient room temperature goes 05 degrees higher.

Different Types of Cooling Pads

There are four different types of cooling pads. To understand the working of the cooling pad, you must be aware of these types:

Active Cooling Pads

Active cooling pads use multiple small fans to produce extra airflow around the intakes of laptops on the bottom side. It helps to blow off the heat discharged from the machine and avoid overheating.

Normally, these types of pads get power for working through a USB cable connecting to the laptop.

Passive Cooling Pads

Passive cooling pads are filled with an organic salt compound that absorbs the heat of the laptop. There is no need for a USB cable connection or any other power source for working. These pads come with a short working time of up to 8 hours.

This type of cooling pad blocks the vents on the bottom side of laptops. Therefore, these are not recommended for laptops. If you are going to purchase this type of pad, make sure your laptop has not any vents on the bottom.

Multi-surface cooling pads

This type of cooling pad is designed to let the air flow between the chassis of the laptop and the cooling pad itself. It also facilitates airflow between your laptop and the cooling pad. This type of cooling pad is feasible to work on any kind of surface like a soft cloth, table, carpet, etc.

Multi-purpose cooling pads

Advancements in technology let people enjoy different cooling pads with different functions. For example; some cooling pads offer key drives or memory cards. Also, cooling pads offer to make notes with pen and paper.

What Is a Good Laptop Cooling Pad – Buying Guide 2022

Do cooling pads for laptops work?

The selection of laptop cooling pads work depends on different things like size, purpose, temperature control, color, etc.

  • It must be versatile so you can get the maximum benefit from it.
  • If you are looking for a cooling pad just for casual use, you may go for cooling pads without fans or with a single fan. It is helpful to cool your laptop while watching videos, checking emails, etc.
  • If you want to use it during your professional activities that require more time to operate a laptop and produce may go for a cooling pad with a dual fan system. It makes your laptop cool enough and enables you to continue your work without any risk of overheating.
  • If you are fond of games, you must go for a cooling pad with more fans fitted to it. Also, an extra USB hub enables you to enjoy additional activities.
  • Best cooling pads enable you to enjoy additional features like height settings, size adjustments, and LED lights


Although the majority of laptop coolers won’t show a noticeable drop in temperature, the best ones will. Make careful to inspect them and only get high-quality products that guarantee consistent cooling for a high-performance laptop.

I think so now it’s all clear to you how many cooling pads are important for your laptops. These pads really help to enhance the performance of your laptop by working as a coolant to reduce the heat of the processor. We hope you found this article to be interesting.

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