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How much is the PlayStation 4 controller

How much is the PlayStation 4 controller in 2020?

Play station 4 defines today’s generation game field properly. PS4 is the advanced version of the PlayStation with many new features. So, these features have to be handled with its own controller which has all the advance feature handling.

PS4 Controller Name Color Price
DualShock IV Wireless Controller Navy Blue View
Nacon Compact Controller Wired Blue View
Razer Raiju Mobile Black View
SHUX DualShock 4 Wireless Controller Red View
NACON Asymmetric Black View
Qingta Wireless Game Controller Black View

Sony has launched the original PS4 controller the “DualShock 4 controller” with all the advancement and the better shape. Elegance also has launched limited additions and the one with different colors.

Each wireless DualShock 4 has the same updated features. Main features are Touchpads, Motion sensors, built-in rechargeable battery, compatibility with all the PS4 games, and low rate of latency.

Also, it has the revolutionary features of intuitive, precision control. The innovative technologies, analog sticks, and trigger button enables the player to have the best real experience of PS4.

How much is the PlayStation 4 Controller?

DualShock 4 is a combo of the advanced controller with the best feature of 3.5mm of the audio jack. It helps the players if they want to hear their games sound in private. The addition of the Share button in the controller is attracted to the players which will enable them to share their game moments easily.

For sure, the players are willing to get this elegant, classy, advanced PlayStation4 controller in their hands as soon as possible. Here I also tell you the price of this great piece which is 38$ in jet black color. There is a wide range of colors, the prices change with the colors.

DualShock Alternatives

There is a host of awesome alternatives of DualShock PlayStation 4 controller. There could be so many reasons that the player wants the alternative of DualShock 4. It could be of the high price of the original controller, your hands could set on it, licensed or unlicensed pro pads chipped or mudded controllers for high rewards or any other reason.

There are some finest alternatives that you can buy and can rely on it. Some of the best alternatives are mentioned below:

NACON Controller Revolution Unlimited Pro – Best PS Controller 2020

If money is not the case of problem then the highest accessibility to the PS4 games can be achieved by this elegant NACON’S controller. If you are interested in the customized features of the controller then you’ve got the most appropriate “NACON REVOLUTION.”

In this controller, you can tweak all sorts of settings, have the appropriate weigh, customize the heads of the analog sticks, and adjust the responsiveness of the sticks. Future more, you can adjust the sensitivities of triggers, set the vibration intensity and even change the colors of the LED.

It can easily be connected to your PC also. The texture of the controller will not slip or heat up even after the hours of playing with or without the sweating hands.

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RAZER Wolverine – Best PS4-Controller for Aspiring Pros

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition is completely here for all those who are willing to be a next PRO. With its great accessibility to all the buttons and most sprung and click buttons it can give you the marginal gains you’ve been looking for.

It gives you the feeling of playing the Xbox One controller. It has a special hair-trigger mode which when activated reduce the distance of two main triggers, for quick-fire trigger mode.

Moreover, the arrangements of buttons are so mappable that the player’s thumb will never go further far from the sticks. Those who want more and more from their PS4 gaming have this Razer Wolverine as the best option.

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NACON Asymmetric Wireless Controller

Nacon’s other product which is only marginal more expansive than the original DualShock 4. Eventually, the features are not as much attractive as the price sibling has, but the large buttons and the asymmetric layout are much of incredible use.

It is just as satisfying as the other NACON’S layouts. The meaty rear trigger is of great accessibility. The USB receiver would be plugged into the PS4 or your gaming PC to connect the controller to the game.

It also has a better affection in gaming although the above most advanced features are absent. The sturdy design and the long-term battery material is the worth of investment.

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NACON Revolution-Pro – Best PS4 Controller for Cost-Conscious Players

If the buyer has the issue of splurging money over 110$, the NACON’s this elegant piece is in markets with a slightly greater price than the official DualShock4. The body of matte finish means after using many hours or using with sweaty hands it will still be non-slippery and under controllable.

Thumbstick is tight and much responsive. Moreover, the layout is as same as the one with Xbox One Controller. Despite the chunky face and some unmappable buttons, the NACON REVOLUTION-PRO is a dream to be true.

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(Buy now from AMAZON)

These all are the finest alternatives you can have for you PS4. Moreover, if you are looking for PRO-PADS it can also be traced easily and can be under the outline of 90$ to 250$. If you are cost-conscious and finding a better pro-pad you can have it for at least 30 USD.

The cheap controller seems to be attractive, but most of them are made up of low-quality parts. It can result in trashing them after a year, or the parts are of very loose connections result in breaking of thumbstick or other components.

So, now you have a great idea of the prices of the PS4-controller and what they worthy of that price very deliberately.

Best PlayStation 4 Controller on Discount

There is more for you; if you are the one loving your mid-night gaming with this PlayStation 4 edition. You can also have the best controllers to you on discount with the same quality and customizability. Do you know; How?

AMAZON Discount Deals

Amazon is one of the most reliable International Shopping Hub. Here your security is what they prior the first and provide hassle-free shipping to worldwide.

They offer GREAT DEALS promotions in every event, resulting in different percent of sale on their products. One of the GREAT SALE comes up the air on BLACK FRIDAY.

The sale on BLACK FRIDAY is worth seeing, every person shop on this day where they usually providing you the least rates of products.

AMAZON Black Friday 2020

Amazon Black Friday is much more different than the other retailers. Because Amazon not only provides the huge sale on Black Friday but also give the “countdown deals” from 1st November.

Moreover, it provides the “Cyber week deal”. So, the rates of these all controllers and the official DualShock4 rates also go very low in November.

If you are willing to get the most appropriate and you’re favorite PS4 Controller, you can get it on November with surprisingly low rates.

What if you get your desired product under the budget? Is this not cool?

How Much Is The PlayStation 4 Controller On Black Friday Deals?

AMAZON will provide the least rates on the Black Friday 2020; so you can count up on your favourite product without the “Out of Budget” problem. The PS4 original rates have been mentioned above. The estimated discounted prices are mentioned below:

The original DualShock $30-$35
NACON Revolution Unlimited-Pro $90-$105
RAZER Raiju $70 -$85
SCUF Impact $80-$95
NACON Asymmetric Controller $30-$35
NACON Revolution Pro $40-$45

Final Words

So, there you can get your desired controller for your PS4, with the great quality and money-back guarantee. Hope you can enjoy the best deals for your controllers in coming November. So, the mid-night gaming people don’t you worry more for your brand new PS4. HERE YOU GOT ALL THE IDEA NOW!

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