How to charge a laptop in a car?

How to charge a laptop in a car
How to charge a laptop in a car

With all the newly emerging modern technologies now it is possible to charge your laptop in a car. Though, some specific cars come with wireless charging plates to charge high capacity smartphones, tablets, and cameras. You have to learn how to charge a laptop in a car as you need special equipment to complete your task in regular cars.

Like every car has a cigarette socket/lighter installed which is near the car stereo area. The simplest way to charge your laptop is to obtain the appropriate adapter and charge the laptop on running motor vehicle.

Product Watts Price
Maxboost  Power Inverter 300 Watt View
BESTEK High-Quality Inverter 300 Watt View
Ampeak  Inverter 2000 Watt View
BESTEK  Pure Sine Wave 300 Watt View
Pure Sine Wave Inverter 300 Watt View

The car comes with a 12V power outlet so the adapter can be used to power your laptop, but if the car’s engine isn’t running it won’t be able to charge your laptop. The car’s outlet for cigarette ignition supplies only 12V DC while the laptop requires 110/220V AC to charge itself via a charger.

Best power inverter to charge laptop in a Car

Power inverter to charge laptop in a car is sold on their max load capacity in watts. They started from 150W to 1000W or higher. You should be known to the wattage of your laptop’s charger which should be under 100W.

Here are a few most recommended inverters use for laptop charging in the car.

Maxboost  Power Inverter


BESTEK High-Quality Inverter

This is the most popular power inverter on Amazon which converts DC12V to 110V AC comes with 4.2A dual USB car adapter. This is a branded device of power generating for laptop usage in the car with 300watts where it converts DC to AC power and exceeds 700 Watts.

Technical Specifications:

  • There are two 110V AC outlets for the fast charging of larger devices.
  • It has 2 USB charging ports 0-2.4A which use for giving power to USB compatible devices.
  • It has a built-in 40amps fuse to protect your device.
  • This inverter is ultra-compact and lightweight and the best ever option to charge your laptop in a car.

Ampeak  Inverter

BESTEK  Pure Sine Wave

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Foval 200W Power Inverter

It is a 3.2 inches portable device that can easily fit anywhere in your car with a small cable length of 12 inches. It has built-in fuse ability to protect your laptop and make sure safe charging from overheating, under or over voltage charging, overloads, overcharging and short-circuiting.

Moreover, it’s metal winding protects from drops and bumps while charging the laptop. I’d recommend this power inverter on Amazon (affiliate link) since it is integrated with a silent cooling fan which helps to reduce heat and prevent shortages. It is a best option to transform DC to AC current.

Pure Sine Wave 600W Power Inverter with 1200W Peak

This is the most popular heavy-duty car power inverter with a massive 600W of constant power. It comes with a peak load capacity of 1200W instant. You can charge a laptop or two by this device but overkill for most uses in many cases. I really like and will recommend this 600W power inverter. It’s not terribly expensive but gets amazing reviews

People who know how to charge a laptop in a car knows well this inverter comes with integrated cooling fans and four internal fuses. It provides advanced protection for overheating, short-circuits, overvoltage, under-voltage, and low battery. It comes with the following accessories;

  • 2 main sockets of 240V
  • 1x USB port of 2.4A
  • Battery clips (which connect your laptop directly to the car’s battery as well as cigarette socket of 12V)
  • An extra fuse of four screws to mount the inverter permanently

How to charge a laptop in a car?

You can easily charge your laptop in a car with this power inverter which converts DC to AC. It provides normal means to charge your laptop right from your 12V cigarette socket.

You must be well aware of this task if you already have tried to hunt down a car charger for your laptop as it costs you 60$ for a specific charger. It’s a bit expensive though and can be temperamental with the expectation they come with a suitable tip so you may not lose it. For more information visit crusader vans.

Any inverter can easily allow you to use 240V max main appliance from your car’s socket. So that cigarette lighter can be used to charge your laptop or other devices where most of them come with USB sockets.

Will an inverter cause to drain the car’s battery?

As I above mention the power inverters come with different ratings like 150W, 240W, 300W, 1200W, 2000W, and 5000W. People who do not know the exact procedure may short circuit their laptop and damage it. So you should be known how to charge a laptop in the car before selecting an inverter.

To charge your laptop in a car the inverter with rating 150W and 300W is more than enough, this will drain your car’s battery faster. Even when the engine is off you can use an inverter to charge your laptop.

A power inverter is useful for laptop charging but if you accidentally left it connected overnight it will end up draining your car’s battery. So, it is advisable,  when your car is parked do not use an inverter, else your car’s battery will drain quickly.

Does power inverters harmful to your car?

If you use power inverters safely it won’t harm your car as the 12V cigarette socket is designed to supply 12V max. However, the risk is at which power inverter you are using to charge your laptop or other devices.

You should use a branded inverter to charge your laptop in a car. The cheap inverter can cause damage to the port or device as well as result in a blown fuse.

Can I charge a laptop without a charger?

To charge a laptop without charger power banks are great add-ons. The power rating of a power bank is a major factor to charge a laptop. You must be well informed about how to charge a laptop in a car with a power bank before purchasing a power bank.

Usually, laptops are rated 18V so using the power bank of 18V must be a mistake and a waste of time. Only high voltage power banks can do the job to charge the laptop.

My power bank (which I LOVE) is easily portable it can simply connect to the laptop via USB ports. You can charge your laptop anywhere; even you are in a car. The power bank is the best option for laptop charging.

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