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The Lenovo laptops are now one of the most popular electronic devices ever. In fact, they allow exploiting potent hardware components while maintaining a light structure, representing the ideal solution for anyone who often works on the move. It is also a perfect product for work and entertainment: from gaming to streaming movies online. Lenovo laptop is an ideal tool for enjoying any multimedia content, even if, in this case, it is crucial, as we will see, that some important parameters are respected.
On average, a good Lenovo laptop, with the same performance, has a higher cost than a desktop. More increased investment may be the best solution if you are looking for a more flexible and practical product to take with you in any situation.
On this page, we will deal specifically with Lenovo laptops. This Chinese brand has undergone enormous development in recent years. It has been recognized as one of the best ever for the quality of its products and the widespread diffusion of its customer support service.

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The characteristics of Lenovo laptops

As we have seen, there are many Lenovo laptops models, so it will not be easy to frame here in a generic way the technical characteristics of these devices. However, let’s try to understand what you can expect from Lenovo laptops, remembering that it is a brand that focuses mainly on medium-high range products (in general, in fact, the cheapest products are simply very dated and must be disposed of by the market).

Processor and RAM:

Although most Lenovo laptops are equipped with Intel processors, some models are based on AMD technologies. With the same performance, the choice, in this case, must be based above all on the preferences of the individual user, given that both brands have their own merits. The RAM can go it alone 2 GB in older models (to avoid, considering that today many smartphones in its price class offer the better performance of these), up to 16 GB that is better for more complex tasks;


Also, in this case, Lenovo laptops offer a good variety, proposing models equipped with IntelAMD, or NVIDIA graphics card, which can complete each product more or less adequately, depending on the needs for which it is designed. In the less expensive Lenovo laptops, the video card could be integrated into the processor, an acceptable compromise if you do not need particular performances from the graphic point of view;

Fixed memory:

From 128 GB of SSD card up to 1 TB of mechanical hard disk, the market offers a vast choice for all those who want to buy Lenovo laptops. If you can invest more, it is always advisable to choose a model with SSD, as it offers much better performance;

Ports and readers:

The variety of available ports is vast, even if USB and HDMI are obviously essential. As for the optical readers, it is possible to find them still integrated with more bulky and older models, but they cannot be present in the ultra-thin ones considering how much space they require;


From 13 to 17 inches, from HD to 4K resolutions, Lenovo offers a truly massive variety of displays. Depending on the main activity for which you want to buy the computer and the ease with which you want to take it on a trip, you can find many combinations that are perfect for your needs.

Which Lenovo Laptop to buy

The Lenovo laptops differentiate into different product families, where each occupies a relatively large niche market. Below I have listed the prominent families.

Lenovo Ideapad

This family’s laptops boast very different characteristics and combine a traditional design and without preciousness, with hardware usually suitable for different types of tasks.

Lenovo Legion

These Lenovo laptops are very powerful and are intended for a demanding gamer audience.

Lenovo ThinkPad

These Lenovo laptops are primarily aimed at the business or production environment. They are divided into several sub-families, such as Yoga (ultrabook), Thinkpad P (workstation), Thinkpad X (thin and light).

Lenovo ThinkBook

The power of a desktop computer in a book-heavy notebook design, Lenovo ThinkBooks, are PCs that are halfway between work and entertainment.

Lenovo Yoga

The Yoga series represents the company’s 2-in-1 line-up of notebooks. Also, in this case, as the figure increases, there is an increase in price and performance.

Top 5 Best Lenovo Laptops

1.Lenovo ThinkPad P1

15.6 ″ Oled 4K display with X-Rite Pantone and Dolby Vision certification, enclosed in a carbon fiber shell. Lenovo Thinkpad P1 is not just a design masterpiece. Such a compact body tested to military standards that pack the power of a dedicated mobile workstation with Intel Core i7 9750H processor, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of NVMe PCIe SSD, and an NVIDIA Quadro T1000 graphics card. All specifications can be lead to the maximum configuration that also provides Intel Xeon processors. Little to say about this notebook from Lenovo is a laptop for true professionals, digital artists, and those who can afford it.

2.Lenovo Ideapad S145

As explained, the Ideapad line is the entry version of the brand, suitable for users who will not perform very complex tasks. An attractive feature of this model is its versatility, as it is compact and light and can quickly be taken to work or school/college.

This model has an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM (expandable to 20 GB), in addition to 1 TB of storage. For this reason, it is suitable for basic or relatively advanced users, such as those who want to edit spreadsheets and texts or to edit images in Photoshop.

Its screen is 15.6 inches with HD resolution, an integrated graphics card, and the operating system is Windows 10.

3.Lenovo Ideapad 3

The Ideapad Series consists of more straightforward and cheaper equipment that is perfect for use in entertainment situations and where they require little processing. They generally rely on Celeron Dual-Core processors and work with a more plastic design than the G series.

The device also lacks the well-known concave keys from Lenovo but maintains a very reasonable keyboard. As I said, if you are looking for cheap equipment just for entertainment, this may be your option!

4.Lenovo Legion Y740  

The Lenovo Legion Y740 is beautiful, very expensive but with much sense of being. It has a fascinating design for being a 17 “with all that computing power available. It is not too aggressive either. Intel Core i7 9750H processor, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of SSD + 1 TB of HDD to store less critical files. The strong points, needless to say, are the RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics card and the 17 “display with Full HD resolution but a 144Hz refresh rate with G-Sync and a very high maximum brightness.

5.Lenovo Legion 5i

The Lenovo Legion 5i is very interesting for gaming lovers. It has an attractive design with a 15.6 “full HD display, antiglare with a refresh rate of 144 Hz not to miss a single frame. Intel Core i7 10750H processor, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB of HDD. The graphics card is an RTX 2060 with 6 GB dedicated to handling ray tracing without any problem. It’s not cheap, but it’s a complete and effective gaming notebook.

pCloud Premium


Lenovo is a Chinese brand with a wide variety of electronics. Despite this, many people have doubts as to whether the Lenovo laptops are good. To answer that question, you need first to analyze your needs – and find out if the brand’s laptop line meets your wishes.

It is also essential to evaluate Lenovo more deeply, understanding the solidity that it presents, customer service, technical assistance, and other points.

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