Is Lenovo a good brand for laptops?

Is Lenovo a good brand for laptops
Is Lenovo a good brand for laptops

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational tech company founded in 1984 and well-populated for designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling laptops. They introduced smart technology in the form of tablets, IT management software, and intelligent TVs or PCs to enhance the experience of the user with ease. Is Lenovo a good brand for laptops?

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Today with the advancement of technology, there are several types of laptops available in 2020. You can select a brand for laptops according to your budget and requirements. Whether, you are looking for a gaming laptop, a one for business or 2-in-1 laptops.

But when we talk about the best laptops, then the laptop’s brand go through a rating procedure every year. They get rates according to their defining features and loyalty like reviews, design, tech support value, and innovation.

Is Lenovo a good brand for laptops?

A popular brand for laptops embarked its value in the world by producing a high tech multinational innovation in the form of computers. Since Liu Chuanzhi, the founder of the company, introduce the whole world best portable devices.

The Lenovo Group Limited is known for the workstations, electronic storage devices, smartphones and smart televisions as well.

Yes, Lenovo with its features, specifications and durability makes a significant contribution in the world of technology for all type of users. Whether you are a gamer, a professional software planner or freelancer, Lenovo is a good brand for your laptop.

The brand covers every single aspect of technology and provides you work with ease even for video editing purposes. You can check any laptop’s brand yourself through following steps which will let you know how Lenovo is reliable than others:

Things to be considered in a good brand for laptops

The laptop brands are defined with the score they get on the base of 100 points in five categories. These categories are reviews, design, innovation, tech support/warranty and value & selection. The brands try to make a better machine from the previous one as the requirements increase with time.

You may have seen many updated versions of the laptops in the market sells at a good price. Let’s find out is Lenovo a good brand for laptops:

Brand Reviews (40 points)

Usually, each laptop brand score on the quality of the product, some get high remarks, some failed to reach the satisfaction of the user. So, to check the rating of brand reviews are essential to determine the quality and product.

People who use the laptops write experience and rate the product among five dedicating stars which later converted to points.

Ratings fall and rise of any laptop due to its functionality and reliability of the product, and you can assess that through star ratings from users. Lenovo’s ratings dropped last year because of 2.5-star reviews and the shortage of some top gaming models made this decline.

Because of those reliable machine’s absence, the Lenovo company consider average rate is 3.5 stars (down from previous year rate, i.e. 3.8).

Though the company is trying hard to produce newer versions to impress users; like ThinkPads and other top range gaming laptops with better options.

Laptop Design (15 points)

Design of the laptop matters sometime when you are getting it for business purpose. Business formal and business casual are two looks of Lenovo notebooks and changed from their sides, deck bezel and deck.

Business formal ThinkPad’s X1 Extreme is the most beautiful designs with MIL-SPEC toughness. The second casual plus business type Legion Y540 and Y7000 are developed for gaming and meetings.

You can find out the ability to customize the keyboard’s lighting in the new Yogas Chromebook C630 with extended design and slimmest body. It comes with perfect design and a symbol of portability & easy to carry along wherever you want.

Tech support and warranty (20 points)

Consideration of buying a laptop depends on the technical support of the product. So the rating decides the level of a brand for laptops. Lenovo carves out the results annually to check the facility to help to solve a problem regarding the usage of the laptop through a questionnaire or remarks.

The results originate from an online database or mobile app, not from the support and benefit Lenovo provides from agents.

The company’s standard warranty was awarded 2/20 points on the base of quality service. That lowest rating means the agents failed to answer all questions, unable to communicate to the buyer and help to solve the issue or slow respondents.

Whereas the Lenovo laptops come with the warranty of 12-36 months depending on the product as industry fault or latter for free service. Though they do not provide free service for the accidental damages but cost you extra money.

The innovation of brand (10 points)

Innovation is a continues developing technologies which let the market flow running if you are unable to take risks, then you will be ruined by formers. Everybody knows that the market runs on newer versions and most updated products with fewer chances of decline.

You will find out the unique production of the machine (Yoga Book C930) with the addition of E Ink display and lightweight as 1.7pounds only. It is upgraded with a precision pen that enhances its features, impressively and a privacy shutter for the camera.

Lenovo highlights new machines are introduced, such as ThinkPad X1 Carbon claims a world’s lightest commercial 14-inch laptop. This laptop is amazingly foldable to different modes with 13 inch LED display and pen input. The laptop is launched this year and increased its popularity rate.

Value and selection (15 points)

Lenovo fulfils every satisfying need and has an enormous range of laptops in the market. This category also affects the product’s rating because people want to have a good laptop at a low price.

The competition is huge in the laptop market so as Lenovo offers systems with budget prices.

You can find out the values of the Lenovo products by comparing the prices to the other brands. These are the most appropriate prices along with reliable machines and higher work performance.

Why Lenovo is a good brand for laptops?

Lenovo laptops are versatile and robust business machines and suit all types of works as they are built for the best performance and fully equipped. They are highly secure and famous for productivity, whether it’s for business or gaming.

These laptops are fully featured with updated technology and have never-ending battery life, consume low energy and mighty machinery. Whether you are a businessman or gamer, Lenovo is the best laptop brand for you with lightweight ability. Most of them come in your budget as well.

The sounds and visuals are of best quality with extended versions, and newer additions will help you work with efficiency.

The keyboard of the Lenovo laptop allows you to customized lighting settings as you like. The newer laptops have pen along for professional use like ThinkPad’s.

Overall Assessment of Lenovo

Of course, investing in a Lenovo brand is the right decision out of many ordinary companies. The best thing about Lenovo is its hardware quality that lasts longer than any other machine.

Latest Lenovo laptops are coming with LED display and excellent graphics with pen facility to work on business notes on the high-quality screen.

Lenovo laptops are of sleek designs, lightweight and can be used on a regular base with long battery life they are attractive. They provide customer support with responsive agents, admiring and appreciable.

If you want to have the best quality laptop, then the Lenovo brand is the best option for you at an affordable price. You can access the company online or phonic support as well as in case of industry default you can get a new one.


Lenovo laptops are faster, cheaper, productive, efficient, and lightweight and apprehended the latest technology. This above article explained the way to understand or analyze the brand information deeply.

If you still want to gather information regarding Lenovo laptop, then read customers’ review. You will get to know that these laptops are made for everyone from expensive to cheaper.

Excellent technical support & warranty and recommended reliable brand for prolonged use what else anyone can need. In the race of technology, Lenovo established its name, whether it’s a gaming or business laptop.

You can enjoy all the features for professional or casual use. Lenovo is best for video editing, gaming; official work with applications suits you with overall performance. A great example of portability with only 1.7-pound weight and 0.4-inch thickness you would love to have.


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