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How to reduce fan noise on laptop? Tips 2020

Laptop fan making grinding noise! How to fix it?

Laptops are the best choice for instant work done with super speed. People like to use laptops instead of tablets or desktops. An easy and comfortable Gadget for every generation, however, it’s a bit costly. When we talk about laptops and its fast processing, we resulted in overheating of the fan which makes grinding noise while using a laptop. To circulate more air or dissipate heat its fan sounds like drone even in expensive machinery.

Laptop fan making grinding noise! How to fix it?

When you use laptops on the bed or soft furnishings it gets hot and you will experience heat buildup. Let’s find out the ways to reduce the fan noise of the laptop.

Activity Monitor

Activity monitor will isolate and kill unwanted processes by checking system information which is running in the background or using laptops battery. This will prevent your system to start unwanted processing which causes heat up when the computer boots. It is designed for Mac users, whereas Windows users can use Task Manager.

Reset System Management Controller

For Mac users, if encounters constant fan noise they should reset the system management controller (SMC). The reboot will remove the unwanted bulk files. They can also reset the PRAM or NVRAM for windows users.

Cooler for Laptops

laptop cooling pad 2019

An easier and cheap way to fix this problem is to use a cooling pad which is essential to keep cool your laptop. Laptop coolers are innocuous-looking plates with fans in the base, help to maximize the available airflow with obviously no noise.

They are covered in LED with variable wind speed sensors and in-built USB hubs. The cooling pad is really helpful for 3D game players who use to spend more time on gaming laptops.

You have to pay more for cooling pad from a popular brand but less for non-branded. I am using Havit HV-F2056 laptop cooling pad for my own laptop that I bought from Amazon

Cleaning the laptop fan

If your laptop fan making a grinding noise, it means a fan is covered with dust and reduces airflow. So, physical cleanness is necessary sometimes to work better and avoid heat-ups.

Laptop fan making grinding noise

You can use a soft small brush to remove dust and dirt from the fan. It is better to use a proper multi-function dust cleaning soft brush. You can buy from Amazon at a cheap price. Use a professional screw kit to detach the laptop fan and check dirt and dust underneath because it can jam the heat sink or air vents.

After removing the dirt and dust from laptop fan, reattach the parts as you removed them.

Caution: if you are using compressed air for cleaning, don’t get too close with the nozzle. Also, be sure the blades are not moving.

Fix it by using software

Most laptops allow third-party software to control fan speed, there are some apps which gain access to system information like SpeedFan. This app helps you to control the volume of the laptop to reduce heat-ups at the cost of airflow by knowing fan speed. This is the best source of reducing grinding fan noise in laptops.


I have completely explained the methods to know you how to reduce fan noise on laptop. If these don’t work out and still your laptop fan is making grinding noise then be sure the fans are working or not. Take your laptop to any vendor to check its motherboard to fix issues. It is better to replace your machine if it cost you much to buy a new one.

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