Why Are Lenovo Laptops So Expensive?

Why are Lenovo laptops so expensive

Lenovo markets its laptops to medium and large businesses and their employees. It’s for that reason that their laptops might be seen as expensive for most consumers. Why are Lenovo laptops so expensive? The Lenovo business laptop has long battery life and great screen quality than other laptops. Lenovo ThinkPad laptops are from the famous ThinkPad line. A ThinkPad laptop has a comfortable keyboard and they are regarded as the best laptops in the ThinkPad series.

Lenovo laptops are without a doubt one of the most known laptop brands after MacBooks. In the last few years, Lenovo has grown in popularity and there’s been a reason for this. In this article, I’ll explain why are Lenovo laptops as expensive as other brands and if it’s worth the price or not. What specs are on the average Lenovo laptop and is the price right for what you get?

Where does Lenovo specialize and what does its brand stand for? We’ll cover these and everything you need to know about Lenovo laptops and why they might be seen as expensive.

Lenovo has different product lines and the Thinkpad line is very expensive compared to the Ideapad from Lenovo.

Lenovo makes both high-end very durable laptops and laptops for the average consumer.

Their laptops have a very clean design and pretty nice and innovative features for the price point at which they’re sold.

The laptops of Lenovo can range anywhere from $280 – $2800, so you’re sure to find a Lenovo laptop that will fit your budget.

But why are these higher tiers Lenovo laptops so expensive? When does the quality improve to such a degree that the laptop’s price is justified?

You’ll find all the answers to these questions and more here.

So without any more rambling, let’s get into the first topic which is the price of the Lenovo Thinkpad.

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Why are Lenovo laptops so expensive?

First of all, these are Lenovo’s top-notch laptops. They’re both known for their durability and high performance.

The Thinkpad comes in different sizes and performances. You can choose between the X, T, P, E, and L -series. The less expensive starting at $669,-.

Lenovo markets its laptops to medium and large businesses and their employees. It’s for that reason that their laptops might be seen as expensive for most consumers.

Most business persons are not looking to spend more than needed on a laptop. Why would I buy a laptop for \$650,- as a small business owner? I might as well buy a smaller laptop for $240,- that will do most things I need it to do.

You see it also back in their designs. Their laptops are very sleek and have a simple design to fit most business owners’ styles.

So the reason why these top-notch Lenovo laptops are so expensive is that they’re targeted mostly at business owners which have larger budgets than consumers.

Are Lenovo laptops expensive because they’re more durable?

Lenovo is one of the few laptop brands that offer a decent laptop look and durability at the same time. Most laptops that are very durable look like big bricks or laptops from the year 1900.

Dell and HP have some sturdy laptops but as I said, they don’t win a beauty price.

While on the other hand, Lenovo builds very sturdy laptops with the ability to survive drops from 90cm easily. This is thanks to the roll cage design of the Lenovo laptops.

You can look up what that means, but it’s one of the key features of the Lenovo Thinkpads. Since the Lenovo ThinkpadT60 came out in 1992, they’ve been building it with this sturdy design.

The roll cage design looks like a beehive that’s been designed to take great hits with ease. The roll cage is made of lightweight magnesium so you won’t feel it in the weight. According to Lenovo, it feels like holding an empty folder.

This design dramatically reduces system board flex which is could weaken important joints that hold the laptop together.

It’s made of satellite-grade carbon fiber, as Lenovo calls it.

After all the screws have been installed, the laptop has even more sturdiness.

Lenovo tests its laptops to open and close at least 30.000 times without a problem.

The keyboard can withstand up to 500ml of spills which is very good. Unless you’re looking to drown your laptop in a pool this will cover most water damages, no problem.

Are you buying a laptop for your kids or your employees? Then a Lenovo laptop will probably be a great choice. The price isn’t that high for what you get in the long term.

Laptops of other brands might directly be dead after a few drops. With a Lenovo laptop, you’ll be sure to have a laptop that can last.

It’s like buying a car that’s very cheap but has problems that might occur in the future. Even the most cautious people drop their stuff. Either because of stress, tiredness, or any other reason.

You never know when you might drop your laptop or accidentally damage it. At least you’re safe for a long time and you don’t have to worry about a new laptop.

HP laptops have also known to be durable but they’re producing thinner and very beautiful laptops. The latter sadly comes at a price because their laptops aren’t that sturdy anymore.

Consumers are looking for laptops that look good and are durable at the same time.

I mean, if you’re looking to spend some money on a laptop and you want it to last a long time Lenovo is your best bet. It might seem expensive at first, but if you can work 1 or 2 years longer with it the durability makes up for the price.

Are Lenovo laptops more expensive than MacBooks?

Both Lenovo and Apple, without a doubt, make great personal computers for both business and private use.

However, both Lenovo and Apple MacBooks come at a pretty high price point.

The question is if you have the budget and are looking for a new laptop, which one do you want to buy?

Let’s look at both laptop brands and compare the most important attributes of a laptop: price, durability, specs, and features.

Beginning at price, Apple MacBooks are often higher priced than any Windows laptop including Lenovo.

The Lenovo Thinkpad does get up there, though. It’s not the cheapest laptop but that’s because it’s made for most businesses as we’ve discussed above.

In the price aspect, Lenovo wins if you’re competing with just plain specs.

However, Apple MacBooks are the only laptops that run on the Apple OS. This means, that if you won a lot of Apple products the connectivity is a lot easier than with a Windows laptop.

You’ll still be able to connect your iPhone and Airpods to Windows laptops so that shouldn’t hinder your decision. In my experience, my Windows laptop also automatically connects to my Airpods and Beats for example.

Lenovo laptops are a little more durable than Apple’s MacBooks but they don’t differ that much. Lenovo takes much pride in its roll cage and for good reason.

Apple, on the other hand, is reputable for its use of great quality components and its software only comes from one company which is Apple itself.

Windows laptops are sometimes found annoying because of the continuous updates that interrupt your experience and also because some programs are pre-installed by third parties.

You don’t have this with Apple MacBooks but Lenovo’s Thinkpad also comes with no third-party software so in that regard they’re even.

Both MacBooks and Lenovo’s Thinkpad come with some innovative and interesting features that you must try for yourself.

Newer MacBooks come with a touch bar which’s usability is doubtful because of its small size. Both Lenovo and newer MacBooks come with a finger scanner to open your laptop.

A big difference between Lenovo and Apple is that Lenovo doesn’t mind if you change the hard drive and memory as it won’t void your warranty.

If you buy a MacBook you can’t upgrade its memory storage or performance.

So either you either want customization or a ready-to-go MacBook. Both are good.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Lenovo laptop?

Why are Lenovo laptops so expensive? Before answering this question, you must be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. With so many brands and options on the market, is it worth deciding to buy a Lenovo laptop? What are its advantages anyway?

As mentioned in the part on differentials, the first is the specialized assistance offered by the brand. Their technicians are ready and available to provide all the necessary support.

Another plus point is that the Chinese company manufactures personal and corporate laptops. The range of laptop options for use at work or home is wide.

Also, the quality of the image and sound reproduction is excellent. The laptop plays high-definition movies and videos, and the Dolby Advanced system, which is featured on some models, offers premium audio.

The downside is the cost-benefit issue. Although the brand has some more affordable laptops, some models offer slightly fewer specs and performance.

For your convenience, see the following table to compare the main advantages and disadvantages of the product:


  • Expert assistance with trained technicians.

  • Wide variety of laptops for personal or business use

  • Attractive design with understated colors, infinite screens, and distinctive keyboards

  • Picture and sound reproduction quality is first class.


  • Some models offer lower specs and performance.

Lenovo laptops

Work and entertainment

The laptop, i.e., laptops, are now one of the most popular electronic devices ever. They allow taking advantage of potent hardware components while maintaining a light structure, representing the ideal solution for anyone who often works on the move. It is also a perfect product for work and entertainment: from gaming to streaming movies online, laptops are excellent tools for enjoying any multimedia content, even if in this case it is essential, as we will see, that some important parameters are respected.

Even if, on average, a good laptop, with the same performance, has a higher cost than a desktop, a more increased investment may be the best solution if you are looking for a more flexible and practical product, which you can take with you in any situation.

On this page, we will deal specifically with Lenovo laptops. This Chinese brand has undergone enormous development in recent years. It has been recognized as one of the best, not only for its quality but also for the widespread diffusion of its customer support service.

The Lenovo catalog

Lenovo now has a vibrant laptop catalog, which includes low-end models and rather expensive top-of-the-range models. These can be divided into several different categories, each with particular characteristics both from a technical and structural perspective. Let’s see in more detail what the main product lines proposed by Lenovo:

Traditional: Classic laptops are perhaps the most popular of all. From the design point of view, they may not be beautiful, considering that the structure can be bulky and excessive weight to use comfortably even while traveling. However, many of these models belong to a medium-high price range and use advanced hardware components that allow excellent results to be obtained even for very intensive use. These are, therefore, laptops suitable above all for professionals, even if some mid-range options can also be the right solution for those who study;

2 in 1: They are also known as convertibles and combine a tablet and a laptop’s features. On average, these are quite expensive models, precisely because of their great versatility and technical characteristics that make them perfect for those looking for a product with a touch screen to integrate even the functions of the most advanced tablets. It must be said that despite the very high price, the design is not always in line with the most modern standards;

Thin and light: as it is easy to guess, this is a line consisting mainly of ultra-thin laptops or, in general, characterized by a meager weight and a refined design. To obtain the most outstanding possible practicality, it is advisable to choose a small model (within 14-15 inches); this series also includes large laptops, up to 17 inches. It is also a very versatile line, as it offers both low-end and high-end products;

Gaming Laptops: These are laptops that are all about performance. The design is of very marginal importance, given that gaming enthusiasts are looking above all for resistant models that can offer technical characteristics of the highest level to be able to support even the latest generation titles. Lenovo has also created a separate branding to mark all of its products designed specifically for gaming so that these devices will have the Legion logo, not the Lenovo logo. Gaming laptops usually belong to a high price range, but remember that they can also be a very valid choice for all jobs that require a powerful processor and graphics card, as well as a quality display;

Chromebook: as anticipated, these are laptops that mount the ChromeOS operating system, which focuses on using online applications instead of software installed directly on the computer. Chromebooks usually are cheaper but come with several significant limitations if you are looking for a versatile and robust product. On the other hand, they have become very popular with students, as they are adequate tools for taking notes and doing research online.

Which Lenovo laptop to buy

The Lenovo laptop differentiates itself into different product families, where each occupies a relatively large niche market. Below you will list the prominent families.

  • Lenovo Ideapad – This family’s computers boast very different characteristics and combine a traditional design and, without preciousness, the hardware usually suitable for different tasks.

  • Lenovo Legion – these laptops are very powerful and are intended for a demanding gamer audience.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad – these laptops are primarily aimed at the business or production environment. They are divided into several sub-families, such as Yoga (ultrabook), Thinkpad P (workstation), and Thinkpad X (thin and light).

  • Lenovo ThinkBook – the power of a desktop computer in a book-heavy laptop design, Lenovo ThinkBooks are PCs that are halfway between work and entertainment.

  • Lenovo Yoga – The Yoga series represents the company’s 2-in-1 line-up of laptops. Also, in this case, as the figure increases, there is an increase in price and performance.

Without this necessary “overview” on the Lenovo laptop catalog, I would say to ban the chatter and see immediately, together, which impressive laptops the Chinese company offers us. Good fun!

Lenovo V330-14ARR: ► THE cheapest

Suppose you intend to buy a Lenovo laptop, characterized by a highly respectable hardware power, a refined and elegant design, and a value for money in the name of convenience. In that case, this model is rightly among the hypotheses to be considered. The design shows more lights than shadows. First, the dark look has a strong visual impact. The weight, equal to 4.85 pounds, is well distributed, even if defining the Lenovo V330-14ARR as “very light” would certainly be a gamble. Concerning the quality of the materials, for a 15.6-inch solution, perhaps the Chinese giant could have done better, reducing the percentage of plastic, especially as regards the central body. Result? The user does not identify this laptop from the first contact as an excellent model.

As for the display, its 15.6 inches and Full HD resolution (141 PPI) guarantee overall an outstanding color balance. The display is realistic, and on this point, much of the credit goes to the IPS display. About the processor, the AMD Ryzen 5 2500U, we immediately say that it is a mid-range laptop, fairly robust, as evidenced by the 2.50 GHz clock frequency. Impeccable in terms of dissipation, as evidenced by the temperatures, always kept low.

The 8 GB DDR4 RAM is also discreet. The shared video card does its job just fine. Regarding the fluidity of multimedia content, this Lenovo model is among the most competitive solutions all due to the presence of a respectable hard disk: it is an SSD model with 256 GB of space. Flawless both during start-up and shutdown, as shown by the short times. As for the port equipment, this model proves to be complete: on the left, there is the ethernet port, the HDMI one, in addition to the audio jack, two USB 3.0 ports, a 3.1, and, of course, the MMC, SD card reader, SDXC and SDHC. Do not miss the DVD player.

Well, the fans that, when called into question, do not turn out to be very noisy. The only exception is perhaps when the CPU is stressed. Concerning the battery’s autonomy, which we specify is of the non-removable type, the average duration is around 4 hours. Ergo, without infamy and praise.

NO 1

71jnYC8YXYL. AC SL1500

Lenovo V330-14ARR


  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Solid performance
  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Solid performance
  • Chassis flexes
  • Poor display
  • Short battery life
  • Slow hard drive

Lenovo 320-15IKBRN: ► good value for money

With this model, the Chinese manufacturer has improved performance over many of its initial laptops. The credit is undoubtedly due to the hardware upgrade. The i5-8250U processor is quite fast, and together with the 8GB RAM and 2GB dedicated graphics card, NVIDIA GeForce MX150, it forms a pretty good hardware system. Multitasking has never been easier: thanks to the 15.6 ″ display with Full HD resolution, running two or more programs simultaneously, switching from one browser tab to another becomes even more comfortable.

Another strong point of the Lenovo 320-15IKBRN is the presence of a monobloc chassis, particularly elegant also due to the finish, which, however, at the same time does not cover only an aesthetic function, since it has the purpose of protecting the laptop from wear. . To optimize the ventilation mode, Lenovo has opted to introduce several rubber details on the bottom. In this way, the autonomy of the machine is not affected in the least.

The disappointment of the Lenovo 320-15IKBRN, as many of its users find, lies on the screen. Frankly, more was expected from the display. The only noteworthy merit is the presence of anti-glare technology. There are many better solutions on the market for the same price in terms of image sharpness and faithful color reproduction. And even in terms of battery life, the result falls short of expectations. What about the touchpad? Lenovo has decided to redesign this model to improve the user experience. The gestures, which can be performed with multiple fingers, zoom, clicks, and touches, are greatly improved compared to older models.

The Chinese company did well in this case. Even the audio, regardless of the volume set, is clear. In this circumstance, a decisive role is played by the Dolby Audio speakers: distortion is really at a minimum. Overall, this is a Lenovo laptop with an i5 processor that is excellent for hardware and performance, with a little something to review.

NO 2

51o6NbqXIZL. AC SL1000

Lenovo 320-15IKBRN


  • Slim and light case
  • Full HD and SSD in this price range
  • decent battery runtimes
  • passive cooling
  • Slim and light case
  • Full HD and SSD in this price range
  • decent battery runtimes
  • passive cooling
  • Fast 4-core processor, matte display, 1080p resolution, comfortable touchpad, good SSD, Nvidia GeForce MX150 with 2 GB of VRAM, AC Wi-Fi
  • Mate screen, Full-HD resolution, solid state drive, USB Type-C, quiet operation, wireless AC
  • Rattling touchpad
  • weak display brightness
  • blue cast ex-works
  • bad speakers
  • Dark, low-contrast display

Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL: ► Ideal for mobility

A Lenovo convertible that is capable of above-average power and portability. Compact shapes, lightness (as evidenced by the 2.86 pounds of weight and, incredible but true, the 14.3 mm thick), very high-quality graphics, and clean sounds without distortion, thanks also to the crucial role of JBL speakers, fantastic for enjoying the “virtual surround sound” effect. Regarding style, this model is a step ahead of the competition, given the presence of the aluminum finish, available in various colors, from iron-gray to copper, without forgetting the platinum version. In the era of mobility, where many are always afraid of running out of battery when they are away from home or the office, the Far Eastern company must be acknowledged for making great strides in energy consumption and laptop autonomy. Having a slowly discharging battery is the dream of many laptop users. And Lenovo has managed to hit it fully.

But the CPU sector is the flagship of this product: it is the Intel Core I5-8265U Quad-Core, the top in terms of processing (maximum speed ensured), multitasking, and playability. With 256 GB of space offered in SSD, PCle can satisfy every single need. The same is also valid for the 8 GB of RAM, ideal for the careful use of files, applications, and cumbersome software. Even in the face of intensive use of hardware, the performance of the Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL will not suffer too much. Buy from Amazon.

In short, Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL is an excellent laptop to watch a movie streaming, working on the go, when you are away from home, and above all, as practical as a tablet or smartphone with a generously sized display when it comes to the internet browsing. Of all the Lenovo 2-in-1 convertibles, this model is aimed more than the others at professionals looking for a hybrid model out of the ordinary for performance.

NO 3

51xa FMfLPL. AC SL1000

Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL


  • Thin and light.
  • Comfortable keyboard and touchpad.
  • Two Thunderbolt ports.
  • Thin and light.
  • Comfortable keyboard and touchpad.
  • Two Thunderbolt ports.
  • Quick charging.
  • Good everyday computing performance.
  • Slightly bulky in Tablet mode.
  • Screen bounces in Laptop mode.
  • No SD card slot.

Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN: ► Ideal for gaming

Before reviewing the essential Lenovo laptop features, it is worth pointing out that the “Lenovo IdeaPad Legion Y” family is the only one that targets gamers. It consists of two main models that can be configured in different ways: Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN represents the entry-level model, equipped with respectable hardware, ideal for gaming performance, especially for online ones. The latest generation Intel Core i7 processor, a graphics card of the caliber of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti, a RAM capacity of up to 16 GB, and a hard drive that can have various configurations from the unit 512 GB SSD to 2 TB HDD, place this solution in the Olympus of video games.

+ 19% performance and + 12% productivity when comparing new and old processors. What else to add? If you are a gamer, this laptop is the best Lenovo can offer you. The reason? You can count on unforgettable gaming performances. But the Chinese brand’s laptop is not just a product dedicated to gamers: the presence of an optional backlit keyboard, is true that it will make the gaming sessions unique during the night, but it is also useful if you work on the PC at night or if you write often. The thickness of 2.58 cm ensures solidity above all due to the impressive body that can best withstand impacts.

NO 4

610h5AsoluL. AC SL1000

Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN


  • Proficient gaming performance.
  • Spacious hard drive plus boot SSD.
  • Restrained, but stylish design.
  • Well-built keyboard.
  • Proficient gaming performance.
  • Spacious hard drive plus boot SSD.
  • Restrained, but stylish design.
  • Well-built keyboard.
  • Tacky touchpad design.
  • Red accent coloring might not be to everyone’s taste.

The characteristics of Lenovo laptops

As we have seen, there are many Lenovo laptop models, so it is not easy to frame here in a generic way the technical characteristics of these devices. However, let’s try to understand what you can expect from Lenovo laptops, remembering that it is a brand that focuses mainly on medium-high range products (in general the cheapest products are simply very dated and must be disposed of by the market)

  • Processor and RAM: Although most Lenovo laptops are equipped with Intel processors, some models are based on AMD technologies. With the same performance, the choice, in this case, must be based above all on the preferences of the individual user since both brands have their own merits. The RAM can go it alone 2 GB in older models (to avoid, considering that today many smartphones in its price class offer the better performance of these), up to 16 GB that is better for more complex tasks;

  • Cards: In this case, Lenovo offers a good variety, proposing models equipped with IntelAMD, or NVIDIA graphics cards, which can complete each product more or less adequately, depending on the needs for which it is designed. In the less expensive models, the video card could be integrated with the processor, an acceptable compromise if you don’t need particular performances from the graphic point of view;

  • Fixed memory: from 128 GB of SSD card up to 1 TB of mechanical hard disk, the market offers an extensive choice for all those who want to buy a Lenovo laptop. If it is possible to invest more, it is always advisable to choose a model with SSD, as it offers much better performance;

  • Ports and readers: the variety of available ports is wide, even if USB and HDMI are essential. As for the optical readers, it is possible to find them still integrated into more cumbersome and older models, but they cannot be present in the ultra-thin ones considering how much space they require;

  • Screen: From 13 to 17 inches, from HD to 4K resolutions, Lenovo offers a truly huge variety when it comes to displays as well. Depending on the main activity for which you want to buy the computer and the ease with which you want to take it on a trip, you can find many combinations that are perfect for your needs.

Major competitors

The world of laptops today is very competitive, but the big brands in the sector remain more or less unchanged. Certainly worth mentioning are AcerAsusSamsungHPDell, and, among the competitors that have emerged more recently, Huawei, whose MateBooks have been very successful. It must be said that while it is straightforward to find desktop PCs built by third parties at lower prices, laptops are much more complex to build, so, at most, you will discover little-known brands at reasonable prices (Chuwi is an example). Finally, remember that if you are looking for a gaming laptop, you will probably still find different brands, since most of the prominent manufacturers, just like Lenovo, have separated the products dedicated to this use by creating new brands, such as Omen (HP) or Nitro (Acer).

Best value for money laptop brand: LENOVO

If you are looking for the best brand of laptops in value for money, Lenovo will provide you with what you are looking for; in this case, the Lenovo Ideapad 720S, would be the best purchase option, right? Now, we will explain why.

On the one hand, it has a Full HD display; to fully enjoy all the multimedia content, the built-in graphics card is powerful. However, it is not recommended for demanding games.

On the other hand, it incorporates a 256GB hard drive and 8GB RAM; forget about running out of space.

Finally, do not worry about speed since it incorporates a state-of-the-art i5 processor. The best of all comes now, we can find it for less than 800 euros.

Now you know why are Lenovo laptops so expensive?

Frequently asked questions about Lenovo laptops.

How do you reset a Lenovo laptop?

To completely reset a Lenovo laptop, it is always possible to follow a standard manual procedure, suitable for all those who already have some experience and are not entirely disoriented in front of the quick start of Windows. However, suppose you do not have particular manual skills with electronic devices. In that case, it is generally also possible to use a proprietary system pre-installed by Lenovo, which allows you to avoid operations considered complex by many users, merely asking for some confirmation during the formatting process.
In case of problems related to the operating system, however, it is probably necessary to contact the developer of the system itself (in the case of Windows, this is Microsoft assistance). If, on the other hand, it is the hardware components that create problems, you will necessarily have to appeal to the laptop’s manufacturer.

Are there any Lenovo laptops without an operating system?

Although the vast majority of Lenovo laptops come with Windows pre-installed, it is possible to find models without any operating system in some rare cases. However, it must be said that those who can install another operating system, such as Linux independently, will certainly have no problems uninstalling Windows if it was pre-installed.

Are Lenovo laptops suitable for photo editing?

As with any brand, some Lenovo laptop models offer top-notch performance and can be suitable for photo editing jobs. To make the software required for this type of activity work at its best and video editing or graphic rendering, the laptop must have exceptionally performing hardware components. As we anticipated, laptops designed specifically for gaming are often a good alternative for many other activities that require high-level performance.
In general, it is good to look for products with 16GB RAM, an Intel Core i7 processor or AMD equivalent, a rather large SSD memory (at least 500 GB), and a screen capable of ensuring an excellent level of detail. Even if those who work in the photographic field certainly have ideal external monitors, today, it is still possible to find laptops equipped with OLED displays with a 4K resolution.

What are the most reliable laptop brands?

We must bear in mind that reliability is usually the result of a good job done, which translates into a tailor-made price. Without a doubt, the most reliable on the market are HP and Apple. Thanks to the quality of its materials, durability, and excellent customer service, they convey the most confidence. One step behind would be Lenovo and Asus.

Best laptop brand according to budget

  • Low budget: If you have a low budget (between 200 to 300) to buy a cheap laptop, we recommend that you go for brands such as HP, Toshiba, or Lenovo. These three brands already have a long history in the laptop market and are highly reliable despite their low cost.

On the other hand, we can go for Chinese laptops that give us spectacular quality at a ridiculous price.

So to summarize:

Lenovo offers both ‘’budget” laptops and more expensive laptops specifically designed for businesses. The budget-committed laptop with an extended warranty is the best to get in no time.

Their laptops are rugged and more durable than most laptops. The only competitor that might compete is Apple because of how long they keep offering updates to their older laptops.

The Lenovo Thinkpad is the more expensive version and also the most famous Lenovo laptop because it’s one of their prized possessions. Lenovo’s Thinkpad offers great specs, durability, battery life, and a neat finger scan.

Honestly, Lenovo has been creating some great laptops in the last few years for both businesses and consumers.

Are you not in the market for a minimum of \$620,- Lenovo laptop? Then that’s not a big deal because you can buy Lenovo laptops for a lot cheaper too.

One thing that has been in the news sometimes is that consumers have found some faulty hardware like keys, buttons, or even motherboard problems.

Most of the issues are nothing to worry about and are covered by Lenovo’s warranty.

Also, you can fix your Lenovo laptop at a local shop instead of sending it back and paying a ridiculous amount of ‘’research costs”.

All the parts in Lenovo are removable so you can increase storage, performance, or anything you’d like to customize.

The latter is something you won’t be able to do with any MacBooks and some newer Windows laptops.

For example, the HP Pavilion has no easy way to remove the battery without voiding the warranty and messing up your laptop.

In short: Lenovo is a great brand for business and can also be a good choice for a lot of consumers. The durability of their laptop is top-notch, the only downside is the very bland design.

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