What Is the most common pointing device on laptops? I 9 Best Common Pointing Devices

What Is the Most Common Pointing Device on Laptops
What Is the Most Common Pointing Device on Laptops

A pointing device is a hardware component that allows you to input data into pc or laptop. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Graphical User Interface (GUI) systems allow users to control and input data into a laptop with physical gestures like point, click, or drag. But a question that users frequently ask what is the most common pointing device on laptops?

In this article, we are going to explain in detail about different common pointing devices for laptop. The pointing devices are also called “Pick devices” because the user can pick and select the required option on the screen by clicking the mouse button. Moving a mouse over the physical surface moves a cursor on the laptop screen.

What Is the Most Common Pointing Device on Laptops?

However, we all know “Mouse” is the most common pointing device for laptops. But there are also other types of pointing devices i.e trackpad, stylus, touchscreen, trackball, light-pen, joystick, etc.

These pointing devices perform required functions pretty well, but the selection of pointing devices depends on the users’ requirements. Some users fancy a mouse as most suitable for their tasks; others use trackballs and trackpads as pointing devices.

As I said, there are different types of pointing devices; you can choose any type of pointing device for your laptop and pc. Go through this document to know about the most commonly used pointing devices on laptops.

Computer Mouse

The mouse is the most important commonly used pointing device for a laptop computer. In 1968 Douglas Engelbart invented the “Mouse”. It is called mouse because it works quickly and makes a slight sound by pressing the click buttons.

A computer mouse is a small input device with that you can move the cursor on the screen by holding and moving the mouse on a physical surface.

The mouse comes with two clickable buttons called right-click and left-click. It has a wheel between both clickable buttons to move the scroll bar and up or down a page. An old mouse has a rolling ball at the bottom which is now replaced by a laser in the latest models.

Generally, a computer mouse is designed to fit the right hand of a user, but there are some left-hand mouse is also available in the market. Different types of gestures to perform with a mouse are the following:

  • Point: the cursor over an item
  • Click: by pressing the right/left click button
  • Double click: by pressing a button twice rapidly
  • Right-click: by pressing the right button
  • Drag: moving the mouse by holding the right button

However, the old type of mouse has lost its rollerball and is now being replaced with a laser. But the basics are the same as per design and objective are concerned.

Different Types of Mouse

Our editors have compiled a list of the different types of computer mice. You can select one of them according to your requirements and needs

Ergonomic Mouse

Ergonomically items are designed to avoid the user from being troubled by back pains, muscle strains along other bone and joint disorders, also called MSD. Usually hands, arms, elbows, arms, shoulders, spinal begin to show signs of MSD first.

An ergonomically designed mouse will lessen the strain to the fingers and palm, stop laptop recycling and stop the hands’ muscles from the strain.

This mouse is available in different shapes and might not be exactly similar searching towards the slightly round formed traditional mouse button. The shapes of an ergonomic mouse might have features with increased pronounced grooves to correctly fit the mound from the hands.

Whether it is a laptop or desktop, both hands are under continuous pressure because of the focus on keyboards along with the mouse. In such instances, it’s very necessary that you will get an ergonomic mouse to prevent muscle strain inside your arms.

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Finger Mouse

It is a computer mouse that is small in size and you can wrap it around your fingers. The operating process of this small futuristic ring-type mouse is very different than other types of computer mice. You can use it without moving it on a physical surface.

You have to strap it around your index finger and operate the buttons with a thumb. It has the ability to connect with a laptop via Bluetooth connection and can work as far as 30 feet of distance.

The finger mouse is pretty exciting to use and you just have to move your hand left, right, and up or down then it will work. It is very useful while you traveling and can be very handy for the person who doesn’t like to use a traditional mechanical mouse.

Foot Mouse

This is another type of computer mouse having the same functionality as any other type of computer mouse. It is specifically designed for those people who are disabled from hands. It allows the user to operate buttons and move the cursor by foot. The foot mouse contains two parts, one can be used for cursor movement and the second is for click or select.

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Mechanical Mouse

This is the old type of computer mouse that is equipped with a small ball which is replaced nowadays with laser light. It was commonly used with desktop computers but it could also be attached to a laptop through USB wire. It required a physical surface to move on. The mechanical mouse works better on mouse pad than on any hard surface.

mouse pad can help to move the mouse efficiently and smoothly. It also helps to keep your house clean from dust and dirt.

Camera Mouse

Camera Mouse was developed by researchers at Boston College and Boston University to help people with disabilities use the computer. A camera mouse is a free software that allows you to control the mouse pointer just by moving your head in front of your laptop camera. The main audience for this software is people who do not have reliable control of a hand but who can move their heads.

Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse is one of the best types of most common device on laptops being used now a day. As the name shows it does not require any wire to connect it with a laptop unlike other types of computer mice. This type of mouse uses infrared or radio waves to transmit data to the computer.

wireless mouse comes with a small USB wireless receiver which should be attached to the USB port of the laptop.

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If you want to know the most common pointing device for gaming then the answer is “joystick”. The joystick consists of two spherical balls, the outer ball is controlled by the user while the other moves in a socket.

It is not a commonly used pointing device by people but it is the most popular as a gaming device. The joystick has different types such as finger-operated, hand-operated, and displacement joystick.

Trackball Mouse

If you have ever used a trackball mouse, you probably know that it has a ball on its upper side that rolls on 360 degrees. It is what tells your trackball mouse to send a signal to your computer instructing it to move your cursor on the screen. Sensors register when the trackball moves and transmit the information to your computer.

The trackball is almost similar to a normal mouse but it has a trackball on the upper side of its body. A trackball is the main feature of a trackball mouse which the user moves my finger to control the cursor.

Keyboard (Can also be used as pointing device)

Several people don’t know that a keyboard is also a pointing device. Here I want to clear you that you can use your keyboard to control your cursor. You have to activate the option from the control panel to use number pad arrow keys for cursor movement.

Many professional users prefer to use keyboard arrow keys for cursor movement than other pointing devices. But it can be difficult to use a keyboard as a pointing device for a beginner.


I have explained different types of pointing devices in this article. I can assure you that now you can give an answer if someone asks you about the most common pointing device on laptops. As we all know the technology is increasing very fast, companies are introducing a different latest device with time.

It is better to select one of the best devices according to your requirements and needs. Keep visiting LaptopsChamp to learn more about the latest laptop accessories to increase your work productivity and efficiency.

Good Luck

Team – LaptopsChamp

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