5 Important Steps: How To Connect Camcorder To Laptop For Live Streaming?

how to connect camcorder to laptop for live streaming
how to connect camcorder to laptop for live streaming

How to connect camcorder to laptop for live streaming?

The camcorder is an awesome electronic device that contains a camera and a video cassette recorder. It is basically used for video recording, capturing moments, live streaming, etc.

It is beautifully designed for video making and recording of the best moments. The camcorder is very helpful for live-streaming by connecting it to the internet. Keep in mind, that camcorders are video cameras but not all video cameras are a camcorder. It is unique in its features with a zoom capability than any other camera.

Today one of our regular readers asked us a question about a camcorder connection with a laptop for live streaming. So we have published this detailed article not only for him but for all those who want to learn how to connect the camcorder to a laptop for live streaming.

Do you know why it is required to connect a camcorder with a laptop? Maybe some of us don’t know.

Let me know that every camcorder has limited storage; when you started video recording you may face low storage issues. To solve this issue you need to connect the camcorder with a laptop to extend the storage for recordings or live to broadcast.

If you are using a camcorder first time then you must learn the connection process. If you already have an idea then you better understand which gears you required for a good start.

Here is the basic stuff you would need to connect a camcorder to a laptop for live streaming:

1. Camcorder

This is the most important device or gear for live streaming that you can buy online at a cheap price. If you don’t want to use it for a profession then there is no need to buy it, just borrow it from someone. You can also use a lens on your video camera for better video recording.

2. Laptop for live streaming

Of course, everyone has a laptop or personal computer nowadays. You may need the best laptop as it does the main duty.

3. Internet connection

You should have a super-fast internet connection for broadcasting or live streaming. With a fast internet connection, you may not face any interruption between video recordings or disconnect from your video.

4. USB Cable

You have to connect your camcorder to your laptop, so the USB cable is required. Your laptop and camcorder both devices have USB ports on them which will connect through USB Cable. You can buy a USB cable from your near store or also order from Amazon.

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5. VGA Cable

If you don’t have a USB port in your laptop or not working VGA cable is an alternative requirement. You can use a VGA port to connect the Camcorder or laptop. Obviously, if the camcorder supports the VGA.

Besides this tool list, you need to know further before starting the live-streaming process. You have to learn something important for live streaming.

Requirements to start the live stream

Here I have explained some essential software and applications which are required for live streaming:

Video broadcasting software

The first thing you need to do is install broadcasting software on your laptop. You can download it from Amazon; there are enormous broadcasting software available some are paid and some are free to download. Get some according to your feasibility like Bebo, Camelion, and Wirecast anyone you can install.

RTMP Application

This application is used for uninterrupted internet while broadcasting your live streaming on your laptop.


Obviously, you should have your own channel if you want to live to stream your video. If you don’t have already then you should have created.

How to live stream with a camcorder?

When finished with these installations on your laptop then you are ready to start streaming through a camcorder. Now you can start broadcasting your live video by using the following steps:


Go online and install software for the live stream which is compatible with your camcorders like LiveStream, UStream, and Stream. These may allow you to download a free version of broadcasting software. On the contrary, you can use other resources like Justin TV or Blog TV as they don’t need any software to download.


Now click the broadcasting software and scroll through the setup interface to make a new account and start broadcasting the channel.


As I told you earlier install RTMP to transit real-time voice across the network, publishing the laptop. It is an open-source easily available online and free to download including Live Encoder, Tricaster, Adobe Flash, Vidblaster, and Wirecast.


Put the camcorder on a tripod stand to keep it stable. Adjust it carefully in a well-lit room so that you may not have dark videos. You can buy one of the best tripods for camcorder from Amazon at cheap prices.


Now plug in one end of the USB cable to the camcorder and the other end to the laptop’s USB port. If the camcorder does not have a USB port but a VGA port then connect it to a laptop with a VGA cable.

Some laptop models don’t have a VGA port; so you can purchase a USB-to-VGA adapter and plug in the laptop’s USB port.


Now it’s time for configuring the video streaming settings to High-quality on the laptop. These settings may vary through applications.


Now the time has come to power on the camcorder. Before starting, make sure the room where you are streaming is well-lit otherwise your videos will go dark.


Start the broadcasting of your live video by clicking the broadcast button. You can find it in the broadcasting software program you have installed on your laptop. The broadcast button may read as “Go Live” or “Start streaming” depending on the software you are using for streaming.


When you are done finishing your streaming and recording session then you can now press the stop button on the software.


Hopefully, this article will help you all set to start live streaming by connecting your camcorder to the laptop. I have delivered all the possible ways to connect and make it easy for you with easy steps. Now you can try it and make your own video with no struggle or difficulty.

You have now a detailed answer and all the skills to connect a camcorder to a laptop for live streaming. I can assure you now you can record videos without facing any issues by following these steps.

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Best of Luck.

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