Top 4 Best Laptops for Interior Design

Laptop for Interior Design
Laptop for Interior Design

Interior design, contrasting to yesteryear, is almost entirely done on the computer. The limits of the designer’s imagination are only restricted to the tools at their disposal. Finding the proper computer to get the job done right and efficiently should be the number one priority when starting.

One of the prerequisites of design is always being on the go. You can’t have your workstation tethering you to your office. It’s entirely necessary to get a laptop for interior design.

Choosing the right laptop can be a tough choice, particularly for those unaware of what will work best. It’s not a requirement of design to be well versed in laptop tech, so this is a guide for those uninitiated.

Laptop for Interior Design

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Knowing What Makes a Laptop for Interior Design Perfect

It’s a good idea to get the gist of what’s on your computer. Knowing what powers your machine and the different components of silicon will help you decide. If one of the laptops on the following list won’t do for your needs, you’ll be able to make an informed decision elsewhere.

RAM (random-access memory) is a temporary storage technology that allows for multitasking. It keeps application software in the immediate foreground for quick use. For interior design, you’ll need at least 8GB of RAM – but 16GB and higher is better.

Storage space, used to keep your data offline permanently, should be plentiful. CAD designs and other design software can make for heavy files. Get something with at least 512GB and make sure it’s an SSD.

You’ll want a newer generation processor in your computer. Intel is a tried and true manufacturer, and they’re on their 11th generation of i-Series computers. Grab something with an i5 or an i7; they’ll do just about anything you throw at it.

If You’re on a Budget: Acer’s Aspire 5 or Swift 3

Acer’s a great budget line of computers. They offer some higher-end units, but for a budget, they’re about as good as you can get.

The Acer Aspire 5 and Swift 3 both come with their own dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU). Most laptops have integrated graphics, which are onboard units packed with the CPU. Having a dedicated driver will allow for more graphically intensive processing to be done – perfect for designers.

Depending on the model you spring for, they’ll either come with the NVIDIA MX250 or the MX350 inside. Both are plenty capable of running moderately intense graphics.

The Swift 3 and Aspire 5 both come with something wildly important and often overlooked: a full HD IPS display. It ensures crystal clear viewing angles and a crisp image.

They both include Intel’s i5 “U” chip, which is their mobile processing unit for laptops. Included with that is 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. If the storage isn’t adequate, there are expandable options.

Microsoft’s Surface Book Line

We wouldn’t recommend one of the lower-tier Surface laptops, as they don’t usually include an i-Series chip or an acceptable amount of storage. They’re gimped in a lot of ways other than these two key factors.

Microsoft’s newest offering comes with a 10th generation i5 and i7 processor. It’s a powerhouse that’ll certainly run any design program you have in your toolset.

It comes in either a 13.5″ or 15″ display, but we’d suggest getting the larger screen for more real estate. Having a wider canvas is certainly important during the design process.

It includes, up to, 32GB of RAM, which is an astronomical amount of memory. If you can find a make with half of that, it’d likely save you a few bucks. 32GB is — currently — overkill.

There’s also an option for an upgraded, dedicated GPU: the GTX 1660 Ti. If you’d like to play some semi-heavy games in your downtime, it could be a worthy investment.

Its most important feature is its suite of tools tailored for designers. The screen is a little higher resolution than full HD (3000 x 2000 or 3240 x 2160) and it’s touchscreen. Along with the screen is its compatibility with Microsoft’s Surface Pen and Surface Dial.

They’re both groundbreaking design tools and will most definitely change your workflow for the better.

The Macbook Pro

It wouldn’t be interior design without a Macbook.

There’s a reason the entire creative industry has transitioned to Apple’s offerings. They just, plainly, work. There’s not a lot of hassle with use and it’s stylish — people love to be seen in front of their Apple logos.

Aside from the prestige in owning an Apple computer, there’s a lot to be said about its obscene power.

This year, the Macbook isn’t coming with Intel’s offering. Apple has severed its ties with the chip manufacturer and turned to its own engineers instead. Included in the new line of Macbooks is Apple’s M1 silicon.

In hand-to-hand combat with its competition, the M1 destroys all that opposes it (at least in the realms of laptops). What makes it so good? Apple’s optimization.

Through the years of producing their own mobile chip for the iPhone, they’ve fine-tuned their software and hardware to work as well as peanut butter and jelly do.

Aside from their software and CPU, the laptop comes with all of the trimmings. It’ll run you a hefty price tag to get “the works,” but by golly, it’s a magnificent combination of technology.

A lot can be said about the suite of software offered on the Macbook, too. Because of its creative nature, a lot of software companies tailor their product to just Apple’s line-up. You might not find every tool you need on a Windows equivalent machine.


Laptop for Interior Design

Design is no longer done on mounds of scratch paper and in sketchbooks. It has entirely transitioned to the modern space.

Finding the right laptop for interior design can be tough, but it’s important to know what makes a good laptop. Acer offers a budget-friendly choice. While Microsoft and Apple offer more powerful tools for creativity: a touchscreen and a plethora of software goodies.

Are you having trouble choosing what’s right for you? Reach out to us, we’re always willing to help.

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